Isesaki Post Office - Post office in Tamamura, Japan

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36-2 Kuruwacho, Isesaki, Gunma 372-8799, Japan



+81 570-085-328

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1.70 (95 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Monday: 9AM to 7PM
  • Tuesday: 9AM to 7PM
  • Wednesday: 9AM to 7PM
  • Thursday: 9AM to 7PM
  • Friday: 9AM to 7PM
  • Saturday: 9AM to 3PM
  • Sunday: Closed


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  • 3Amazing G. 2 years ago
    Far parking lot and too small for a main post office 😅

  • 1ã. 7 months ago
    (Translated by Google) It is so good at so that to deliver the luggage to the destination with a different address. The time was delivered, there was contact despite the absence lasting return was in the house. How can'm going to contact the other surely luggage to see the individual reviews are already giving up feeling and I wish I wonder not reach. Of which it might be due to not yet listed in the map in the new construction, but also has become very anxious that there may be deliveries are not delivered to the other if there is such a thing 3 times 2 times . It different name of the destination at all, of which I do not think only with a suitably posting without checking to have come up also nameplate. People Tebusoku and, busy is you know but what if you Toka to make sure to put the phone you do not know at least. (Original) 厛先と違うäŊæ‰€ã¸čˇį‰Šã‚’åąŠã‘ã‚‹ãŽãŒã¨ãĻも垗意ãĒようです。 配達したとされる時間はåŽļãĢいたãĢã‚‚ã‹ã‹ã‚ã‚‰ãšä¸åœ¨æŒãĄæˆģりぎé€ŖįĩĄãŒã‚りぞした。é€ŖįĩĄã—ようと思ãŖãĻいるぎですがここぎãƒŦビãƒĨãƒŧをčĻ‹ãĻもうきãŖã¨čˇį‰Šã¯åąŠã‹ãĒいんだろうãĒあとすでãĢčĢĻめ気å‘ŗです。 ã†ãĄãŒæ–°į¯‰ã§ãƒžãƒƒãƒ—ãĢもぞだčŧ‰ãŖãĻいãĒいせいかもしれぞせんが、2回も3回もこういうことがあるとäģ–ãĢã‚‚åąŠã„ãĻãĒい配達į‰ŠãŒã‚るぎではãĒいかと非常ãĢ不厉ãĢãĒãŖãĻいぞす。 åŽ›å…ˆãŽåå‰ã¯å…¨ãé•ã†ã—ã€ã†ãĄã¯čĄ¨æœ­ã‚‚å‡ēãĻいるぎãĢįĸēčĒã›ãšéŠåŊ“ãĢ投å‡Ŋしたとしか思えぞせん。äēē手不čļŗや、åŋ™ã—いぎはわかりぞすがせめãĻわからãĒいãĒらé›ģčŠąã‚’å…ĨれãĻįĸēčĒã™ã‚‹ã¨ã‹ã—たらおうでしょうか。

  • 1M E. 7 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Previously, my family worked as a deliveryman I quit because of a terrible bullying, such as being able to burn a cigarette in a uniform that hits and kicks. Tell the fact to the Isesaki Post Office Where I requested an apology I had to wait for about 3 months because I was waiting for instructions from the Kanto branch office. Only the perpetrator and the general manager came to the scene. There was no director. Although it was a settlement with the perpetrator, the general manager and others said that they were present as witnesses of the perpetrator, and they responded as if they were a third party, so I felt that there was a problem with the company itself. rice field. Why are you a witness when it happened in the company? Why isn't there a director who is in charge of leaving it to his subordinates? I was wondering. Then, at a later date, the director will come out for the first time when he proposes to talk with the director. When I asked him why he didn't come out, he apologized for not being able to move without instructions from the Kanto branch office, and the director was not responsible. So I asked the Kanto branch office who gave instructions to talk to me, but I couldn't do that. I don't want to doubt it, but I'm not telling it to the upper station and I'm trying to put it in the station. I was wondering ... Mr. Akitoshi Tanaka, the director of the Isesaki Post Office, was very disappointed with what he was doing as a business and felt that he had no sense of responsibility. I read the reviews of various people, but since my boss is in such a state, my subordinates are also subordinates ... I hope that no one will have the same feelings and try to improve it so that there will be no bullying again. I didn't have a chance to talk to the Kanto branch office, but if you have seen this review, I would appreciate your favor in the future Isesaki Post Office. (Original) äģĨ前、åŽļæ—ãŒé…é”å“Ąã¨ã—ãĻ働いãĻいãĻ æŽ´ã‚‹čš´ã‚‹åˆļ服ãĢã‚ŋバã‚ŗぎįĢでį„ŧきをå…ĨれられるãĒãŠã€é…ˇã„ã‚¤ã‚¸ãƒĄãŒã‚ã‚Ščžžã‚ãĻしぞいぞした。 そぎäē‹åŽŸã‚’äŧŠå‹ĸ崎éƒĩäžŋåą€ãĢäŧãˆ čŦįŊĒがæŦ˛ã—いとčĻæœ›ã—たところ é–ĸæąæ”¯į¤žã‹ã‚‰ãŽæŒ‡į¤ēåž…ãĄã¨ãŽäē‹ã§į´„3ãƒļ月ãģお垅たされぞした。 そぎ場ãĢæĨたぎは加åŽŗč€…ã¨įˇæ‹Ŧ部長į­‰ãŽãŋ。 åą€é•ˇãŽå§ŋはありぞせんでした。 加åŽŗč€…ã¨ã¯į¤ēčĢ‡ã¨ãĒりぞしたが、įˇæ‹Ŧ部長į­‰ã¯ã‚くぞでも加åŽŗč€…ãŽįĢ‹äŧšäēēとしãĻ同席しãĻã„ã‚‹ã¨č¨€ã„ã€ãžã‚‹ã§įŦŦä¸‰č€…ã‹ãŽã‚ˆã†ãĒ寞åŋœã‚’されたぎでäŧšį¤žč‡ĒäŊ“ãĢå•éĄŒãŒã‚ã‚‹ã¨æ„Ÿã˜ãžã—ãŸã€‚į¤žå†…でčĩˇããŸäē‹ãĒぎãĢãĒぜ、įĢ‹äŧšäēēãĒぎかīŧŸãĒぜ部下ãĢäģģせãĻč˛Ŧäģģč€…ã§ã‚ã‚‹åą€é•ˇãŒããŽå ´ãĢいãĒいぎかīŧŸ į–‘問ãĢ感じぞした。 そこで垌æ—Ĩã€åą€é•ˇã¨čŠąãŒã—ãŸã„ã¨ã“ãĄã‚‰ãŒææĄˆã—ãĻ初めãĻåą€é•ˇãŒéĄ”ã‚’å‡ēす始æœĢ。 ãĒぜå‡ēãĻæĨãĒかãŖãŸãŽã‹ã¨čžã„ãŸã¨ã“ã‚ã€é–ĸæąæ”¯į¤žã‹ã‚‰ãŽæŒ‡į¤ēがãĒいと動けãĒかãŖたとåšŗčŦã‚Šã§åą€é•ˇã‚‚č˛ŦäģģがãĒいようãĒ態åēĻ。 ãĒぎで指į¤ēをå‡ēしãĻるé–ĸæąæ”¯į¤žãŽæ–šã¨čŠąãŒã—たいとé ŧむが「それはå‡ēæĨãĒい」ぎ一į‚šåŧĩり。 į–‘いたくはãĒã„ãŒã€ä¸Šåą€ãĢはäŧãˆãĻãŠã‚‰ãšåą€å†…ã§åŽã‚ã‚ˆã†ã¨ã—ãĻいるぎではãĒいかīŧŸ...とį–‘問ãĢ思いぞした。 čĒ æ„ãŽãĒいčŦã‚Šã‚’されäŧŠå‹ĸ崎éƒĩäžŋåą€ãŽį”°ä¸­į§‹åˆŠåą€é•ˇã•ã‚“はåĒ々æĨ­å‹™ã¨ã—ãĻやãŖãĻるäē‹ãĢ寞しãĻとãĻも掋åŋĩ思いぞしたしč˛Ŧäģģ感もãĒいようãĢæ„Ÿã˜ãžã—ãŸã€‚č‰˛ã‚“ãĒ斚ぎåŖã‚ŗミをčĒ­ãŋぞしたが、上司がこんãĒįŠļ態だから部下も部下ãĒんですかね... äēŒåēĻã¨ã‚¤ã‚¸ãƒĄãŒãĒいよう、同じæƒŗã„ã‚’ã™ã‚‹æ–šãŒåą…ãĒã„ã‚ˆã†éĄ˜ã†ã¨å…ąãĢ攚善ãĢつとめãĻæŦ˛ã—いです。 é–ĸæąæ”¯į¤žãŽæ–šã¨ãŠčŠąã—する抟äŧšã¯ã‚りぞせんでしたが、もしこぎåŖã‚ŗミをčĻ‹ãĻいただいãĻるぎであればäģŠåžŒãŽäŧŠå‹ĸ崎éƒĩäžŋåą€ã‚’ã‚ˆã‚ã—ããŠéĄ˜ã„ã„ãŸã—ãžã™ã€‚

  • 1å. 4 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Elderly with gray hair at the counter? I think the attitude of men is very bad. I couldn't hear what he was saying because he had a bad tongue (Lu Ritsu wasn't turning), and when he listened back, he was dealt with with an unpleasant face. I felt sad when I put the mail in the case like throwing it. In addition, I was serving customers with a commanding tone that yelled at foreigners, which made me uncomfortable when I saw it. Even though I am old, I am working with money. Can you pay more attention to your actions and behaviors? (Original) įĒ“åŖãĢいるį™ŊéĢĒæˇˇã˜ã‚ŠãŽéĢ˜éŊĸīŧŸį”ˇæ€§ãŽæ…‹åēĻがとãĻもæ‚Ēいと思いぞす。 æģ‘čˆŒ(呂型が回ãŖãĻãĒい)がæ‚ĒくäŊ•č¨€ãŖãĻã‚‹ãŽãŒčžãå–ã‚Œãšã€čžãčŋ”すとあからさぞãĢåĢŒãĒéĄ”ã‚’ã•ã‚Œå¯žåŋœã•ã‚Œãžã—た。 éƒĩäžŋį‰Šã‚’投げるようãĢã‚ąãƒŧã‚šãĢå…ĨれãĻいãĻã€æ‚˛ã—ã„æ°—æŒãĄãĢãĒりぞした。 ぞた、外å›Ŋäēēぎ斚ãĢ寞しãĻ怒éŗ´ã‚‹ã‚ˆã†ãĒå‘Ŋäģ¤åŖčĒŋでæŽĨåŽĸをしãĻおり、čĻ‹ãĻãŋãĻ不åŋĢãĢãĒりぞした。 ごéĢ˜éŊĸとはいえ、äģŽãĢもお金をもらãŖãĻ働いãĻいるč¨ŗですから もう少し動äŊœã‚„č¨€å‹•ãĢ気を配るäē‹ã¯ã§ããžã›ã‚“か、、īŧŸ

  • 1æ. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) It's a really worst post office. Despite the fact that the locals are evaluated like this ... I was surprised that the correspondence was too appropriate. Just because our nearest post office was polite. I didn't know the regular mail, but I didn't seem to look for it. (Original) æœŦåŊ“ãĢ最æ‚ĒãĒéƒĩäžŋåą€ã§ã™ã€‚ 地元ぎįš†ã•ã‚“がこんãĒčŠ•äžĄã•ã‚Œã‚‹ãŽãĢもかかわらずâ€Ļ 寞åŋœãŒéŠåŊ“過ぎãĻãŗãŖくりしぞした。 åŊ“斚ぎ最寄りéƒĩäžŋåą€ãŒä¸å¯§ã ãŖただけãĢ。 晎通éƒĩäžŋが不明でしたがæŽĸす気もãĒいようでした。

  • 1æ. 4 months ago
    (Translated by Google) I don't really want to add a single star. Anyway, the telephone correspondence is the worst. Aunt's. It's inflexible and I'll deal with it ⁉ī¸. When I hit this aunt, I hate it so much that I want to change to a different person from the next time (Original) æœŦåŊ“は星一つもつけたくありぞせん。とãĢかくé›ģčŠąå¯žåŋœãŒæœ€éĢ˜ãĢæ‚Ēい。おばさんぎ。 čžé€šãŒåˆŠã‹ãĒいしäŊ•æ§˜ã â‰ī¸ãŖãĻ寞åŋœã—ãĻきぞす。こぎおばさんãĢåŊ“たãŖた時はæŦĄã‹ã‚‰é•ã†æ–šãĢ変わãŖãĻくださいといいたいくらいãĢåĢŒ

  • 1e. 4 months ago
    (Translated by Google) I don't understand even if I inquire Repeatedly not knowing. Even though it's a baggage in your organization Ask the sender to ask. Inquiry phone calls are also cut off before customers Very great correspondence So far, an organization with an ultra-low rating I've never seen it and it's my first time (Original) 問い合わせãĻも、わからãĒい、 įŸĨらãĒいぎįš°ã‚Ščŋ”し。 あãĒた斚ぎįĩ„įš”ぎ中ãĢã‚ã‚‹čˇį‰ŠãĒぎãĢ、 送りä¸ģãĢčžã„ãĻãã‚Œã¨č¨€ã†ã€‚ 問い合わせé›ģčŠąã‚‚ã€åŽĸより先ãĢã‚ŦチãƒŖ切り ãĒかãĒかぎすごい寞åŋœ ここぞで、čļ…äŊŽčŠ•äžĄãŽįĩ„įš”ãŖãĻ čĻ‹ãŸã“とãĒいし、初めãĻです

  • 1kaz a. 8 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Yu-Pack delivery does not keep time! Always late! I will not apologize even if I am late! Arrogant attitude! It's not a state-owned era! Negative heritage post office! (Original) ゆうパック配達は時間帯を厈らãĒいīŧ いつも遅いīŧ 遅れãĻもčŦįŊĒしãĒいīŧ æ¨Ē柄ãĒ態åēĻīŧ å›Ŋå–ļぎ時äģŖじゃãĒいīŧ č˛ ãŽéēį”Ŗぎéƒĩäžŋåą€īŧ

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