Moshoeshoe I International Airport - International airport in Maseru, Lesotho

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GHV5+RJ7, Mazenod, Lesotho

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3.20 (80 reviews)


  • 5Alan O. 5 years ago
    Very friendly and helpful, and willing to help you on your travel. Nice airport, clean and easy to find your way around.

  • 5Waqas M. 4 years ago
    Very good Service it’s small airport but very good

  • 3Malik G. 3 years ago
    Small airport but nice. Service is not good.

  • 3Natasha T. 2 years ago
    Not very fancy but it can get u places u need to be and it's well serviced

  • 2Sebastian H. 11 months ago
    The Airport is small, which ofcourse is not a problem. However, the stores at the Airport ( Vodacom, Banks, etc.) are largely abandoned, even if a flight comes in. You may or may not be lucky and be able to buy a sim card at the AP. Service in this area badically non existend. Furthermore, the main building could do with a bit of TLC , some paimt here and there and the rotten ceiling tiles could be replaced...maybe. The staff is generally friendly though.

  • 2Joash N. 3 years ago
    Don't bother coming early to this airport, there's almost zilch to do here. And forget about any kind of friendly or efficient service, everything just drags along here.

  • 1Lehlohonolo C. 4 years ago
    The airport is very old and poorly managed. This is very sad given friendly staff working here. If you are coming to Lesotho and have bought anything from within SACU make sure you keep a tax invoice otherwise Lesotho Revenue Authority officials might require you to remit the tax equivalent as they will not be able to claim VAT from other SACU countries. There are some improvements as they now have an exchange bureau which is a new addition to the airport

  • 1Shebna S. 1 year ago
    Terrible service. There was bad weather yesterday 29/10 and a plane couldn't land and the runway has bad lightning so no planes can land at night.

  • 1Marc F. 5 months ago
    What a terrible place if you think your belongings are safe you are sadly mistaken the airport security stole my watch at the check point distracting you!! With all sorts of nonsense unpack bags take off watch take off belt then say you can’t take a lighter through and while u packing back they rush you. So you don’t notice till it’s to late it’s seriously disgusting.

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Last updated: 2023-03-19
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