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  • 5Paul M. 1 year ago
    This place is so nice and breath taking. The view of the water falls, they are actually two separate water fall point, the sound of the water and the smell or the feel of the water droplets can never be experience through any camera or video. One has to be here in person. The place also serves food, has ample parking, accommodation, bar with various alcohol brands, curio shops, a small pond with a boat for hand paddling, barber shop and saloon, nice garden are good for family time and budding couples. Also a good place for children to experience outdoor moments after school. Also informed they have animals as well. You do not have to pay to enter the but there are fees to get to the water fall, to see animals and to do a park trek. Try this place! 😊

  • 5Hussein Yussuf (. 2 months ago
    Has quite a green and serene environment. Priding of the Chania Falls on the Chania River and Thika Falls on the Thika River. Enjoy horse rides, etc

  • 5Javed K. 3 months ago
    In the town of Thika.The place has changed very little in 30 years. Then it was a beautiful place to visit the two water falls. One on each side of the hotel. A nice place to eat and the swimming pool. Today the falls are still the reason to be impressed. The resturant is still very good. Now there is a play ground and also an animal park. The rooms have been updated. Not a tourist stop any more but you can meet alot of local people here.

  • 5Evan K. 4 months ago
    Amazing place to be, food was good, the kids enjoyed their animal park.

  • 5PHILIP N. 1 year ago
    Everything is Fantastic here.... Good resting grounds, quite a number of wild animals to watch. Waterfalls, delicious meals, classy bar and restaurants, Sparkling rooms etc. Its a nice place to visit. You will enjoy their sweet customer service.

  • 5Florence “Flo” C. 8 months ago
    The place has a beautiful falls and you can decide to sit overlooking the falls as you enjoy your sumptuous meals.

  • 5unno t. 1 year ago
    It's nice location to see some falls and animals. You can see a Ostrich, snakes, monkeys, tortoises

  • 5Steve S. 1 year ago
    The place is amazing to chill. There is a gift shop, a walk, waterfall and a park. Nice place for family

  • 5Moses M. 1 year ago
    So fantastic...Nice delicious taste meals welcome all

  • 5selena “Lena” s. 1 year ago
    Very peaceful. The waterfalls were relaxing. Due to COVID-19, to many attractions were closed but we were entertained by the monkeys.

  • 5Hellen W. 1 year ago
    I liked the natural environment and watching the waterfalls it was awesome.

  • 4Everlyn M. 2 months ago
    I love the serenity within the place, not forgetting the history of our people and the animals safely maintained😍. Would give it a five if they revive the abandoned chill spots

  • 4Matt G. 2 months ago
    Very scenes a lovely views of the waterfalls on the adjacent river. The garden sitting was very lovely. However the service was really slow and everything seemed to take ages.

  • 4Double Lee E. 1 year ago
    Awesome ambience, you get breathtaking view of Chania water fall. Food will take you 30-50 minutes (too bad if you are hungry because you’ll be disappointed). Generally great place to relax with family & friends. Photos courtesy of iPhone 12 Pro Max, available in our shop.

  • 4Etsa Githae E. 1 month ago
    Especially when the lands are not as dry... the falls makes the place exquisite and very relaxing. They have awesome samosas and very cold beers... lol like the ones you watch on adverts.... just make sure you have enough 🤑🤑

  • 4EC S. 8 months ago
    The Blue post hotel is a great venue for family outings and adventurous dates. The service was good. The guide,Paul Nduta was very helpful. Activities and Charges: Hiking trail- Ksh.400 per person (two water falls). Animal park-Ksh 100 per person. Horse riding Crocodile feeding The animals there look sad and seem to suffer from malnutrition. The horse looks like it needs a holiday and lots of feed.

  • 4Türk O. 1 year ago
    Peaceful place. You can rest well.

  • 4Gabriel Waiganjo wa k. 1 year ago
    Beautiful place. Nice meals

  • 4Joshua M. 1 year ago
    It's a nice place for family and friends to have fun. The meals are delicious. The hotel also has superior accommodation

  • 3Ngugi G. 6 months ago
    I have visited this hotel since my High school days. There is peace and beauty experienced, looking at Chania falls and the natural vegetation near the river. This is a destination worth visiting.

  • 3Isaac N. 3 months ago
    The place was OK especially for the evening we visited. The food took over 1.5 hours to get ready so I would not recommend having a meal there. Also, the food is not really outstanding or memorable. Drinks got to the table much faster though. That hibiscus juice slaps! For weekdays, I'd not recommend going here to eat. The view of Chania falls is majestic and it could have pretty good photos on afternoons. That aspect was one to love.

  • 3Gregory O. 3 months ago
    A good first impression for this historic hotel. Could improve on modernising the facility.

  • 3Mr Ndururi M. 4 months ago
    The hotel neads to improve on handicapped accessibility especially from the dinner to the bathrooms and bar sections. The place requires renovation and the gift merchandise needs to be near the reception, most visitors do not even realise that their is in fact an animal park as well in the back of the hotel.

  • 3hitesh k. 5 months ago
    Once it was a The Place to be in . Over the years I see it’s condition needs attention. Over all good location you can call it a business transit place for inter city passengers who wants to have quick bite and rest for sometime and move on . Needs repairs

  • 3Fenvick S. 5 months ago
    The waterfalls are a nice feature but the animal park needs some upgrades.

  • 3Simon M. 11 months ago
    Great view of the Chania falls, with a cool breeze. A great place to spend the afternoon. The service can be better, and the food(not had) needs to definitely improve.

  • 3Otuke N. 1 year ago
    The 3 star is for the environment and the good food. The chef did a good job on the grilled fish with some vegetables and small salad and mashed potato on the side. I enjoyed my meal while watching the waterfall. Though you need to do something on speed of service. My dawa took 15 min to be served, my meal 45mins. My bill took 20minutes after I requested it. I wasn't in a hurry though, but having worked in the hotel industry for the last 6 years, there is room for improvement on your service.

  • 3Lawi S. 8 months ago
    Didn't rate the service and rooms cause i didn't have time to enter otherwise i believe they are perfect until my visit, but the location and opinions from peoples state it is better, 😊😊😅😅

  • 3Ricky K. 1 year ago
    Slow service but lovely scenary

  • 3WildTrek Travel & S. 1 year ago
    Cool place next to Chania falls, Thika

  • 2moses k. 1 year ago
    I enjoyed the scenery, plenty of open space and the waterfalls... One thing that put me off is that they don't have any descent vegan recipes. The whole menu is just a variation of meat! Also they need to add staff. I took us 1hr just to get an insanely expensive plate of potatoes 🤦‍♂️. That customer experience sucked.

  • 2Peter K. 2 months ago
    The staff is kind and caring. Their services are good.The environment is clean and the air is very flesh. They have good sites for picnic.. Meals are tasty. Good for all ( alone, family or group)

  • 1Hope K. 7 months ago
    The worst service ave received from a hotel. Beginning from the waiter to the chef in the Kitchen. Nothing we ordered was apparently prepared but was still sites on the menu, the guards were rude when I asked for the manger saying “sijui mbona unaulizia manager” The chef said the hotel does not serve simple salad or even Kachumbari with food. We asked for milk and they brought a tot of milk The place is getting worse by the minute

  • 1Victor G. 1 year ago
    Blue post used to be the place to go. Over the years the service had gone from bad to terrible. The waiters are not friendly at all with bad attitudes. Furniture is in such poor state that it's unhygienic to eat or even touch them. My first experience with the waiter was her asking.. "what do u want?" No welcome to Blue post hotel, my name is ... May I take your order.? Nothing that civil.. The waiters don't bother to check on you for anything. The owner needs to make changes or else they will lose customers. Apart from the great scenary of rolling water falls, and green shrubbery of trees, the place has nothing to offer. Please look elsewhere if service and quality of food is a priority.

  • 1Jessie J. 9 months ago
    Awful service experience with David . He brought me a different plate than what I ordered, without asking before. I do not eat onions so I asked him to change that. He brought me a new one without my side dish as requested. He came with the side dish and there were onions in it … I thought this was a joke. I asked him why and he laughed. It is a place I like but this service was very very awful. I highly do not recommend to be served by him…

  • 1Picha P. 11 months ago
    A definite NO for me! I sat in the garden for a cool 30 minutes and nobody as much as offers to take my drinks order! I had to go elsewhere for Madaraka day lunch. ABSOLUTE DISASTER!

  • 1edwin m. 1 year ago
    Food not good. Chef not honest..mixed roast chicken with fried even though I ordered for wet Fried chicken and covered everything in a pool of onions

  • 1David N. 1 year ago
    Good food,poor customer service

  • 1Jitesh L. 1 year ago
    Poor service. No care. Just doing the job. Great potential place but management need to spruce the place and really make it back to the old days where it was a destination location and not a cheap stop

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