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Kariguni, Kenya


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  • 5Irene N. 1 year ago
    Taste meet even grilled chicken Can tell them how much u have though they have prices as per which part of the meast it is

  • 5Robert S. 4 months ago
    Their meat is so delicious 🤤

  • 5Cheruiyot V. 8 months ago
    Great Nyama place here. You get to taste the available options before you choose. Active and warm reception from the waitresses. A great place for group eating and drinking. Ample outaide5sitting area where people wait for their orders. Has a large flow of clients so you are guaranteed of fresh food everyday. Has a spacious bar for drinks and watching soccer and news Their food is fairly priced.

  • 5Steffan G. 4 months ago
    Never stayed but the service was great especially their Nyama choma and drinks .While there ask for Masaai there service is the best

  • 5muthaithi k. 2 months ago
    Goat meat well roasted available. Welcoming staffs.

  • 5Alexia K. 1 year ago
    Great and affordable nyamchom, convinient placement, great music and awesome merchandise for your memoirs

  • 5AUGUSTINE N. 1 year ago
    Situated along the busy Nyeri-Nairobi Highway, it's easily accessible despite the on going construction of Kenol-Marua dual carriage, you will be spoilt of choices between choosing which meat to eat and who's joint to buy from.

  • 5Rahab W. 1 year ago
    Great nyamachoma place in Kenol! But ask for the size of the meat before committing, else you get interesting bills😂😂😂😂😂

  • 4Andrew O. 1 year ago
    Dimly lit sitting area...but an upbeat and fun place.

  • 4George M. 1 year ago
    Good food and good ambiance. But beware of brokers...be sure to identify the outlet owner and negotiate directly.

  • 4David H. 1 month ago
    Nice place to stop for a bite along the journey. Will save this place so that I can stop here again.

  • 4Wangui G. 1 year ago
    Good food and most important to note that the female staff are very friendly....The place was clean.. definitely going back

  • 4Antony k. 5 months ago
    They serve good food, definitely a good place

  • 4robert w. 5 months ago
    Nice nyamchoma,but the bar service abit wanting

  • 4Paul M. 4 months ago
    Very nice stopover...good nyamachoma...limited for vegetarians.. Fair prices too on all drinks

  • 4Joshua N. 1 year ago
    Good Nyama, Kuku Choma with Ugali or chips. Ready to eat or take away, all packages are ready . Good location, Kenol along the Nyeri Nairobi Highway. Quick stop and get filled up for the next trip on either way from or to Nairobi/ Thika. You will not lack parking at anytime of the day. Take away, sit and eat or quick munch on the hot grill, you just got sorted on the new Dual carriage highway.

  • 4F. 10 months ago
    Good place for nyama choma. Also has a bar

  • 4Kimani M. 1 year ago
    Lively place. Goat ribs were made to my specifications. Mukimo was well done too. A fire place to chase away the evening cold is a well thought of idea. Great service too, at the right prices

  • 4Francis K. 5 months ago
    A stop over for your choma and drinks plus good music

  • 4Denis M. 6 months ago
    Enjoyed but can improve on service and customer care

  • 3Rose B. 1 year ago
    Nice place to be if u are a mugithi lover... loves the music from sammy wa githomo always funny with lovely music 🎶 ❤....the Waitress are friendly except one or two. The bathrooms are somehow dirty so they need maintenance...apart from that everything else is fine 🙂

  • 3Sofy D. 3 months ago
    Try the fresh sugar cane-dawa. It's was relatively clean. I'd avoid on a very hot day/time. The goat was good albeit tough-ish.

  • 3Kamau K. 7 months ago
    Nice place to stop for Nyama choma on a road trip back to Nairobi. The ordering part can be abit hectic because everyone is trying to sell you something which can get annoying but once you settle down the meat is tasty enough 😋

  • 3Johntez N. 1 year ago
    Good meat and alot of vendors to choose from. They allow you to taste small portions to choose from. Seating area behind is nice but service is very slow (Bar service ladies) the urinal is a whole different story and extremely filthy. I wouldn't recommend using it as you may contract something from there. Overall food is nice but the entire place needs proper clean up.

  • 3liam d. 7 months ago
    Meat was tough, eat there before and the ribs were excellent

  • 3dannington m. 1 year ago
    A decent stop over on your way from the Mt Kenya region. Great nyama choma, ample sitting space and average customer service.

  • 3Kelvin O. 1 year ago
    A nice stop to grab a bite before proceeding with your journey. Just be careful though, when you buy meat from them. It's nice the only problem is when they pack for you and you happen to be looking in another direction they'll change your order for a stale/rotten meat. Also when they are cutting it for you be keen and make sure they don't mix it with some of the stale meat. Could be nice but too many people preying on naivety. But when they package the fresh one for you it's kinda nice actually. Just be careful.

  • 1Stephen K. 5 months ago
    I have been attending happily Small Villa Kenol and Mûtoho/Karûgia most of this year for Mûgithi all night Dances, meals & drinks. On December 9, 2022, intending to dance all night long, have my meals for two days at the establishment, I pre booked a KES1K ($8.13) room for Saturday 10 2022, night with checkout on Sunday 11 2022 with an understanding fully discussed with the duty receptionist named Zeinabu that I could check-in as early as 6am with no additional cost. I then danced and ate on location then proceeded to Quiver Kenol for more fun till 6am. I walked back to Small Villa and again confirmed my arrangement with the receptionist on duty, Carol, about our arrangement and after consultation with Zeinabu, who was off duty, by phone, the deal *was* confirmed and I checked in. I then left to go pickup my bags which were at a friend's house. On return at about 4pm the room was locked and the manager informed me that I had to pay more for the night as my prepayment covered the day only. Despite my explanation and confirmation of our arrangement by the receptionists the rude Manager walked away shouting that I had to pay. So I took my baggage and left. To those that may care about my experience, all I'll say is this; I consider this theft & dishonesty. *I will never spend another single shilling at the Small Villa Brand unless I receive an apology from the management or owner and get my money back.* I will forever advise my friends, family & others to avoid the establishment. I will also remove any positive promotions that I was sharing online. If they don't want my business then that's ok; I will give them none!

  • 1Catherine N. 1 year ago
    claim registered under reference 5770905000053202202. We will keep you updated on the progress within 48hours. ..it's now three months down the line and nothing has been done

  • 1Sellah A. 7 months ago
    Poor customer service,l ate then one goon told me to send money to his phone,kumbe he is a con man, called me later to tell me that l need to forward the message to his phone after 2 hours ,never going back

  • 1James M. 1 year ago
    Meat was not roasted well and service is below standard. This being our first visit i would hesitate to recommend it to friends

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