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  • 4Kimani M. 1 month ago
    Greeeat scenary. Fantastic choma. Caaaalm ambience. Can spend the whole day in the breeze in the upstairs rooms. Outdoors is awesome

  • 2Dan M. 1 month ago
    It’s a nice place but the road to get there is terrible. The food was good and all local beers at local prices.

  • 5benard m. 2 months ago
    Nice place for a family outing with good food and very humane staff.

  • 5Nderitu P. 2 months ago
    Great eatery and amazing views overlooking the dam. Amazing place to chill out at.

  • 4Milkah G. 3 months ago
    Their food is hot 🔥 so it's a good place to visit during a cold season,the dam looks so nice at night and the breeze so good

  • 5John M. 3 months ago
    very nice place. good food

  • 5Jackline M. 5 months ago
    A serene environment with great views of the dam. Customer service is top notch with good music

  • 3Eric W. 6 months ago
    Great spot. Scrumptious kienyeji chicken,cosy outdoor seating overlooking the dam and boat rides available weather permitting.

  • 4Nikita L. 6 months ago
    Busy place during the weekend. Nice view of the dam. You can actually do sport fishing on the dam courtesy of youths in the area. The sport is to aid in developing youth projects and enhancing sustainability. Annual payments of 15k for your whole fam. Daily 500 and the fish you catch is yours, you get to go home with....

  • 4JK K. 6 months ago
    It is an open park where you can relax as you enjoy your drink. However, the access road is terrible and there are no bins. Some youth have taken over the place and charge a 50/- entry fee.

  • 4Carter M. 7 months ago
    Titanic Resort is quite the place to be, for anyone looking for a calm and ambient place to relax eat and drink. The view is so beautiful, and the resort is strategically located to give maximum view of the nature with adjacent 'lake' Prices are friendly, and service is splendid. The waiters are warm and accommodating. Cheers.

  • 3Suzy S. 7 months ago
    Very beautiful scenery; didn't like the food though (wet fry chicken)

  • 5Edwin M. 8 months ago
    There is an actual lakeside beach with cool breeze.The atmosphere is serene and calm If around Thika Road and you fancy some nyama choma ribs and drinks pop in

  • 4KINYUA J. 8 months ago
    The food is amazing. The service is excellent 👌The ambience is breath-taking 😊 I keep going back

  • 4Edwin M. 8 months ago
    Good place. Some waiters are slquite slow though. The location is awesome

  • 3Hon Stephen O. 8 months ago
    Place was silent need to put atleast every karoom out extended speakers.generally Place iko sawa.

  • 5Norman N. 10 months ago
    Amazing Facility with great food and drinks Ample parking space Affordable Prices Easily accessible

  • 5Samuel K. 10 months ago
    It has the most serene environment I have experienced so far this year

  • 5John K. 10 months ago
    Serene place by the water for chilling with friends and family. Great place for kuku kienyeji and drinks in the area. Service and wait time are averagely good. Might become cramped during peak times.

  • 4JOB M. 11 months ago
    Very noce scenery cascading to the dam. Private Gazebos for group hangouts. Warm and welcoming staff

  • 3James W. 11 months ago
    I love that chicken! Kienyeji chicken - right from the cage. Freshly done on order while you enjoy the cool breeze from the shores of the man-made reservoir and the view the open landscape yonder. It's relaxing to dine and have drink here with family and friends. There is also mbuzi, prepared to your preference. I found the service slow on weekdays. You have to call out for the waiter.

  • 2Faith O. 1 year ago
    They have great ambiance, I love the way the place looks but their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced

  • 3EMI B. 1 year ago
    Very busy during the weekends but the ambiance is great. Good service as well. Am giving it 3 stars because I didn’t quite like the food.

  • 4Teddy M. 1 year ago
    The place is nice for a weekend chill out. The parking is free and the food and drinks are very affordable and fair. The bar has a view of the lake which I personally loved going there

  • 4Martin W. 1 year ago
    Great spot to unwind and catch with friends/family over a meal and drinks.... affordable price and great ambience

  • 4Keziah N. 1 year ago
    Very serene and clean place right next to the dam There's green grass so you can stay barefoot and be one with the earth, the chicken was good and roast potatoes, the place is very affordable too.They could improve on the service but that's the only issue I had.Go on a weekday as it's less busy.

  • 3Grace K. 1 year ago
    The place has a beautiful dam view, however the service is poor. Waiters customers ratio is wanting considering the place has so many customers. We waited for food for 2.5hrs🙄then we had ordered dry fry they served wet fry. We were told they don't serve any other drinks except soda and juice and of course alcoholic no tea or coffee🤨The food I would say is just ordinary. And no play options for kids.

  • 4Bryan M. 1 year ago
    All around nice place for family and friends. Great views of the dam. The staff are kind and friendly. The only downside is that food takes forever. Ours took 3 hours it's just insane. Your patience will be tested so be warned!

  • 5Elijah G. 1 year ago
    It's a beautiful place. Nice view of the dam. Wonderful staff, the food is delicious. I celebrated my birthday with friends at this resort in 2021. Kudos to your Manager and the entire team.

  • 5nelson i. 1 year ago
    Nice place but service is slow

  • 5Ken K. 1 year ago
    I love the plaçe...

  • 4David O. 1 year ago
    Amazing food and view.

  • 5Liz N. 1 year ago
    Lovely,peaceful place,amazing food...the kienyeji chicken was soooo good...enjoyed the fresh air n cool breeze..

  • 4Brenda M. 1 year ago
    Its a place that accommodates families..nice view but our food took forever to come and we had to get it ourselves.maybe they were overwhelmed. Great place to have a sun downer

  • 5Noah M. 1 year ago
    Wow,,, the Most beautiful place for taking the loved ones and families.. super cool 😎 👌 placr

  • 5Harrison M. 1 year ago
    This is serene environment to relax and breeze dine and sip at a friendly price. I love it

  • 5Maurice M. 1 year ago
    Excellent place by a dam. View of the water is absolutely great

  • 5Edwin N. 1 year ago
    The place to have a leisurely sumptuous brunch as you enjoy the panoramic scenery. Great place for family and friends to relax and have a lasting lifetime experience

  • 2Andrew M. 1 year ago
    Good food and great breeze from the dam. Ideal place for kids especially boat riding

  • 3samuel g. 1 year ago
    a cool place for families on a weekend

  • 5Tamba M. 1 year ago
    Classic place that caters for the family person and also the romantic couple

  • 5Joshua M. 1 year ago
    Great place for great times

  • 5Kamz J. 2 years ago
    Serene, breath-taking environment, oh food is also yum😋

  • 4Philip h. 2 years ago
    It gives all good experience of home away from home. It's one of the best and beautiful resorts I know.

  • 4Alice G. 2 years ago
    It's a cool place to be with family and friends.. boat ride is available. Their food is so yummy 🤤🤤

  • 5L G. 2 years ago
    Perfect for family lunch, we had a great time celebrating our daughters birthday, beautiful grounds for kids to play! Customer service is also great 👍.

  • 4nicholas k. 2 years ago
    It has a serene environment, the waiters did not disappoint.. The meat is awesome very sweet.. The breeze is great.. When I ordered for alcohol they had it.. It is also a family friendly resort.. It's a great place... It ain't noisy or distractions of vehicles, once in you forget bout the time.

  • 5Charity M. 2 years ago
    I loved the ambience and view of the place. As for their Kienyeji chicken, it was finger licking good and worth many more visits. There was no noise pollution, something we as clients appreciated. There was good social distancing amidst numbers of clients increasing. The waiters and waitresses plus the manager were quite polite and friendly. Always did rounds to make sure all our needs were well taken care of.

  • 5Mercy N. 2 years ago
    The best place to be

  • 4Anthony M. 2 years ago
    The Dam view all round, the seating setting, the grass.. beauty at natural best. Nothing to write about the only 'local ordinary' service because I know and have reviewed Peers in the same locality.

  • 5Rev Eric I. 2 years ago
    Cool place beside the waters

  • 5Wycliffe M. 3 years ago
    A great place to relax with family and friends during a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It's a serene environment with a dam and some breeze . Another plus is their amazing African delicious meet (goat & chicken) then you can seat and relax while enjoying your favorite drink.

  • 3G. 3 years ago
    Very nice waterfront place. If only it had a couple boats for a sunset sail. The chicken was amazing. Service was terrible. Waiter served us and we never saw her again. Didn't ask what we want to drink or check on us.

  • 4Nahashon N. 3 years ago
    I had a nice time

  • 5Jesse M. 3 years ago
    Good place for family, meetings and self excitement

  • 4Dennis M. 4 years ago
    Nice place

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