CLOSED Society Stores - Supermarket in Thika, Kenya

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Commercial St, Thika, Kenya



+254 725 952219

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4.00 (1102 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Wednesday: 8 am to 9 pm
  • Thursday: 8 am to 9 pm
  • Friday: 8 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday: 8 am to 9 pm
  • Sunday: 8 am to 9 pm
  • Monday: 8 am to 9 pm
  • Tuesday: 8 am to 9 pm


  • Service options
    • Delivery
    • In-store pick-up
    • In-store shopping
    • Same-day delivery
    • No-contact delivery
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park
    • Wheelchair-accessible entrance


Frequently mentioned in reviews: items (6) good (8) place (8) prices (8) shopping (9)

  • 5dennis o. 1 year ago
    Very nice stores. Friendly to your pocket

  • 5Mk m. 2 years ago
    Has everything I need at perfect prizes

  • 5J. 2 years ago
    Easy shopping.

  • 5christopher k. 2 years ago
    Wines n spirits

  • 5Sabastian S. 2 years ago

  • 5james k. 2 years ago

  • 5Brian N. 2 years ago
    It was good

  • 5K. 2 years ago
    Liquor is extra cheap here .for instance passport scotch costs 880 compared to 1200 in other places

  • 5Samson M. 2 years ago
    Great place

  • 5Ann W. 2 years ago
    Awesome shopping experience and fair prices. They bake the best cakes.

  • 5Preacherkid 2. 2 years ago
    The most affordable stores in Thika

  • 5teddy t. 2 years ago
    Busy with multitudes of people bustling around

  • 5Mike C. 2 years ago

  • 5Jeff M. 2 years ago
    The place is a palace all under one roof

  • 5Atsango A. 2 years ago

  • 5Stephen N. 1 year ago
    One of the best stores in thika. Great customer service and affordable prices.

  • 5McTiger r. 2 years ago
    Cheap place for the society. At large

  • 5samuel k. 2 years ago
    Have a variety of goods to choose from

  • 5Lilianm K. 2 years ago
    Economic friendly

  • 5Maureen A. 2 years ago
    I love their cakes. Soft, moist and flavour

  • 5Linus C. 1 year ago
    An excellent store. You can buy all variety of goods and pay using different options.

  • 5phineas mutua (. 1 year ago
    The cheapest and reliable super market i have known

  • 5Sam The D. 1 year ago
    The best ever supermarket i hve seen in the town pocket friendly all the time,saving someone money

  • 5JayD m. 3 years ago
    I went to buy cake, 1kg and they make beautiful cakes at 799 for a kg, ready made😋

  • 5adi s. 2 years ago
    Home of affordable price

  • 5Albert K. 1 year ago
    Low Prices on basic items

  • 5Kirugi G. 2 years ago
    They've got the affordable prices for their goods

  • 5Kelee M. 2 years ago

  • 4I am K. 1 year ago
    Shop more and more with Society Stores. It has quality products plus the conviniency brought up by the amazing workforce. It's really a society store.

  • 4julius w. 2 years ago
    Additional variety of items required

  • 4Mugo Peter M. 2 years ago

  • 4Mwene I. 3 years ago
    Their services are good and it's not likely to miss what you want.

  • 4Simon K. 1 year ago
    Quality products, classic customer service

  • 4John N. 1 year ago
    It was nice. Had a fun time.

  • 4Hakim W. 1 year ago
    Great They change value of goods I.e not as the value labeled Receive shock when in counter paying different amount than expected

  • 4Fenvick S. 1 year ago
    Amazing service and the staff is so helpful in assisting the customers.

  • 4Eric C. 2 years ago
    Fair prices, fresh produce..what can i's good shopping there

  • 4Nyoike W. 2 years ago
    Quite a variety of products and great service attendants. No visible parking but it's a nice place to quickly drop in and out, whenever you are within the town.

  • 4Jacqueline M. 2 years ago
    Service was excellent

  • 4Laurie S. 2 years ago
    Awesome experience

  • 4viq m. 2 years ago
    Nice place to do shopping ,also most items are on discounted prices

  • 4patrick w. 2 years ago
    Quite a good store!

  • 4Gamers h. 2 years ago
    Affordable prices ... especially liquor 😄

  • 4deejay t. 2 years ago
    Best shopping 🛒 center 👍

  • 4Lucas N. 2 years ago
    Fair prices

  • 4Lewis M. 2 years ago
    Well spaced, enough cashiers and easy access from any route. Could have more variety but it has decent enough prices for what's available.

  • 4ukuyu boy N. 2 years ago
    Only when it's raining

  • 3Jacinta M. 2 years ago
    Long slow lines at the cashier

  • 3Kelvin N. 2 years ago
    Adding a few cashier's top floor would be good for those rush hours. Or atleast an express self checkout till for people with less than ten items.

  • 3Lillian K. 3 years ago
    Here you'll basically get most of the things on your shopping list minus the luxury items. Though it's better suited for the shopper on the go and in a bit of a hurry. The staff was helpful so that's definitely a plus. They could use with some cleaning and decluttering The location of the supermarket makes it tricky to find parking on a weekday so you can only get a few items that you can carry it shop early during the weekend if the shopping is heavy. There are however several helpful bodaboda riders and tuktuk drivers if you need your shopping hauled.

  • 3djon m. 2 years ago
    It's an excellent place to do your shopping It has many customers ..and most products are available there.

  • 3James K. 1 year ago
    They need to work on how to manage their customers and add more tellers to ensure the flow of customers.

  • 3Mercy G. 2 years ago
    It is a good place, though at times crowded and you have to wait in line.

  • 3Franklin S. 2 years ago
    A place where good services are given to you

  • 3Willy S. 2 years ago
    It is centre of thika town

  • 3Bill I. 2 years ago
    Fair price

  • 3james g. 2 years ago
    Not bad

  • 1Betty K. 2 years ago
    A very bad experience. Ladies being denied access to their handbag 👜, can they reinforce surveillance in other ways other than that. I felt violated. Very hostile reception.

  • 1Anne W. 4 years ago
    It is a nice supermarket... But until today I will no longer shop there...I have bought milk 3.20 today according to my receipt, got home as usual ;unpack and refrigerate and as I am posting this I have been trying all the contact numbers available on the receipt and website but none is working...all the milk is bad except for one fair is this..I am not going to bad mouth this supermarket but that's it for me..I mean not even a line to talk customers...Tuskys all the way...

  • 1Stephen M. 2 years ago
    The servises is good

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