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  • 5Robin K. 5 months ago
    This place is nice You shop all your desirable items in a single building Must be nicer

  • 4J. 5 months ago
    Your one stop supermarket for shopping. Fresh items and food staffs ...had nice shopping experience in there...

  • 5Michael M. 6 months ago
    Super cool, I love all shop attendance by how they help while picking items and showing you how good they are,,, I love the work of customer care desk by helping get the naivas card.... Their products are good and have good price per item...

  • 2wanjiku m. 6 months ago
    I won't even mention the inconvenience with poor network. Paid for 2 brown chapos only to get home and get one stale white and one brown. If the brown ones were sold out maybe ask the consumer whether the alternative is alright due to dietary reasons!And the packaging 🥱

  • 1Titus M. 6 months ago
    Poor customer service...woe unto you if you are served by a certain lady... Worse if you're using a gift voucher...they'll tell you ,"there's no network" come back another day as if they're doing you a favour.

  • 4Mark M. 6 months ago
    They have great offers just for you, the one in thika is a spacious outlet so I definitely think they have what you are looking for. Happy Shopping!

  • 4Kristine W. 6 months ago
    It's a good place to shop and the location is ideal too

  • 1LadyDee A. 7 months ago
    The staff are rude and arrogant I didn't like the place I highly discourage anyone from visiting it

  • 5Clement K. 7 months ago
    I would generally say the supermarket has got you covered in all needs you have whether its household items electric appliance grocery and fresh produce drinks etc . You can choose to pay via cash or via mpesa or via cards its your choice.Yaani kila kitu chenye unataka utawai apo naivas

  • 5Maggie K. 8 months ago
    It's the best supermarket in Thika, services perfect , they have a variety of products of different brands unlike other supermarkets.

  • 5Sandra N. 8 months ago
    Everything you could ask for in one place....nice service.... customer friendly staff..nice place to shop as they have variety of discounts....take advantage of their offers..worth the trouble. Your home of economy shopping

  • 5Faith J. 8 months ago
    All I can say of that that place has really changed, in terms of service and quality.. Its great. I give it a 5star

  • 4david m. 9 months ago
    Nice place for all your home shopping... Clean and very supportive staff

  • 4Dickson G. W. 9 months ago
    The place is good, they have the same range of products with the fair prices that Naivas has continued to offer throughout. Their bakery section is usually the best in town, for any kind of cake, this is the place to order, they will always be on point and on time!! Some few challenges to expect: parking. It's on a busy street with matatus and technically it's hard to get a slot on that lane. Apart from the kitchen items and goods, all other items are on the first floor. I wish there was more space on the ground floor to let the place be less crowded.

  • 4Daniel O. O. 9 months ago
    Very big and all your needs will be met from fresh food to stored ones

  • 5ruth m. 10 months ago
    I love it. Organized but usually crowded.

  • 4David Karanja W. 10 months ago
    Very clean...quick services and the elevators to the upper floors just finishes it as a piece of great market...

  • 4Murathime G. 11 months ago
    The place has a small footprint, but hits the spot just like an ice cold glass of water on a very hot day.

  • 5Wangui T. 11 months ago
    Everything under one roof. Vast variety of items at affordable prices.

  • 4Malcolmx S. 11 months ago
    Good place to shop... Reasonable prices... Always full in the evenings but the lines are always moving

  • 5Ann N. 1 year ago
    A good place to get quality household items all under one building. Great customer service from cashiers and attendants. Well arranged shelves which makes it easy to get what you need. Queues are usually long especially during the end month.

  • 5Stephen G. 1 year ago
    Among the One-stop shops once in Thika Town. Explore the place to have a fresh shopping experience and pick goods that match your wallet. Be observant for discounts!

  • 3risper m. 1 year ago
    It's just okay. Though I didn't get what I was looking for. I.e. normal minced beef and milk chocolate covered digestive biscuits. 😏

  • 5Stephen B. 1 year ago
    Like other naivas supermarkets, this center achieves customer satisfaction by displaying a variety of standardized affordable goods as well as shopping cards that encourage regular shopping

  • 3Emiel 2. 1 year ago
    It is ok but not super. One thing that keeps annoying is the double security check before entering and that you are obligated to leave your back outside. You have to learn to give some trust to your customers and do security in more modern way, via monitoring cameras in the shop and doing random checks after check out, treat me like a human being instead of this criminal,

  • 3Rebecca J. 1 year ago
    Naivas,Thika is a good place for shopping, It has good customer service and I would advise you to shop there.

  • 5Simiyu B. 1 year ago
    I loved the great commodities in this supermarket that are cheaper to satisfy customers wants

  • 4GITONGA M. 1 year ago
    An amazing retail outlet with great customer service and diverse quality products!

  • 5Benson T. 1 year ago
    It has a well organized store and the staff are very helpful

  • 5Kevin W. 1 year ago
    Lots of great offers and fresh bread from.tbe Deli section of the supermarket

  • 5Lesley S. 1 year ago
    The soldiers are good they make an effort of even greeting you before they scan you and the supermarket is nice and ambiance

  • 5John W. 1 year ago
    Nice one .and the best service ever

  • 4James K. 1 year ago
    Good customer service,ample parking

  • 4Fenvick S. 1 year ago
    Amazing service and a wide selection of affordable commodities for all your shopping needs. It's truly a one stop shop.

  • 5Samuel K. 1 year ago
    I actually love the place,its amazing n fun to shop

  • 5Emmanuel B. 1 year ago
    Great customer service and good space

  • 5Francis M. 2 years ago
    An awesome experience everything under one roof

  • 4SAMSON A. 2 years ago
    Prices are pocket friendly Good and Clean environment

  • 5Manuel Q. 2 years ago
    Loved it. Is a business plaza with a supermarket Naivas ground floor

  • 5Simon M. 2 years ago
    There you get quality goods at a fair price.

  • 5Mosmed m. 2 years ago
    The best place to shop in thika

  • 5Rose W. 2 years ago
    Smart move by the staff. One has to pay for the food at the deli before getting it. Makes sure you have it hot ☺️

  • 4Brian M. 2 years ago
    Secure underground parking. But very steep for driving in and out. Car needs to be strong/in good condition.

  • 3Vincent O. 2 years ago
    Well stocked with a reasonable sequence of products as you move along the aisles. Wheelchair accessible as there are ramps at the parking lot, entrances and exits. Shuttling between different levels of the building is facilitated by an escalator ramp

  • 5chris n. 2 years ago
    Great customer service

  • 5Wanjiru K. 2 years ago
    Good merchandising,spacious aisles,a good cooked food and cakes variety,friendly staff

  • 4Fredrick N. 2 years ago
    Good one

  • 5Saminjoh j. 2 years ago
    It's Awesome and well organized

  • 5Betty W. 2 years ago
    Nice place to shop with underground parking

  • 4Michael K. 2 years ago
    One of the leading supermarkets within Thika town, with a good variety of household supplies, electronics, groceries, foods, clothings, etc. The supermarket provides underground ample parking space for shoppers, convenient wheelchairs spaces, and conveniently located for ease of access.

  • 5Queen J. 2 years ago
    The service was cool

  • 2Gladys W. 2 years ago
    Too congested

  • 4James P. 2 years ago

  • 5J. M. M. 2 years ago
    All in one shopping experience in a Clean, easy access, secure parking environment.👍🏽👍🏽

  • 1G. 2 years ago
    Whatever price they have on an item is different from when they ring it up. I was buying a bike which cost almost 900 more.

  • 5Andrew K. 2 years ago
    Very nice place

  • 5Chef S. 2 years ago
    Best shopping for you

  • 5Kabillionaire S. 2 years ago
    Their gift shop has limited variety of jewelry

  • 4Joyce K. 2 years ago
    Nice experience, almost everything is available,,,though not spacious

  • 3NDUATI D. 2 years ago
    Nice parking

  • 3Wanjiku G. 2 years ago

  • 5Boaz N. 2 years ago

  • 5lilian m. 2 years ago

  • 5harris n. 2 years ago

  • 4Denny K. 2 years ago

  • 5Caroline W. 2 years ago
    Great customer service

  • 4Gakii N. 2 years ago
    Not bad, but need to have more space. It's so squeezed. Av more quick cashiers too

  • 4Stanley C. 2 years ago
    Great service

  • 5Wanjiru M. 2 years ago
    Service was excellent

  • 5John M. 2 years ago
    The place is usually overcrowded in the evenings

  • 3Arlecks W. 2 years ago
    Great shopping experience.

  • 5Ytzak M. 2 years ago
    Awesome place with variety of choices

  • 5lilian m. 2 years ago
    I got everything I needed.

  • 5Mohamed J. 2 years ago

  • 5Lennah N. 2 years ago

  • 4Farm Mode A. 2 years ago

  • 5William M. 2 years ago

  • 5Lucy N. 2 years ago
    I can't complain, it's was the best

  • 5Collins M. K. 2 years ago
    Its a nices shopping supermarket 😍😍😍

  • 4Robert K. 2 years ago
    A bit of congestion. This is due many of us who are really in love with Naivas. Wish we could another around Town... Otherwise, good service and hope this continues even being better. Thanks to management.

  • 4Kelvin W. 2 years ago
    Busy place. Employees however seem seasoned and know location of products on the shelf.

  • 5EVANS M. 2 years ago
    Best at customer service

  • 5Magda C. 2 years ago
    Very organised

  • 5The Don Of M. 2 years ago
    Best Supermarket

  • 5Timothy J. 2 years ago
    It's an awesome place... Mostly I enjoy the gaming lounge on 5t floor

  • 5Vincent N. 2 years ago
    Fast and efficient shopping under one roof. Spacious basement parking too

  • 5Peter s. 2 years ago
    Great place

  • 4Michael G. 2 years ago
    Naivas located at far right end of thika town. It's quite a great place to do all your shopping experience. Goods are fairly priced and very nice customer services. Only problem is it not spacious.

  • 2Elizabeth M. 2 years ago
    The billing area is quite congested. Staff are friendly and stern when it comes to wearing a mask at all times which is great. It's up to the customers to maintain social distancing by standing at the marked spots. There's a great anti theft machine that goes off every so often only to be determined that the products had not been ringed up properly or that the packing attendant had mistakenly packed an item that was not supporting to be there.

  • 1Nehemia O. 2 years ago
    The worst costomer service ever I hated this place

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