Fourteen Falls Adventures - Tourist attraction in Thika, Kenya

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Kilimambogo, Kenya


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  • 5Oluwashile A. 1 year ago
    Great place to be. Lot of adventures and please be very careful so you don’t fall down. Top notch spot for tourists

  • 5H S. 1 year ago
    So amazing views and water sounds, The views get better as you go lower and even closer to the falls

  • 4Kristina K. 1 year ago
    A nice place to see, we took the guides to cross to the other side and it was an adventure, when you reach other side, you can go for some rocks climbing and also a boat ride to the base of waterfalls. Altogether, it was a nice experience except forthe entry fee where we had to pay as non residents, and it was not quite clear why!

  • 4Brian K. 1 year ago
    Amazing place to see the wide Athi River in fourteen falls. Great experience, with some waterboats to cross although very risky. Visited when the water levels were low, thus could adventure in the rocks..

  • 4daniel s. 1 year ago
    This is yet another perfect get away from the city busy life. Located about 15kilometers away from Thika town off Thika-Garissa Road, the 14 Falls offers a magical experience of nature at its best. You not only get to experience the Falls tailored beautiful on the Athi River, Mt. Kilimambogo will also wink at you from a distance. The rates are also friendly both to the nationals and foreigners so you have no excuse not to visit thus beautiful place! A polite reminder though, please mind your thrash while at it. Thank you!

  • 4Chris M. 1 year ago
    Beautiful adventure.... I'll be there next time again

  • 4Brian W. 1 year ago
    A nice public facility, you'll pay 100kes adult , 50 kids to enter. Boat is 300kes adults n 200 kids to cross to n from the island. County govt should however invest in proper boats and also clean the river off garbage 🗑️

  • 4Mad L. 1 month ago
    Very scenic, great spot for dates(from experience)😂 ,tho boat rides are over charged but if money isn't an issue, you will have a great time.

  • 3Maureen N. 1 year ago
    Ask for a receipt after paying. Nice place to relax,but best away from the waters as its not clean. But definitely a nice place to visit.

  • 3john w. 2 years ago
    The place is awesome to view but personally the activities here may need to a lot of upgrading and the place needs to be looked after. Sadly a tourist attraction but a bit too littered for comfort though really had fun there 😁

  • 3Kayole 1.1 Kenya Nairobi M. 1 year ago
    Exciting adventure activities. The view is breath taking. Tour guides need some training on how to handle tourists. The river is dirty too, lots of trash.

  • 3Liza A. 7 months ago
    It's a beautiful scenery , great place to unwind and have extreme adrenaline rush especially when you cross the river on foot. Though beware of the management it's Abit loose and extortion from guides , there's no regulations. The river has collected waste and some scenes ain't as pleasing, waaah kiambu county government please!!! But overally, a worthwhile destination.

  • 2Ahmed A. 1 year ago
    Amazing place, other than the pollution happening. I saw quite abit of leaking pipes along the river, not sure if it is sewage or not. But the river seems to have alot of soap in it. The locals seems to be used to the soapyness. Also there were quite a number of teens throwing stones at each other as we were about to leave. It would be ana amazing place if there was better management. Should be renamed to sewage falls instead.

  • 2Marco P. 1 year ago
    This place... Non citizens are supposed to pay 15 USD each (which we negotiated down to 7.5) for the entry. The water, the trees, the shore, everything is covered in litter and the water stinks like a sewage treatment plant. Except for a toilet (ironically), there are no facilities at all and we weren't even being given a ticket. There are private boat operators which you have to pay extra. It bares anyones imagination but there are animals living in this toxic waters such as fish and even hippos. This place could be a valuable local gem besides mt kilimambogo but there is a long way to go.

  • 2Walibora D. 6 months ago
    The place is disorganized 😡, a little bit expensive. Like ksh500 per activity (either crossing by foot, or by boat etc) . Though its an interesting place if those responsible amend some of the things.

  • 1Nancy K. 1 year ago
    So disappointed.. the amount of trash at the falls 😤 the county of Kiambu expects a fee on entry however no receipt was issued made me wonder 🥺 why can’t they maintain the space for the public if they demand the fee 🤯

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