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  • 3Poojith J. 3 months ago
    Food was just below average, very hurried and rushed through out with the food service.But the ambiance was the best.Maybe a one time visit just for the ambiance.

  • 4Gauri N. 3 months ago
    The food was ok ok type and we love the ambiance and we can relax peaceful. But the place is crowded in Holidays.. The we gad their famous biriyanii

  • 4Abhilash H. 3 months ago
    It's a perfect family restaurant. They have a wide varieties of items. Especially in chicken. Even they provide rabbit biriyani. We tried their special chicken fry and biriyani. The biriyani was good, the quantity was also great. They also provides deserts too. It would be great if they child seats too. And also providing warm water along with their on mineral water will be good.

  • 2Noble S. 3 months ago
    I recently visited Hotel White House for a dining experience, and while the food and service were commendable, I had a deeply disappointing experience with the surprise arrangement I had pre-planned for a special occasion. To celebrate the occasion, I had taken the initiative to order a cake from a different restaurant and arranged for it to be delivered to Hotel White House at a specific time. I had high hopes and had put a lot of effort into planning this surprise. However, despite my careful preparation, the surprise was ruined when the waiter at Hotel White House revealed the pending cake just as our food was served. The excitement and anticipation we had built up were instantly shattered, leaving me feeling incredibly sad and let down. While Hotel White House offers a pleasant dining experience with delicious food and good service, I would caution against relying on them for surprise arrangements or special events. It is clear that their staff lacks the necessary attention to detail and understanding of the importance of preserving special moments. As someone who had put significant effort into pre-planning and coordinating this surprise, I was deeply saddened by the outcome. I had hoped for a memorable and joyous occasion, but unfortunately, it fell short of my expectations. Considering the overall experience, I find it difficult to rate Hotel White House positively in this regard. The quality of the dining experience alone deserves recognition, but the failure to deliver on the surprise aspect weighs heavily on my overall satisfaction. Consequently, I would rate Hotel White House with a 2 out of 5 for this particular experience. If you are seeking a reliable venue for surprise events or special celebrations, I would suggest exploring alternative options that prioritize attention to detail and have a better track record in preserving the intended experience.

  • 5rainard j. 4 months ago
    Good service and food function was wonderful do came and visit

  • 2Jaison M. 4 months ago
    This hotel is not good for breakfast for sure and I didn't get a chance to check the lunch and dinner. They were not serving items from the live kitchen. Please refer to the attached photo for the same, from the photo itself you can figure out it's cooked outside by some caterers or other vendors and getting served here. They had only three items Appam, Pathiri and Chapathi for breakfast and i strongly believe the other two items also came from outside. Not sure about the curries, hope at least they are prepared in their kitchen. So this hotel is not for breakfast in my personal experience.

  • 4Julie L. 5 months ago
    We had our parents anniversary lunch here..It was a wonderful experience.. had sumptuous lunch many dishes...big platter of Dragon chicken 8/10 and Beef dry fry 8/10 (900/-) Biriyani mutton and fish was also very good.. Fish pollichadu and fish curry was not good though... chicken fried rice was ok...juice came in very huge glasses...loved it....Overall a good experience..The best part of the whole experience was the wonderful service given with a beautiful smile by Ms. Sheeja chechi...

  • 2tony j. 7 months ago
    Food not as worth the money. I ordered rabbit pepper fry and mutton 65. I wont recoment any of them atall

  • 5Jithin c. 8 months ago
    Good food by my rating 5 starts is especially for the well mannered and professional staff. Especially Ms. Sheeja was very friendly and knew how to help us to select the items which is suitable for our taste from the options available.

  • 1deepak r. 8 months ago
    Their taste is average but the price is very high and less quantity. For a half pepper chicken they are charging 375+ and the quantity is very less… i think even a five star hotel won’t charge this much amount….

  • 5Riyas T. 9 months ago
    Good place for small meetings and staff was good especially sheeja chechi.

  • 4Arshad M. 9 months ago
    The food is really tasty. The service by the hotel staff is to be admired. Never expected it to be so good on a non populated area on SH between Trissur - Kunnamkulam @ mundur. Keep it up.

  • 5Ajin Raj T. 10 months ago
    Nice restaurant. Tasty food. Good service. I liked it.

  • 2Assif A. 10 months ago
    Food was just average and over priced. They have premium pricing for most of the items in the menu.

  • 3Akash K s. 11 months ago
    The food is ok and the ambience is great but the staff are really creepy . I went to buy take away and i had to ask for their menu card and the waiters look at you as if you have done a crime by coming there .... And i think the staff there don't know how to smile 😐

  • 5Styphinson T. 11 months ago
    The best hotel I ever visited in my life. I have had food many times from here ...their veg and non veg items are really good. Staff also very polite and good mannered.

  • 5JASNA F. 11 months ago
    Excellent in taste. Remarkable experience especially very tasty aatinkaal varattu and mutton varattu which is rare in this area. And very cordial and sincere service from mrs. Sheeja madam. We are very happy and confirm that we will come here several times in the days to come. Thank you very much.

  • 5Karthik M. 1 year ago
    Good ambiance Great food n Excellent service Especially by bava

  • 5A. 1 year ago
    Very pleasant personalities all over. Sheeja Chechi was excellent with her oration skill to handle the customers. She is going to be an asset for this endeavour.. Meal was Good. it doesn't mean quality of food is average. Something above than that. All over 4/5…

  • 5LAKSHMI S. 1 year ago
    Food was very nice and service too excellent and service was done by sheejaaa

  • 5pineyum p. 1 year ago
    Very good service and food is tasty.. We recommend

  • 4Cris G. 1 year ago
    The staff Sheeja was brilliant and welcoming. Amazing service. We ordered chicken stew, which was not upto our expectations. Chicken was fried and was not cooked properly. Mutton masala and Nice pathri is a must try. Good food and great ambience. Cris

  • 3angel T. 1 year ago
    Neat food. Fast service. Take was fine. Since I took noodles, I can't say much about all the food. But the restaurant has a good ambiance. Overall it was a good experience

  • 5Shilpa S. 1 year ago
    Fish Polichathu was really yummy! Prawns Biriyani too!!! Their service is commendable and should be appreciated for their hospitality as well. Worth the money! Do ask out for Biju chettan who is extremely hospital when it comes to service

  • 5jipsa m. 1 year ago
    Good service n tasty food ... Staff attended sreeja

  • 5Dr.Neeraja N. 1 year ago
    Today I happened to go there with my kid. Such a wonderful hotel where u get a delicious, yummy food. I am a regular customer being a full time dentist in near by- nyle hospital. Their waiters are also really nice. Esp. Bava chettan

  • 5Aswathy P. 1 year ago
    Good food super service.pleasent supplier sheeja

  • 3Nameer K A. 1 year ago
    1 room costs 1500/day/person Room is very small for this price Suitable for single person Staff and reception is not very welcoming and friendly. No wifi Good part is that there is a restaurant at ground floor which serves a decent food. Parking is available.

  • 4Raseem R. 1 year ago
    A wide range of menu, lovely ambience and outstanding service! Went multiple times with friends as well as family and got to say this should be the one of the best restaurants around my place 👌🏻 The place is easy accessible, right next to the highway and you can't go wrong if you stop here for lunch or dinner. They got some delicious main courses and CB is also quite good for lunch. If you go there for dinner, you'll be welcomed with some beautiful lighting and they also have outdoor dining spaces. Moreover, got to say their service is top class! We went there for lunch once and Ms. Sheeja chechi welcomed us with a beautiful smile and served us some amazing food. She was super friendly! If i could mention a con, that'd be the lack of napkins/tissue papers in the washroom; not even a dryer. So once you wash your hands, you gotta walk all the way to the reception to get yourself some tissue papers 🥲

  • 4Thomas V. 1 year ago
    Stopped here for lunch while traveling. Found this place purely by chance and it turned out to have a surprising variety of items on the menu. Unfortunately didn't try too much due to travel. Some interesting items included rabbit pepper fry. The taste was decent and items seem fairly priced. Service is ok.

  • 5Shilpa A. 1 year ago
    Amazing ambience. We happened to host an anniversary party at their resturant. Trust me they a brilliant job in decorating and the food is also amazing. Must try guys Neat atmosphere Reasonable price lt is one of the best restaurant . The ambience here is nice, the people working there are very nice too. And the food is amazing . Do consider giving the place

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