385 kr HOTEL LUCIYA PALACE - in Trichūr, India

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Marar Rd, Marar Road Area, Thrissur, Kerala 680001, India




+91 487 242 4731

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4.00 (2288 reviews)


  • Hotel
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Free breakfast
    • Free parking
    • Accessible
    • Air-conditioned
    • Laundry service
    • Room service
    • Kid-friendly
    • Restaurant
    • Airport shuttle
    • Bar
    • Pool
    • Pet-friendly


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  • 5Nikhil V. 1 year ago
    Excellent facility for the customers and the staff's best smart performance . Mini Hall available for larger functions. Like a palace . The place offers free car parking. This place made for best peoples

  • 5Asha A. 4 months ago
    Very nice hotel. Well behaved and helpful staff. Clean rooms. Well maintained. Food in Akshaya restaurant attached to the hotel is also very good. And a very central location, easy to visit Vadakunnathan temple and Paramekavu bhagavati temple.

  • 5Shraddhey S. 5 months ago
    Great place for accommodation. The hotel is located at the heart of the city . The rooms were quite spacious and the service was also to the mark . Great place for exploring Thrissur.

  • 5Sennen Millet B. 6 months ago
    Just went to the lawn to have some beverage. Staff was good friendly and food was good 👍

  • 5Devasiachan I. 7 months ago
    Visited the restaurant today, Hospitality begins with the Security Guard, excellent service by the waiters and service manager. Delicious Tapioca and Fish Curry, Really impressed.

  • 5Deepu S. 8 months ago
    Cool place with authentic food & beverage. Also they have open garden dine as well. But it's starts in the evening time.

  • 5Mathew D. 1 year ago
    5 stars for the lawn bar..nice ambience, food and service. Good for family and couples too.

  • 5vijay c. 1 year ago
    Great place to visit for a small time out with friends. Outdoor dining and drinking area also available. Not too crowded as well when I visited.

  • 5Makesh R. 1 year ago
    The establishment is synonymous to Thrissur and has been existing for a long time now. Situated in the heart of the city is this high standard establishment. Luciya offers top class accommodation and high class restaurant service with a separate bar facility. Restaurant serves all cuisines and menu includes traditional Kerala style non veg dishes. The food is yummy at bar and the restaurant as they share a common kitchen. Restaurant ambience is great with clean restrooms ideal for women and kids. Courteous staff be it at the restaurant or the bar makes the overall experience at Luciya memorable. Please note that the KSRTC bus depot and the Railway station is just 10 minutes walk away.

  • 4Narayana D. 9 months ago
    Had a few drinks in the bar. Very quiet and subdued. Good service. Typical Kerala bar.

  • 4Anandhu M. 6 months ago
    Good Restaurant with variety of dishes available. They have open area dine in where they serve liquor as well.

  • 4Jayakumar A T. 10 months ago
    Good stay! Comfortable rooms! Courteous staffs! But food was not upto the mark.

  • 4KISHORE CHANDRAN W. 8 months ago
    We only went to this place for lunch. Located right next to Thrissur round with plenty of parking, the ambiance is great. We essentially had Kerala food - appam, fish curry, porotta, beef coconut fry - in addition to some Indo-Chinese dishes. There are continental dishes too, available for dinner. The food was excellent and service prompt with friendly staff. Overall it was a great dining experience, one I would recommend for connoisseurs of Kerala food.

  • 4Richard Lazarus B. 8 months ago
    Very good Ambience - along the lawn side. Some DJ can be arranged too over weekends Prawns were good and fresh.

  • 4Hrithu R. 7 months ago
    A fine dine experience . Parking is available. Food quality is authentic . 3.5-5 rating for food .Customer service is really appreciative here. Overall a good evening out spot

  • 4Mahendran M. 1 year ago
    Had a 1 night stay in luciya palace, stay and food was good. Vera level dinner at Hotel luciya palace. Order ed Honey glazed chicken, Avoli polichathu, Beef dry fry, beef ularthiyathu beefy curry, chicken varutha something, nadan Kozhi curry, Gobi 65. All the dishes were very good. Few pics are missing. Drinking glasses were not good, had called room service and informed them. Otherwise I would have given 5 star.

  • 3Vishnu. V. 1 year ago
    Ambience and service was good,but quantity of food is not as expected.

  • 3Travel Notes by P. 1 year ago
    Heart in the town. Have a parking place. Bar attached. Veg and non-veg food are available. Room ok. But I didn't like the manager/reception team response. Otherwise, it's just ok. Very easy to reach here. Corridor maintenance was average. Many food plates are waiting for cleaners in corridors. #thrissur #hotel #Stay

  • 3ROHIT N R. 1 year ago
    We had an outdoor dining and it was ok. Nothing special. Can have drinks and chill though.

  • 3Bhushan P. 5 months ago
    We used only the bar for an evening drink. There were 2 sections. One in the open air on the lawn. The other was inside. Rates reasonable. For not very exciting.

  • 3Swaroop R. 5 months ago
    Luciya Palace is close to the main attractions of Thrissur, especially if you are planning to visit the temples around the town but don't expect the comfort of a 4 start hotel seeing their website or star rating. The rooms and amenities provided looks quite old and not well maintained. Blankets & bedsheets were not clean however the food is delicious and the price they charge for the food is reasonable.

  • 2Prejith P. 1 year ago
    This rating is for the restaurant. Lucia Palace has always had a famous restro which serves some really good food in a very clean setting. My recent experience however has been nothing but a horror show. There is a minimum standard that you expect when you pay 250Rs for a Chicken Biriyani. If you are going to serve rice with some burnt masala which has absolutely no flavour, then I need not come here. The 2 stars are only for the cleanliness that they maintain.

  • 2Markose B. 3 months ago
    Our family spent only 3 hrs in the suite room for 7750/-. But almost two and half hour the electricity was not there. When asked they are telling that some repair was going on. There was no generator as well. It was an unpleasant experience even though the room was good.

  • 2Yoonus M. 1 year ago
    Not up to the mark or as expected.. An average hotel with cordial staff.. Restaurant offers less varieties due to lack of customers..

  • 1TX K. 9 months ago
    (Information as per Invoice Receipt) Date : 03/August/2022 Restaurant Bill No # 4778 Steward : Shajan Arm Table :16 Time : 22:05 We were dine-in guest at Akshava Restaurant (as information stated above), this review is posted so that the Kanichayi's Managements gets to know of the following 1) Reheated food is not accepted both in the F&B or hospitality industry, Specially when it involves meat. The food looked like its salvaged from other left overs and did multiple rounds of heating that the salt levels were fairly high, please do understand it does hold health hazardous consequences. 2) The service industry front line crew did not care about customer complaint or feel like urge to understand what went wrong, we do understand that the legacy does hold it own line of arrogance and ignorance but on the cost of your customer health make its quite upsetting. Team if you have time do look into the same, and if a consumer write a review at this point of time do understand its magnitude.

  • 1Aswani P. 11 months ago
    We stayed in room 112. The room was unclean. The bedsheets were not even washed. It was yellow in colour. Bathroom was not good. The worst part was we stayed with our kid and we noticed very late that there were blood stains on the bedsheets. I have not idea how this hotel had 4 rating. Food was OK. Otherwise very bad experience. We have directly given written complain also. They charged at 4k for a night's stay and this is what is provided. In the morning when we opened the curtain we saw how dirty the sheets and blankets were. It was literally yellow and old and there was thread coming out of it. During this time of corona I cant believe these people did this. Worst experience. Never again.

  • 1Seethu J. 5 months ago
    It is not a 4 start hotel based on the service they provided 1) electric kettle - useless 2) shower -useless 3) towels , blankets and pillow covers looks very old and dirty. 4) shower jell and shapoo looks like refilled bottle . It refilled after previous use. 5) there are some empty boxes in the bathroom for soaps and shower cap. What is the reason they kept empty boxes. 6) i doubt they are even cleaning everything after each use or just re using. Over all bad experience for a 4 star hotel. Dont expect 4 star fecilities . Its just a 2 star hotel.

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