€72 Trujillo Beach Eco Resort - in Trujillo, Honduras

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3.90 (48 reviews)


  • 5Dominic S. 7 years ago
    Great people here to ensure that you are well-cared for. Our villa was clean, well-equipped and well-decorated. Plenty of activities to keep you occupied if you desire. Will return.

  • 5Tom W. 4 years ago
    We are still here. A very affordable , off the beaten path, very eco friendly retreat. Not for everyone, but for those who crave something different, I give it Five stars

  • 5Nasario M. 5 years ago
    One of the best places on the planet. Sadly, Honduras have an awful government that doesn’t take advantage of this places with unlimited potencial for tourism.

  • 5Alejandro C. 2 years ago
    Beautiful place to rest. Very recommended

  • 5Jesson C. 5 years ago
    Beautiful, spacious truly well organizes and developed with nature in mind. Thanks.

  • 4Melissa A. 5 years ago
    Very good place to disconnect and relax

  • 3Carlos M O. 5 years ago
    Is a great peaceful place to share with yours, very quiet, green, fresh with nice fresh winds and a mixture of mountain experience with a close beach, the staff is very kind and open to offer details, help and suggestions based on your needs. The Pros: Is very quiet, they are one of the only two places that are open to receive visitors with pets, due to the environment you feel a very great peace, nature is everywhere, green yard is very attractive, sometimes you may feel you are at Eden's Garden due to the few people around there. The Resorts has a great Condo that is one of the best I experienced before in Honduras, two amazing Jacuzzi and 2 small/medium pools that are secure for kids, teenagers and adults, the water is nice and warm due to the sun, I think one of the best thing this place has are the pools and the comfortable suites, every suit is fully equiped with stove, A/C at every room area (and gets cooler very fast if you need), big refrigerator, whole kitchen equipment (even knifes, forks, spoons), many white soft towels, great beach view from your window, there are free walks in bikes, horses and even some Pin Pon tables. If you are a perceptive person you may notice amazing and coloring birds in the trees. The Cons: Is little expensive, prices per night are around $150 and up if you are going with your kids or additional people, if you plan go there with your family you may need a good budget, the place deserves it, but is not an affordable option for most people, the food menu is limited, the accessibility is 13 miles out of the highway, the track from the highway to Resort is a dirt road where you might need a SUV, Pickup or 4x4 car due to the track conditions, access to the Condos area is not possible with a Sedan, Coupe or even with any pickup car of 4x2 (2WD) due to the soft sand, you may be get stuck trying to beat the sand roadway acess the way in the middle of nothing if your car does not have off road system, you may consider need ≥ to half fuel tank before to chek inn due to the away places from there in case you need go out. If someday the government improves the roadway to acces this place surely will be one of the best places to go at Trujillo.

  • 1Charles M. 4 years ago
    Avoid at all costs, especially the "villas" located off the water. The condos are only half finished, the beach is polluted, and the mosquitoes will carry you away. This place is located by a palm oil plantation on the less desirable side of Trujillo.

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