€28 Albert's Suites - in Uyo, Nigeria

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Unit: 47, L-Line Ewet Housing Estate, Ewet Housing Estate 520101, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria




+234 802 583 8426

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3.70 (174 reviews)


  • 5charles E. 10 months ago
    A nice and quiet place to lodge.

  • 4dennis u. 1 year ago
    One of the best hotels I have stayed in recent past. Their customer service is superp. I particularly enjoyed their meals.

  • 4David E. 3 years ago
    This is a great guesthouse for a weekend getaway. It is located in a prime estate in the city which is quiet, organised and neat. Their food is good, prices are affordable and the staff are friendly. The parking is quite limited but ok for the number of guests usually checked in. This is not one of the premier hotels in the city but you are sure of value for your money here.

  • 3Augustine G. N. E. 1 year ago
    It could do with an upgrade of its facilities. There was no hot water, the bath faucets are on their last legs as well. The environment is serene and comfortable. Not a bad facility for the cost, but considering that the same price can get you way more in places like Lagos and Abuja, you may need to upgrade the facilities.. People pay more for quality.. I would.

  • 3Kharis Temmy T. 2 months ago
    Neat, comfortable and relatively affordable. Parking space is a challenge though.

  • 3Uduak Obong P. 1 year ago
    Spent a night here and it was good. Particularly enjoyed the food. But a lot needs to be done on the furniture and entertainment made available. Uduak-Obong Patrick

  • 3Amadi O. 1 year ago
    Decent. Just that Google map takes first timers through the back which has no entrance. So if you're relying on the map best to call and ask for directions or from the back find your way around to the front where there's an entrance. Secondly, the security guards aren't always around to let you through the gate. You will have to knock loud enough for the receptionist to hear you if you're luck they're on their desk or wait till you're lucky enough for anyone to come open for you.

  • 3Nsisong E. 1 year ago
    Nice place, cozy, secured, but no enough parking space.

  • 2Ndiana b. 1 year ago
    I came here on referral but didn't enjoy the experience, from very faulty appliances like;the Airconditioner the fridge ,had to even change rooms thrice to no avail ,the food was not impressive ,the bath was leaking ,had to leave before the end of my stay ,They need to look into the maintenance of the place urgently it can be better.

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