Hidden gems: Lakes in Victoria, Seychelles

Ratings are based on 611 people reviews from 2 lakes in the city.

Hidden gems: Lakes in Victoria

  1. 5.00 Semi-Submarine Seychelles   (42 reviews)
  2. 4.90 Dans Gallas Trail   (23 reviews)
  3. 4.80 Copolia Trail   (99 reviews) Jungle hike to expansive summit views
  4. 4.80 Baie Ternay Marine National Park   (78 reviews) Snorkeling among turtles & coral reefs
  5. 4.70 Morne Seychelles National Park   (93 reviews) Vast park with scenic trails & peaks
  6. 4.60 Club Med Seychelles   (77 reviews) Premium private island hotel with a spa
  7. 4.50 Immaculate Conception   (47 reviews)
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This page was last updated on Mar 9, 2021.