Pineapple-centric fun for the family Dole Plantation - Tourist attraction in Wahiawa, United States

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64-1550 Kamehameha Hwy, Wahiawa, HI 96786, United States



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  • 5Mark G. 9 months ago
    There are three things to do here which are paid: a maze which is described as the world's largest, an extensive and beautiful garden and the Pineapple Express train ride. We chose the train which turned out to be a twofer as it offered a good view of much of the garden. The ride was a leisurely 2.5 miles with recorded commentary about the farm and the history of Dole. We enjoyed the train. After that we bought Dole Whip which is a type of Pineapple flavored soft ice cream which we had topped with chopped Pineapple and ate it on tables outside. There is also a large gift shop of course.

  • 5Julio I. 1 month ago
    First of all, I taught that my kids, which are ages 13 and 12, will not like this place. I was wrong, I think they loved it more than my wife and I did. They offer military discount which is always a pleasant surprise. We bought the all inclusive tickets that includes the garden grounds, the train ride and the maze. Per my kids, the maze is the main attraction here and the most fun to complete. They complemented the garden grounds saying that everything was pretty and well taken care of. Even the train ride they said that it was educational in nature and a perfect compliment to it all. As a family we had a lot of fun. This is a must visit place and I will recommended 10/10.

  • 5Coach Eddie Z. 3 months ago
    Definitely recommend, perfect for everyone. A day trip, couples, families, etc. The pineapple maze and train ride are educational and fun. Well worth the trip and the restaurant to showcase the natural and delicious pineapple flavor. You have to try the Dole pineapple whip and so many goodies including the different flavor shortbread cookies and chocolates. Don't forget to check out the unique jewelry and handmade crafts!! Thank you for a wonderful visit...

  • 5Bryan B. 4 months ago
    Fun and lots of it. Worth the trip and the money! The train, the garden and the maze were all fun. Word to the wise … get on the train ASAP! The line grows ridiculously long in less than an hour. The gift shop is scary since we wanted to buy everything! Be sure to watch the pineapple cutting demo. The staff is exceptionally friendly and the bathrooms are clean and large … always helpful after mass Kona coffee consumption. The whip bar and the coffee station are the top hits!

  • 5Kerri M. 6 months ago
    Great experience. Did the maze. Watch out for giant snails on the trail! If you're not careful, you could easily step on one. Entry is free but the maze costs a reasonable price; i think it was $7. The Dole Whip and candied nuts were delicious and I'd say they're a MUST when visiting.

  • 5Kuan W. 3 months ago
    Interesting place, free entry into the grounds, but have to purchase tickets for certain attractions. There's a large maze and a small train that takes around 20-30min which takes you around part of the plantation and provides info about the plantation and trees and about pineapples. There can be a bit of a wait to be able to get onto the train after purchasing tickets (was 30min I our instance). Fun place for young kids. There's also a large souvenir shop which has a huge variety of items and a lot of edible gift options like dried fruit, gummy Candy, shortbread etc. The pineapple ice cream was great and our one had chunks of pineapple in it that tasted as sweet as candy.

  • 5Frank B. 6 months ago
    It's free to go here but if you want to do the maze, train, and self-guided tour, you'll be paying up to $27 per adult. All of these attractions are fun and cute, very family friendly too. The maze is well done with 6ft hedges and points of interest to compel you through it. The gift shop is the main attraction though and it's a formidable tourist trap with many cute and tasty items. After sampling the overpriced candy and plushies, I'd have to recommend their Dole Pineapple soft serve with pineapple toppings. That was awesome! Go here, it's cute and fun. You'll be there for 2 hours max.

  • 5Dalida Z. 8 months ago
    Two years ago we didn't get a chance to visit the Dole Plantation as we were visiting HI but made sure we did this year. We did not do the train ride or view the "farm" or maze as it was busy, but we spent over 1 hour in the shop. The shop is enormous and prices are actually affordable considering its a huge touristic site. There are many individually owned kiosks inside which I was not aware of until we got there. They have amazing products (some hand made and some not). I had to refrain myself from buying so many things. Make sure you stop at the Corn on the cob truck just outside for grilled corn. SERIOUSLY delicious, make sure you get one for each person as I only got 2 hoping my kids would share or not eat it all, but to my surprise the cob was stripped bare by the time we got to the car. Lots of cute chicken and roosters walking freely as well! The only "ich" overall was trying to find parking, but again no complaints, you are in Hawaii after all so enjoy the scenery and weather!

  • 5Erica C. 1 year ago
    Such a great day activity. Facemasks required when you're indoors, you can take them off when you're outside. They have the best gift shop and food court. Hefty plate of BBQ chicken for a really good price. 20 minute mini train ride around the plantation. Great photo opportunities in the garden. We didn't do the maze but we heard it takes over an hour to get through it. We saved the best for last, Dole pineapple whip with coconut shavings. So good and refreshing. we couldn't leave the plantation without having the grilled corn on the cob at the exit. Overall a must do. Kid friendly, wheelchair and stroller accessible.

  • 5Christina B. 8 months ago
    Loved our experience here! Recommend getting there immediately at opening and going straight to the train ride. We were told to do that by the ticket lady, and had to wait 20 minutes for the next train ride (there is only 1 train). When we got off, there was a 1.5 hour line for it. Some food there, with some food trucks. They ran out of coconuts when we were there. Loved the maze! So fun! We were there for only a few hours but you could easily spend more time there.

  • 5Ervina G. 9 months ago
    Great stop on the way to the North shore… it is a drive away but totally worth it. The small gift shop has a lot of cool snacks and gift ideas . If you get hungry there is a lot more then just the soft whip pineapple dole ice cream to eat. I would recommend on taking the short tour on the Pineapple Express train not only for the ride but also the cool facts and information that you learn on the way. But if the ride is not your thing taking a walk on the garden maze is a lot of fun.

  • 5Alexandra E. 1 year ago
    Wonderful train tour, pineapple Ice cream & shopping! Even in a Pandemic & rainy day, we had a great time~ 100% recommended!!

  • 5Kristie D. 1 year ago
    Had a great time visiting Dole Plantation! This is a very family-friendly place with the Pineapple Express Train and the huge pineapple maze! We loved exploring the grounds and the was one of our best stops for souvenirs! The Dole Whip did not disappoint! Highly-recommend trying it out on your visit!

  • 5Kristen L. 1 year ago
    We did the self-guided tour and maze. Was a lot of fun. With COVID, less seats available.

  • 5Fabiola Almazan O. 1 year ago
    Train tour was a very nice experience. Explanation of the history of the plantation was very interesting. The gift shop is amazing, impossible to not get something and the ice cream and the pineapple were delicious. Very recommended

  • 5Victor Stanley (Shar and V. 1 year ago
    Awesome place to visit in Hawaii. The Dole Whip was as great as advertised. Go early as the lines get long fast. Because of the reduced ridership caused by COVID it makes the lines longer. Very much worth the visit and learning were our food comes from.

  • 4Madhumitha R. 9 months ago
    Dole plantation has some interesting things to do with kids. We went in for ice cream which was pineapple flavor and it was too sweet for me. They have everything pineapple in the gift shop. The maze looks pretty interesting but takes a whole 40 minutes to complete. I came outside to eat some corn on the Cobb with chili lime. I liked that more than anything inside. If you have kids and want to entertain them, it is recommended.

  • 4Deborah H. 9 months ago
    This was a glimpse of Americana, Hawaiian style. We took the 22 minute train ride through some of the pineapple fields and I was impressed with how they had planted a wide variety of crops along the way to illustrate the diversity of not only Dole's operation but Hawaii's as well. And, appreciative of the signs identifying the different plants and equipment. The staff was friendly and helpful. The Dole Whip dessert available in the store was amazing. Well worth the stop.

  • 4Brian C. 4 months ago
    Worth the visit! Food was excellent. We planned to do the train and the maze but the train took longer than we thought so skipped the maze. Took almost an hour from starting to wait for the train (after buying tickets) to when we were on the train. Then another 30 or so minutes on the train itself. The train was calm and relaxing and gave you a good history. My young kids weren't as excited as I thought they would be. Still a nice visit!

  • 4Swat k. 6 months ago
    Beautiful vast plantations of pineapples, bananas, cacao, sugarcane and many more fruits and flowers. Options to see this on the Pineapple Express Train, a Pineapple Garden Tour, and a fun corn maze too! The train ride had a wait time of 30 minutes for us but took lesser than that. A shaded area with ceiling fans as we wait for our train ride. Very nice gift shop with many memorabilia to purchase. You can also enjoy some Dole whip cup or cone inside the gift store; some delicacies outside as well. Overall, a fun place for a family or a group of people!

  • 4Karen P. 1 year ago
    It is interesting for what it is, and not too expensive, but it does seem to be neglected. I presume Covid has at least something to do with that. No online tickets at this time, and no pineapple demos. The Dole Whip is really good and the line went quickly. I wouldn't go back again but it was a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

  • 3Victor C. 10 months ago
    The Dole Plantation is overall a pretty fun experience. To begin, the Dole Plantation is an upfront free experience, but you can pay more to enjoy attractions like the guided train tour, garden, and maze. With regards to getting a place, there is ample amounts of parking, at least when my family and I went, so l wouldn't worry too much about getting a spot. Furthermore, you can't buy tickets online, so they're sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. Looking back on the excursion, the train ride was definitely worth it, however the maze and garden were a miss. I may recommend the maze-train package if you have kids, otherwise I'd stick to the train. In hindsight, since our group was older, we thought only the guided train tour on the Pineapple Express was amusing. It's a relaxing train tour that teaches you a little history on pineapple growing in Hawaii and you get to see a variety of tropical fruits like bananas, coconuts cocoa, coffee, sugar cane, and more. If you want to spend money, I'd try the Dole Whip because it's a unique experience. They have limited outdoor seating so make sure to get a spot and enjoy the cool treat under the sun. Overall, a fun experience, but not a must-see site by any means.

  • 3Christen B. 10 months ago
    Dole plantation was vibrant and full of tasty treats. I opted not to take the train due to the line wait time, and it was a quick stop on my journeys that day. The grounds of the plantation are beautiful, decorated with pinapple, chocolate and coffee plants. Very vibrant tropical plants as well. It's a short walk around before you run into the back of the gift shop serving up tasty pineapple treats. The gift shop itself is expensive. I held off buying due to the prices. I did not see any of the pineapple/fruit fields, but this may be an option on the train.

  • 3Neil G. 1 year ago
    Kind of a cool experience to be this close to the pineapple farm itself. The only way to see the operation is to purchase a train ticket and there is a 2hr minimum wait for the train. The wait for us was way more than that. The shop is huge and the plantation grille has burgers, hot dogs, fries, and of course…pineapple on everything. Dole Whip is here in ever kind of possible variation. A tourist stop for sure but a good one.

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