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617 S Knik Goose Bay Rd STE E, Wasilla, AK 99654



(907) 841-2120

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  • Tuesday: 5 AM to 7:15 PM
  • Wednesday: 5 AM to 7:15 PM
  • Thursday: 5 AM to 7:15 PM
  • Friday: 5 AM to 2 PM
  • Saturday: 7 to 11 AM
  • Sunday: 8 to 11 AM
  • Monday: 5 AM to 7:15 PM

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  • 5/5 Chelsa P. 1 year ago on Google
    I have been attending classes at Innergy for a few years and it has changed my life! The classes are informative and empowering with lots of options- I have always felt so comfortable and accepted there. The techniques that I learned for breathing have been something I have been able to apply in daily life and most recently when I delivered my baby. Before attending Yoga and Barre I really had no idea about posture or muscle and brain connection or really anything! I am forever grateful for this place and can't wait to be back soon!
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  • 5/5 Jaclyn S. 10 months ago on Google • 5 reviews
    I am very grateful to have found Innergy! Great class variety, and the instructors are encouraging, give helpful cues, and the atmosphere is high energy and welcoming. All the instructors make a great effort to know and remember everyone's names! Highly recommend Innergy to anyone looking for a fun, fitness community to be apart of.

  • 5/5 Joanna S. 8 months ago on Google • 4 reviews
    I absolutely love this place! I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to try Innergy with a friend. Everyone who works there is very friendly. Love the atmosphere and it's a great way to mentally and physically feel better after a long day at work. I highly recommend giving it a try. You won't be disappointed.

  • 5/5 Cindi W. 5 months ago on Google • 3 reviews
    Innergy is where it’s at! I love all the yoga and barre classes! Definitely helping my shoulder pain! Thanks for having the best instructors!

  • 5/5 Talea F. 1 year ago on Google
    I have been coming to Innergy for about a year and have stayed pretty consistent the whole time. Which is the longest I've stayed in a workout routine. I stay with you guys specifically because I always feel better after than going in. The instructors are all amazing and you can tell how much of a passion it is for them and the time and effort they put into their classes. The whole community that comes are all amazing as well! Everyone is so fun and encouraging! A very fun, welcoming, nonjudgmental, safe environment!

  • 5/5 Mariah H. 1 year ago on Google
    I've been coming to Innergy for about 4 months now. 100% recommend them!! When I 1st came in, I was so nervous and embarrassed that I had no idea how to properly work out. Immediately, everyone was so nice and welcoming. I warmed up very quickly as they definitely promote and keep a safe space for everyone at every level. I've learned and improved a lot with the time I've spent coming here. I really appreciate that in the middle of classes, they check in with you and help make sure you're doing things properly and giving suggestions on how to do things different for your body. Their positive vibe is infectious and once you give them a try, it's tough to not keep coming back!!

  • 5/5 Nicole K. 11 months ago on Google
    I tried the two week intro package with Innergy and the girls did not disappoint! I will continue to do my yoga practices with them as their environment is clean, inviting/friendly and relaxing. I also lost my debit card the first day there and they were nice enough to return after hours to look for it for me. I would absolutely recommend them to friends and family.

  • 5/5 serena m. 1 year ago on Google
    I’ve been going to Innergy off and on since 2020 and within the last year I’ve been going consistently. I cannot rave enough to everyone how amazing this place is. The atmosphere is so welcoming and homely. I have never been able stay consistent at a gym and since coming to Innergy, looking for a new way to move my body, working out is fun, challenging and I look forward to classes every single time. I absolutely adore this place and everyone in it. I’m so thankful to have a space that holds me accountable in the most positive way and I can’t thank Innergy enough!

  • 5/5 Stephanie M. 1 year ago on Google
    Innergy has truly been a lifesaver! I have never in my life been able to stick with a consistent workout routine until I became a member. Because there are so many options for classes & training not only do you not get bored, but you see results! Every single trainer is so knowledgeable and has provided modifications for me throughout my whole pregnancy to help keep me healthy and safe. The environment is clean, welcoming, and I have made so many friends :) If you haven't tried them yet, do yourself a favor and join!

  • 5/5 Tracy R. 1 year ago on Google
    Jordan’s morning flow yoga class is one of the best yoga class I have attended in the Valley. She offers many modifications to suit the unique needs of each body and also offers options for more a more challenging practice. Great verbal cues and instruction method. The space is modern and aesthetically pleasing, I particularly enjoy the high loft ceilings, the mood lighting and the wall size studio mirrors. And the music playlist! I’m definitely looking forward to future yoga classes at Innergy!

  • 5/5 jaslynn d. 1 year ago on Google
    I haven’t worked out in YEARS, I recently started going to Barre with all different instructors. Words can’t express how much I love this class. This class is challenging but very enjoyable. I love the innergy community. I wish I started coming years ago!

  • 5/5 Kelly B. 1 year ago on Google
    These classes are amazing. In the past I have avoided these types of classes because I am very self conscious, but they make you feel so welcome and comfortable it made me want to keep going. I feel and look so much better, even my balance has improved, it is done at your own pace and they never push you to do more then you are capable of doing. As a first time goer, or just wanting to get back into it I would recommend Innergy.

  • 5/5 AK S. 2 years ago on Google
    I absolutely love the classes at Innergy. I have done the Barre, Barre Restore and am hoping to check out a Spin class tonight. The instructors are very experienced and provide many useful cues throughout the class so you can check your form and technique etc. The class times are very convenient and the studio has a variety of memberships and options for purchasing classes. I am very glad that Innergy is a part of our community!

  • 5/5 Raina F. 1 year ago on Google
    This studio has brought so much joyful movement to my life. There is no judgement and the classes are for all levels. The instructors are amazing and make you feel welcome. The barre classes with Halie are my favorite!

  • 5/5 Laura L. 1 year ago on Google
    I finished my ninth Barre/Barre Restore class at Innergy last Sunday. I knew that I needed to strengthen my core if I wanted to improve my balance and stamina. These classes have been fantastic in helping me reach this goal. The teachers make sure that I am doing the exercises correctly while at the same time making sure that nobody overextends themselves, reminding us to take breaks and listen to our bodies. The studio is roomy and clean, the music fits the routines, the patrons are happy to work out and happy after the classes.

  • 5/5 Sarah D. 2 years ago on Google
    This review marks my 15th class with Innergy and I don’t plan on stopping soon! Every instructor has been so helpful, kind, and encouraging. This isn’t just a place where you go to work out. It’s a place where community and making people feel welcome and important is their top priority. If you’re thinking about trying a class, just jump in and do it! You will be welcomed with open arms and you’ll look forward to coming back!

  • 5/5 Amanda Y. 2 years ago on Google
    I had spent years away from a gym, and felt nervous to jump back in after so long. I was so warmly welcomed from the very beginning + each class leaves me feeling better than the last! I’m obsessed with the energy from the spin classes + yoga each week rounds it all out with a physical + mental reset. I wish I would have stepped out of my comfort zone sooner and just jumped in. Can’t recommend the studio + the staff enough! Such a bright spot in my day whenever I make it in.

  • 5/5 Erica M. 2 years ago on Google
    I have always struggled finding my groove and staying active at a ‘normal’ gym. Innergy keeps me engaged, and the workouts and trainers are all great. This place is comfortable, clean, and feels like home. I did a 2 week trial membership and tried every class. There wasn’t one that I, as someone who is starting over in the gym, wasn’t capable of doing. I feel strong and confident here and am so grateful I found this place!

  • 5/5 Linda P. 1 year ago on Google
    Best place to start out at or just continue long term for yoga or exercise! Staff are friendly and encouraging! Great for all levels!

  • 5/5 Julia R. 1 year ago on Google
    Highly recommend Innergy. Always leave these classes feeling my best. The girls know just the right amount of push and encouragement.

  • 5/5 Christina C. 1 year ago on Google
    Love working out here. The environment feels so welcoming and judgement free. The group classes are extremely fun and and the personal training has been amazing. Also, Haile is the best!

  • 5/5 Lori H. 1 year ago on Google
    Loving the team at Innergy- super comfortable environment and you don't feel judged by anyone! Enjoy all the motivators but I truly love classes with Elise- just amazing. She connects with the group and gets to know everyone. Looking forward to many, many more classes at Innergy!! Thank you ladies you are all amazing!!

  • 5/5 Mayte P. 9 months ago on Google • 2 reviews
    It took me a while to book my first class. I was scared of not being able to do anything or to feel I didn't belong because I spend so much time without working out. But I was so wrong. Everyone is so nice and the instructors are amazing always willing to explain and help you. I took the 2 weeks trial and definitely coming back for a membership.
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  • 5/5 Diane J. 9 months ago on Google • 1 review
    I’m so glad my friend invited me to Innergy!! The workouts are great, they are so good at keeping us up on our form and their positive attitudes make a huge difference. I realize every instructor has a positive attitude but it’s different here. Very personable, seriously, how do you remember all of our names?!?! A great atmosphere!!

  • 5/5 CINDI W. 6 months ago on Google • 2 reviews
    I am thoroughly enjoying my yoga classes at Innergy. The instructors are so kind and helpful. I feel very centered and my body feels so much better afterwards.

  • 5/5 JOLENE M. 4 months ago on Google • 1 review
    Cat has the best playlist. Her energy, motivation, and laughter make time fly by even though the workout is tough! Great sweat sesh...kind of makes you forget it's 0F out there. 🥶

  • 5/5 Jennifer T. 1 year ago on Google • 1 review
    I started this journey in December. I couldn’t tell you what a child’s pose was nor a warrior two. Let alone do squats or hold a plank for more than a few moments for barre. The instructors are phenomenal and meet you where you are at. The support received is amazing. I feel healthier, am moving better than I have in years and have more energy to do other things! Thanks Innergy for an amazing team. Take a yoga class - I haven’t taken one I didn’t enjoy! Barre will literally get you moving and barre restore is amazing!!

  • 5/5 Leah E. 9 months ago on Google • 2 reviews
    Innergy is exactly what I was looking for when I moved to Alaska! The instructors are profesional and poised, the facility is beautiful, extremely clean with top of the line equipment and the clients are all happy to be there! It’s totally made Alaska feel like home!

  • 5/5 Danielle B. 1 year ago on Google • 2 reviews
    I've been working out at Innergy since last May and I have to say, the instructors are amazing. They're incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and always have great tips for improving your form or pushing yourself harder. But what really sets them apart is their enthusiasm and positivity. They make every workout fun and motivating, and they really care about helping you reach your goals. One thing I really appreciate about this Innergy is the variety of classes they offer. Whether you're into spin, barre or yoga or something more personalized like personal training. No matter what what class you take, you can be sure that the instructors will be top-notch. Great place to meet new friends and feel like you belong! Overall, I can't recommend Innergy enough. The classes are varied and challenging. If you're looking for a great place to work out, Innergy is definitely it!

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