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  • 1Simona K. 4 months ago
    Pizza sold as large, while you get a normal 25cm.. price approx. 6500 RPS.. when we objected to the size of the pizza, they laughed in our faces, absolutely not recommend ….they are ripping off people

  • 1Stef T. 5 months ago
    Cocktails and food did not meet expectations and were overpriced. Horrible waittime for both our drinks and food, even when there were barely any other customers...

  • 1Sergey A. 5 months ago
    The shisha is really bad, might be one of the worst I have ever smoked. It does not work properly and as others have also stated, the staff also agreed that it did not taste good, refused to give any discount, 3,000 for a shisha we did not smoke.

  • 1Alaa S. 7 months ago
    The staff is rude to an awful extent, their beverages are ridiculous and their Shisha are not working properly, when we asked to replace the beverage they refused though one of their staff admitted it didn’t taste good, when we asked for a discount for the inconvenience that happened they said they will call the police, we agreed so we can call the embassy too they started stalling and we ended up paying full amount cuz it was too late. We are a group of 8 people and the 8 of us do not recommend this place

  • 5Mr B. 7 months ago
    We had birthday celebration there yesterday, food was nice, and we played our music on venue soundsystem. We had fun!

  • 5Shashika W. 8 months ago
    Best place for Excellent service & delicious foods. staff members are friendly, really beautiful place

  • 5bhagya k. 8 months ago
    Superb cheap food. Amazing customer service. Beautiful location. Really appreciate your service. Keep it up. And highly recommended ❤️❤️

  • 1Eliesha S. 8 months ago
    Poor service and horrible overpriced food. 1000rs for a small bowl of burnt chips? The waiters forgot about one dish and after a reminder it arrived 30 mins after everyone finished eating. Only saving grace is scenery and sea breeze.

  • 2diana m. 9 months ago
    Very slowly. Waiter forgot about half of order. We wait dessert for child more than 1,5 hours, only curd and fruits

  • 5Swagger S. 9 months ago
    One of the best place with the best vibe in mirissa beach. Whole team is really amazing and with jello nature. Really enjoyed all 3 continuous evening. Would love to recommende to all the visitors. Must Visit! 🥳🤗

  • 5Stein-Helge E. 9 months ago
    I just used the bar and restaurant, but man did i enjoy myself. Great drinks at readona le prices right at the beach with beanie bags. Best place to read a book. Don be afraid to talk to the staff about recomendations in the area, they are ver

  • 5Nilanj P. 9 months ago
    This is one of the best beach resorts I’ve ever been to. Excellent backyard with tremendous arrangements to have great evening right on the sea shore. Drinks and shisha just acts as a cherry on cake whilst enjoying the picturesque view of Mirissa beach ! Highly recommended.

  • 5Ashanthi K. 9 months ago
    Probably the most hospitable place in mirissa! Owners and staff are so kind (that’s not normal for mirissa ) We arrived late ordered food the waiter got the order wrong but they arranged and fixed it within mins and gave us a large room and accommodated us last min. Most importantly great staff and food and the owner were good people Really good people for mirossa Definitely this is where I would be staying in mirissa moving forward! The beanbags are a perfect to just laze down and chill at the heart of mirissa bay!

  • 5Mohamed I. 1 year ago
    Superb service and excellent rooms. Friendly staff service and their restaurant serves the best seafood in town. Highly recommend

  • 4Dario & S. 1 year ago
    Lovely lunch on the beach, great atmosphere and excellent food. Not cheap. Kind staff. Cold beer served..

  • 3Chris S. 1 year ago
    Used the beach bar and enjoyed the hipster feel of the bean bag and beach bed beachside venue Too many strange looking folks staring vacantly into the distance being photographed, no doubt for those "special" Instagram pics All very funny Marked down as this place seemed to have the most expensive beers I encountered in Sri Lanka Maybe the hipsters don't mind, but I did

  • 2g. 1 year ago
    Good place with song for rest ! I ordered an ice cream that was very melted, in addition to the spoon they brought was very dirty! Eventually, this place is good only for drinking soda and water !

  • 1Alex P. 1 year ago
    Some people wrote that there is no sea food in sea food kottu. In fact I wasn't able to find chicken inside "chicken burger". Moreover, the tables are placed in such way that you can't see the ocean. I don't recommend this place to anyone.

  • 1Aga T. 3 years ago
    The food is not worth your while. We stopped for lunch and were bitterly disappointed. Seafood kottu costs 1200 rupees and has absolutely no seafood. My friend's prawn wrap might have a max of one prawn in it. So disappointing, especially for a coastal place, where seafood is meant to be ace. Paragon Beach Resort is not standing anywhere near close to a restaurant I would recommend anyone.

  • 4Alisha S. 3 years ago
    This beachfront bar/restaurant has better service than most others in the area, and their cocktails are much better value for money. They're the same price as a lot of the nearby beachfront places, 700 Rs for most of the drinks, but they taste much better. The cocktails at most of the other places are garbage. I give it four stars instead of five because the food isn't anything special, and some of the dishes are more expensive than the nearby places. But the service and cocktails really put it a step above the others.

  • 5S. 4 years ago
    It's an amazing location. The waves come so close to your dining table some times if you are seated closer to the beach. Amazing view and ambience. Prices of the food are about the same for this area. Best avoid the cocktails during happy hour even though they are a bargain. In a hurry the drinks aren't mixed well. All in all would recommend this place.

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