Find the must places to see in Zarghun Shahr

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Most reviewed Tourist Attractions in Zarghun Shahr, Afghanistan

  1. Kabul Zoo کابل ژوبڼ 3.9·(498)Park and Garden·   -   3.90 (498 reviews) Park and Garden
  2. BAGH BABUR بابر بڼ 4.5·(365)Park and Garden·   -   4.50 (365 reviews) Park and Garden
  3. Pul-e Kheshti Mosque د خښتي پل جومات 4.4·(272)Mosque·   -   4.40 (272 reviews) Mosque
  4. National Museum of Afghanistan موزیم ملی افغانستان 4.3·(177)Museum·   -   4.30 (177 reviews) Museum
  5. Band-e-Amir National Park بند طبیعی امیر 4.6·(176)National park·   -   4.60 (176 reviews) National park
  6. Buddha of Bamyan بت‌های باميان 4.5·(136)Tourist attraction·   -   4.50 (136 reviews) Tourist attraction
  7. Dar-ul-Aman Palace دارالامان ماڼۍ 4.3·(63)Historical landmark·   -   4.30 (63 reviews) Historical landmark

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