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Experience the best that Constantine has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 12 places from Tourist attraction category.

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Amir Abdel Kader Mosque image
Amir Abdel Kader Mosque
Vast, modern mosque in ornate Arabesque style, with an interior courtyard, a dome & 2 tall minarets.
4.80 (1.2K reviews)
Sidi M'Cid Bridge image
Sidi M'Cid Bridge
Set between 2 cliffs, this 164-meter suspension bridge opened in 1912 is a popular photo subject.
4.60 (1K reviews)
Salah Bey Bridge image
Salah Bey Bridge
👍👍 The Salah Bey Viaduct was marked by major urban works, This viaduct is already considered the "eighth wonder" of the city with seven bridges. With a length of 1119m, the viaduct has a futuristic design, which modernized the urban configuration of the city.
4.60 (281 reviews)
Grande Mosquée de Constantine image
Grande Mosquée de Constantine
👍👍 تحفة تستقبل المصليين منذ ثمان قرون شيد في العصر الصنهاجي الحمادي. بشؤون المسجد أنه من تشييد «محمد بوعلي البغدادي» عام 530 هجري الموافق لسنة 1136 ميلادي، وهذا وفق عبارة وجدت منحوتة بالعربية عثر عليها حول المحراب، جاء فيها “هذا من عمل محمد بوعلي محمد بو علي البغدادي”
4.60 (60 reviews)
Monument aux Morts image
Monument aux Morts
👍👍 Wenderful view of the city of Constantine from this high monument. A great place.
4.50 (464 reviews)
Palais du Bey image
Palais du Bey
Historical landmark
👍👍 An extraordinary palace, everything on the inside, the spaces that are organized around the gardens, the decorations, the frescoes, the marbles, the collones, everything was magnificent
4.50 (182 reviews)
Mosquée Ibn El-Arabi image
Mosquée Ibn El-Arabi
👍👍 Ibn al-Arabi Mosque in Ain al-Bey Constantine, the mosque is as if it were the mosque of the Emir of a small size, so that when you stand in front of it, the Emir’s mosque meets you, as if they are looking at each other, the mosque is close to Constantine Airport and the main university, and it is...
4.50 (102 reviews)
Aqueduc romain image
Aqueduc romain
Archaeological site
👍👍 A wonderful place. Being there, you can see the Sidi Rashid and Saleh Bey bridges, the Emir Abdelkader Mosque, and the University of Constantine 1. It is near the Marriott Hotel and the passenger station.
4.50 (50 reviews)
Cirta Museum image
Cirta Museum
Archaeological museum
👍👍 there are many interesting things to see, pretty good as a museum, a place to visit while passing through this city.
4.30 (249 reviews)
Parc du Bardo image
Parc du Bardo
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Beautiful place, hope they do more improvement in the future ..
4.30 (69 reviews)
Djebel El Wahch Forest image
Djebel El Wahch Forest
National forest
👍👍 مزار سياحي رائع وجميل أنصح الجميع بزيارته توجد الثلوج في فصل الشتاء
4.20 (157 reviews)
Bardo Park image
Bardo Park
👍👍 Bardo Park is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Constantine, overlooked by Sidi Rashed Bridge
4.20 (54 reviews)
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