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Amir Abdel Kader Mosque image
Amir Abdel Kader Mosque
Vast, modern mosque in ornate Arabesque style, with an interior courtyard, a dome & 2 tall minarets.
4.80 (1.2K reviews)
Galilou image
Car rental agency
👍👍 Top
4.80 (85 reviews)
Sidi Rached Bridge image
Sidi Rached Bridge
👍👍 مدينة قسنطينة الجزائرية و مدينة رندة الإسبانية ، في مدينة قسنطينة يضهر جسر سيدي راشد بناه الفرنسيون و دشن سنة(1912) ، في مدينة رندة الإسبانية يضهر الجسر القديم او الجسر العربي بناه المسلمون ايام حكم الأندلس قبل حوالي(700) سنة .
4.70 (61 reviews)
The Falls Bridge image
The Falls Bridge
👍👍 Un lieu à visiter absolument pour tout ceux qui visite Constantine
4.70 (44 reviews)
Sidi M'Cid Bridge image
Sidi M'Cid Bridge
Set between 2 cliffs, this 164-meter suspension bridge opened in 1912 is a popular photo subject.
4.60 (1K reviews)
Salah Bey Bridge image
Salah Bey Bridge
👍👍 The Salah Bey Viaduct was marked by major urban works, This viaduct is already considered the "eighth wonder" of the city with seven bridges. With a length of 1119m, the viaduct has a futuristic design, which modernized the urban configuration of the city.
4.60 (281 reviews)
Bab El Kantra Bridge image
Bab El Kantra Bridge
👍 A first bridge with a siphon aqueduct was built by the Romans in Antiquity. On its remains, a new bridge was built, the construction of which, ordered by Salah Bey in 1792, was entrusted to its Maltese architect Bartolomeo1. It was then formed of 4 stone arches. In 1836, it was the scene of unsucce...
4.60 (236 reviews)
Mellah Slimane Bridge image
Mellah Slimane Bridge
👍👍 The second biggest mosque in Algeria. One of the most beautiful mosques I've ever seen in my life. Such a unique heavenly architecture, it feeds the soul with its divine atmosphere. Definitely had a quality time there.
4.60 (149 reviews)
Emir Abdelkader University image
Emir Abdelkader University
👍👍 Prince Abdul Qadir University for Islamic Sciences...a wonderful, well-organised university, containing a very rich library, with reading rooms for male and female students.
4.60 (123 reviews)
Burger & Broast image
Burger & Broast
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Meilleurs burgers sur Constantine, de loin! Service très rapide ; personnel très réactif, et ils répondent + livrent dans l'immédiat Nourriture bien emballée Proposent des portions assez petites mais les prix sont imbattables ( surtout pour la qualité proposée) Espérant qu'ils restent sur cette lanc...
4.60 (66 reviews)
Grande Mosquée de Constantine image
Grande Mosquée de Constantine
👍👍 تحفة تستقبل المصليين منذ ثمان قرون شيد في العصر الصنهاجي الحمادي. بشؤون المسجد أنه من تشييد «محمد بوعلي البغدادي» عام 530 هجري الموافق لسنة 1136 ميلادي، وهذا وفق عبارة وجدت منحوتة بالعربية عثر عليها حول المحراب، جاء فيها “هذا من عمل محمد بوعلي محمد بو علي البغدادي”
4.60 (60 reviews)
Theater of constantine - Mohammed ferguani - image
Theater of constantine - Mohammed ferguani -
Live music venue
👍👍 Théâtre régional de Constantine مسرح_قسنطينة_الجهوي_محمد_الطاهر_الفرقاني يعتبر من أعرق المسارح في الجزائر يقع في وسط مدينة قسنطينة يمتاز بهندسته الرائعة مما جعله تحفت ومزارا للسياح يذكر أن بناية المسرح الجهوي لقسنطينة دشنت رسميا سنة 1883 بعد 22 سنة كاملة من الاشغال؛ حيث تمتد على مساحة 1568 مترا مربع...
4.60 (51 reviews)
Gothi Manga image
Gothi Manga
Figurine shop
👍👍 Cant find it on the gps
4.60 (31 reviews)
Monument aux Morts image
Monument aux Morts
👍👍 Wenderful view of the city of Constantine from this high monument. A great place.
4.50 (464 reviews)
Palais du Bey image
Palais du Bey
Historical landmark
👍👍 An extraordinary palace, everything on the inside, the spaces that are organized around the gardens, the decorations, the frescoes, the marbles, the collones, everything was magnificent
4.50 (182 reviews)
Crêpes & Coffee image
Crêpes & Coffee
🫤 i didn't like it at all honestly .. well the place is nice specially decorations, service was just fine not friendly enough plus the order takes long to be served .. then the food waa a huge flop imo sandwich was okay but crêpe salé oh god, couldn't even swallow them 😖 but i still wanna retry it fo...
4.50 (137 reviews)
Mosquée Ibn El-Arabi image
Mosquée Ibn El-Arabi
👍👍 Ibn al-Arabi Mosque in Ain al-Bey Constantine, the mosque is as if it were the mosque of the Emir of a small size, so that when you stand in front of it, the Emir’s mosque meets you, as if they are looking at each other, the mosque is close to Constantine Airport and the main university, and it is...
4.50 (102 reviews)
El Kantara Garden image
El Kantara Garden
👍👍 Wonderful landscape
4.50 (91 reviews)
Clinique vétérinaire Eleos image
Clinique vétérinaire Eleos
Animal hospital
👍👍 Easy to find with the GPS, this veterinary clinic offers a fast and efficient service, very clean and well kept, the young doctors there are competent and dynamic. Equipped with a radio and surgery service, care is fairly comprehensive. I recommend it.
4.50 (61 reviews)
Aqueduc romain image
Aqueduc romain
Archaeological site
👍👍 A wonderful place. Being there, you can see the Sidi Rashid and Saleh Bey bridges, the Emir Abdelkader Mosque, and the University of Constantine 1. It is near the Marriott Hotel and the passenger station.
4.50 (50 reviews)
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