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Experience the best that Buenos Aires has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 8.8K places in the city.

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Loveafrica Bikinis image
Loveafrica Bikinis
Beach clothing store
👍👍 Very good service and divine bikinis ♥️
5.00 (1.3K reviews)
The Break Club image
The Break Club
Adult entertainment club
👍👍 The best place to relieve stress! The attention 10/10 incredible!!
5.00 (1K reviews)
El Belga ‘The real Belgian fries’ image
El Belga ‘The real Belgian fries’
Belgian restaurant
👍👍 Amazing food and even better service. Jurgen, the owner, is a really cool guy and loves to make his clients feel welcome and well fed. Do not give this place a miss if you want some incredible chips and also some amazing beef stew.
5.00 (913 reviews)
Escape room center
👍👍 The Messi mess room is very good, the place is in excellent condition, very entertaining
5.00 (875 reviews)
Joyería Tuport - TPT image
Joyería Tuport - TPT
👍 I'm from the interior of the country, the wedding rings we bought were divine, the problem was that I sent my ring back so they could shrink it, they never did, they returned it to me just as it had been sent to them. We don't care about the cost of shipping, the point is that they kept us three we...
5.00 (754 reviews)
Definit Depilación Láser - Colegiales image
Definit Depilación Láser - Colegiales
Hair removal service
👍👍 Hello, excellent service and quick effect. The operator Yei on the morning shift was very kind and careful when assisting me. Recommendable.
5.00 (531 reviews)
Dr Leonardo Imbriano image
Dr Leonardo Imbriano
Plastic surgeon
👍👍 Very good attention from everyone.
5.00 (491 reviews)
Dental implants periodontist
👍👍 A week ago I recovered my smile and dental health thanks to Dr. Solange Alvarez, after she performed dental implants on me. I want to share my experience before and after meeting Solange, taking into account that after making 5 consultations with dentists – implant specialists, and they told me that...
5.00 (456 reviews)
Talargym image
👍👍 Excellent gym, very good machines, calm atmosphere and excellent teachers. Another thing that will surprise you is the cost, it is very reasonable for everything they offer, it significantly differentiates them from other options in the area. I highly recommend it
5.00 (409 reviews)
Masajes , Tratamientos Estéticos y Dermatológicos en Palermo CABA. ESENCIA image
Masajes , Tratamientos Estéticos y Dermatológicos en Palermo CABA. ESENCIA
Health and beauty shop
👍👍 Incredible maderoterapia. The whole team very professional and super friendly at the same time. I wouldn't change a thing! You will want to come back.
5.00 (347 reviews)
WAX Peluqueria & Barberia Boutique image
WAX Peluqueria & Barberia Boutique
👍👍 Fantastic hair and barber shop! Emiliano is a real professional, he knows how to cut with scissors (not common nowadays) and machine to give you exactly the hair cut you want. If you are in the area this a good choice.
5.00 (343 reviews)
The Asado Experience - Premium Steak image
The Asado Experience - Premium Steak
Cooking class
👍👍 This experience was so much more than I originally thought it would be and was 100% worth the money. The experience brought a group of people together and really lent itself to creating meaningful connections and conversations with people you might have just met. The info provided around the food wa...
5.00 (315 reviews)
Escape Obligado image
Escape Obligado
Escape room center
5.00 (295 reviews)
Orthé Recoleta - Odontología Integral image
Orthé Recoleta - Odontología Integral
Dental clinic
👍👍 Great service and fair price. From the beginning I received very good service! 😁
5.00 (290 reviews)
Bienestar Integral AJNA image
Bienestar Integral AJNA
Massage therapist
👍👍 Sergio and Federico have a great private set up in the heart of San Telmo. They have great intuition and a great rhythm. It’s a four hand massage by two caring and well synchronised practitioners who have developed their own choreography. Well worth the visit!
5.00 (285 reviews)
Acupuntura Norte - Sede Capital - Lic. Guido Scazziota image
Acupuntura Norte - Sede Capital - Lic. Guido Scazziota
Acupuncture clinic
👍👍 Excelente la atención y puntualidad. En mi caso, yo tenía una parálisis facial central. Venía con un tratamiento de ejercicios que realizaba diariamente y la acupuntura aceleró muchísimo la recuperación, lo recomiendo como tratamiento complementario a los ejercicios y cuánto antes se realice más efe...
5.00 (266 reviews)
Tara Masajes image
Tara Masajes
Massage therapist
5.00 (263 reviews)
IMAGO micropaisajismo image
IMAGO micropaisajismo
Landscape designer
5.00 (252 reviews)
Masajes Hugo image
Masajes Hugo
Massage therapist
👍👍 I came with a neck and shoulder pain. The massage was intense and sometimes it was hard to deal with. However, it was worth it. Next day I felt much better. Thank you for the help!
5.00 (252 reviews)
Buenos Aires Plata | Joyería Boutique image
Buenos Aires Plata | Joyería Boutique
Jewelry store
👍👍 Compré un bidu de plata por mercadolibre y me llegó con re buena presentación, con paquetito para regalo y todo. Divino el bidú, lo tengo puesto. Muy buena atención!
5.00 (250 reviews)
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