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Cabbage Beach image
Cabbage Beach
Popular, resort-adjacent white-sand stretch for walking, swimming, snorkeling & sunbathing.
4.60 (677 reviews)
Jaw's Beach image
Jaw's Beach
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Wonderful free public beach with some fish (if you want to see an abundant of fish, it’s worth paying for snorkelling at Clifton just down the road). Clean & calm waters, lots of parking, and not too busy (no vendors or anyone bothering you). Many locals frequent here as well.
4.60 (416 reviews)
Bahamas Adventures Freeport image
Bahamas Adventures Freeport
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Took a double decker bus on a Carnival excursion to Lucaya Beach in Freeport. After a short briefing at the beach we were free to enjoy the amenities including free chairs and umbrellas, hammocks, picnic tables and tiki huts, food and drinks. The drink menu was wonderful and we tried about 10 d...
4.50 (605 reviews)
Goodman's Bay Park image
Goodman's Bay Park
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Lovely beach and park. For Bahamians who haven't been here in a while, the beach has been cleaned and now it is absolutely gorgeous to go and swim in. It's the next Cabbage beach. It really looks that much better.
4.40 (704 reviews)
Balmoral Island image
Balmoral Island
A popular cruise ship excursion, this island beach club offers pools, dining & dolphin experiences.
4.30 (1K reviews)
Western Esplande Beach image
Western Esplande Beach
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Any day at the beach is a good day; however a day on the Western Esplande Beach is an incredible one. It is walking distance from the cruise port, passing gifts shops, historic buildings and different photo ops. So much fun, that any thing I write in the review just wont do it justice.
4.30 (762 reviews)
Cabbage Beach image
Cabbage Beach
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Lengthy review with information for tourists: Cabbage beach is a very beautiful beach located on Paradise Island. The shoreline is always kept clean and and free of sea weed. Most Nassuvians frequent this beach as it's the prettiest beach closest in driving distance to our island. It's also my favo...
4.30 (382 reviews)
Lucaya Beach image
Lucaya Beach
This white-sand coastline for sunbathing & swimming has a restroom & waterfront hotels.
4.50 (117 reviews)
Saunders Beach image
Saunders Beach
Quiet stretch of white sand sheltered by an offshore island, popular for swimming.
4.50 (116 reviews)
Taino Beach image
Taino Beach
Idyllic white sandy beach & turquoise waters with a small pier, water sports & sun loungers.
4.30 (162 reviews)
Cable Beach image
Cable Beach
A wide sandy beach & clear, turquoise waters are the highlights of this scenic locale.
4.20 (194 reviews)
Love Beach image
Love Beach
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Amazing beach with a plenty of space. The entrance is through Nirvana bar and there is also a parking. Before going to the beach don’t forget to take pina colada :) Stacey does it well. Once you’re at the beach if you turn left you can go further to the end, ignore a notification about the end of Ni...
4.30 (119 reviews)
Paradise Beach image
Paradise Beach
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Amazing place ever I have been to. It is such a good island 🌴 where you can chill and spend your time with your friends and family. I always dream about this place so I visited it last summer 016. Can't explain about it because you have to visit such place once in your life.
4.50 (72 reviews)
Fortune Beach image
Fortune Beach
Tranquil shoreline known for bright blue-green water & abundant seashells, with a restaurant nearby.
4.80 (44 reviews)
Montagu Beach image
Montagu Beach
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I nice swimmable beach. There are several man made sections in the water that create sheltered areas for swimming. Great for families. The sand is nice, but not quite powder fine. Easy parking, clean, monitored bathrooms, and food on site make this ok beach a stand out in Nassau, where these facilit...
4.40 (64 reviews)
Xanadu Beach image
Xanadu Beach
Popular tourist beach known for its laid-back vibe, featuring a wide sandy expanse & warm waters.
4.50 (49 reviews)
Sandyport Beach image
Sandyport Beach
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I came to this beach last year, (2019) as it was one of our Adventure of the Seas stops. The water was a beautiful green, and felt like bathwater. It was so pretty! You could also rent kayaks, paddle boards, and water bikes for a couple extra dollars! The sand was so soft, and there was barely any t...
4.60 (41 reviews)
Sea Wall - West Bay Street image
Sea Wall - West Bay Street
πŸ‘πŸ‘ So beautiful, a great place to relax by the beach. Not many people so you have some privacy and can really relax.
4.40 (53 reviews)
Silver Point Beach image
Silver Point Beach
Narrow stretch of white sand bordered by a hotel & residences with expansive ocean views.
4.70 (32 reviews)
Sun Cay Lighthouse image
Sun Cay Lighthouse
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Amazing snorkeling trip there. Will definitely be back! Absolutely gorgeous little island you can easily walk from one end to the other
4.50 (33 reviews)
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