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Allure Jewels International image
Allure Jewels International
Jewelry store
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Paul and Malcolm were absolutely excellent. They gave me the best prices on a 14K Gold rope and two bracelets. They were professional and their customer service skills are amazing. I highly recommend them to everyone. If you are ever on a cruise to the Bahamas you must stop by the store and pick up...
4.90 (239 reviews)
SouthWest Plaza image
SouthWest Plaza
Shopping mall
😐 Love the prices but cashiers ballup your clothes when putting them in the bag
4.30 (1.2K reviews)
Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza image
Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza
Shopping mall
πŸ‘πŸ‘ It's a great place to shop, a variety of goods and services available. I guess you can say it's a one stop shop.
4.30 (983 reviews)
Marina Village at Atlantis image
Marina Village at Atlantis
Shopping mall
πŸ‘πŸ‘ What an awesome place to walk around, sight see, check out amazing yachts you can't afford and have a bite, shop or drink. They have it all! Seafire, Cafe Martinique, Carmine's, Ben and Jerry's, Tortuga Rum, Sip Sip, and so much more! Tell 'em Barsnobs sent ya!
4.50 (233 reviews)
UNEXSO image
SCUBA tour agency
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Started off with a little confusion they didn't have our paper work, BUT in the end I had an amazing time. We swam with Goombay and Andros and they were absolutely adorable. Our tour guide was very funny and personable. He told us a lot of cool information about the facility and all the dolphins tha...
4.50 (233 reviews)
Marathon Mall image
Marathon Mall
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ The Mall has setup outdoor eating spaces, to accommodate a dining experience that is no longer possible at this time indoors. At the Food Court entrance, they have block off the traffic and beautified it with large plant pots and plants. There are staff on site prepared to clean the tables and chair...
4.20 (3.4K reviews)
Variety Disposable Products image
Variety Disposable Products
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ Has decent prices on certain wholesale items I buy regularly.
4.30 (264 reviews)
Port Lucaya Marketplace image
Port Lucaya Marketplace
Shopping mall
Outdoor venue featuring shops for clothing, crafts & souvenirs, plus casual restaurants & bars.
4.10 (3.1K reviews)
Heaven Sent Pharmacy image
Heaven Sent Pharmacy
Shopping mall
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Very professional staff. Every time I shop here I am blown away by the very high standard of customer service.
4.40 (170 reviews)
Crystal Court Shops image
Crystal Court Shops
Shopping mall
High-end nautically themed mall at the Atlantis Bahamas Hotel, with luxe brands & casual eateries.
4.20 (434 reviews)
Taylor's Plaza image
Taylor's Plaza
Shopping mall
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Great shop - not the cheapest, but a really good selection (especially the haagen daaz) and a good beer shop. I drive past another similar strip mall because this is better
4.20 (316 reviews)
Dolly Madison Home Center image
Dolly Madison Home Center
Home improvement store
πŸ‘πŸ‘ If looking for anything for your household or garden, tools and/or accessories, gifts for the whole family and much more Dolly Madison is the ultimate one stop shop. The staff is also knowledgable and friendly. I was thoroughly satisfied with my experience here.
4.20 (288 reviews)
The Lucaya Shopping Centre image
The Lucaya Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Really nice place to go shopping and enjoy the day. We went snorkeling and sailed out of the port there. Good food and service was really nice. A must when visiting the Bahamas.
4.10 (595 reviews)
Sandyport Plaza image
Sandyport Plaza
Shopping mall
4.40 (99 reviews)
Seagrapes Shopping Plaza image
Seagrapes Shopping Plaza
Shopping mall
😐 It is what it is. Food like pizza, Wendy’s, Chinese, DQ ice cream, gym, food store, convenience stores, gambling which locals love but pretend not to in church. Ample parking. The only issue is it’s sometimes too popular. Be careful reversing and look both ways, as there’s always a car you may not s...
4.00 (616 reviews)
Golden Gates image
Golden Gates
Shopping mall
4.10 (254 reviews)
Bahamas Blu purified alkaline water image
Bahamas Blu purified alkaline water
Shopping mall
😠 Terrible customer service from whoever is located in your office. Called yesterday to request a stop and no one came. Called again today and the lady was rude and condesending to both me and the driver on route refering to him as "slow". Your guys are great, your office customer service is deplorabl...
4.40 (86 reviews)
Elizabeth on Bay image
Elizabeth on Bay
Shopping mall
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Nassau Harbor House! Great place to eat and drink. Good food at a good price and the staff is awesome.
4.20 (128 reviews)
Prince Charles Shopping Centre image
Prince Charles Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ One of our shopping areas on Nassau where you gotta go to when looking for value and good bargains
3.90 (750 reviews)
Caves Village / McCarroll Real Estate image
Caves Village / McCarroll Real Estate
Shopping mall
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I enjoy the tranquil environment and the Caves Village Kids Center is our weekly family outing. Clean and well kept plaza. I do wish there were more restaurant options. Lots of parking spaces as well!
4.20 (118 reviews)
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