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Chimbuk Hill image
Chimbuk Hill
Mountain peak
Prominent peak featuring a Buddhist temple & observation deck with aerial views of the hills below.
4.50 (570 reviews)
Bandarban Hill Resort image
Bandarban Hill Resort
👍👍 Bandarban Hill Resort exceeded our expectations in every way possible. The variety of rooms, from the beautiful balconies to the charming bamboo cottages, made our stay truly delightful. The infinity pool overlooking the stunning landscape added a touch of luxury to the breathtaking surroundings. W...
4.60 (254 reviews)
Chimbuk Hill view point - চিম্বুক ভিউ পয়েন্ট image
Chimbuk Hill view point - চিম্বুক ভিউ পয়েন্ট
Tourist attraction
👍 Chimbuk hill is a famous tourist destination of Bandarban...Basically Chimbuk Hill is one of the highest hills in Bangladesh is one of the more familiar spots in Bandarban. It is just 26 kilometers away from Bandarban Sadar. Chimbuk hill is approximately 2500 feet high above the sea level. The road...
4.40 (499 reviews)
Bandarban Golden Temple - Buddha Dhatu Jadi image
Bandarban Golden Temple - Buddha Dhatu Jadi
Buddhist temple
Gilded Theravada Buddhist temple in serene environs on a hill with a massive Buddha statue.
4.30 (1.1K reviews)
Rama Zadi image
Rama Zadi
Buddhist temple
👍👍 At 175 feet height, Rama Zadi (Pagoda/ worthy of veneration) is the biggest one in Bangladesh which is located near Rowangchari, Bandarban. Rama Zadi temple is known for it's distinct architectural features and popular spot for Buddhist along with people from other religions. The explicit beauty of...
4.50 (211 reviews)
চিম্বুকে সূর্যোদয় image
চিম্বুকে সূর্যোদয়
Tourist attraction
👍👍 it was really a good experience that i couldn’t explain in a word or in a sentence. You have to fell this to get this experience.i think everyone should go bandorban to see Allah's small creature. You can know about Allah's creature and amazing hill..omg..just amazing..i'm telling now like a insane...
4.50 (168 reviews)
Prantik Lake image
Prantik Lake
👍 Very cool environment. Best for picnics Place
4.40 (94 reviews)
বংডঃ ফাস্ট ফুড, মুন্ডি এন্ড কাবাব হাউস image
বংডঃ ফাস্ট ফুড, মুন্ডি এন্ড কাবাব হাউস
👍👍 very good traditional food. fish fry was awesome.
$ $$$
4.20 (120 reviews)
রাজার মাঠ, বান্দরবান image
রাজার মাঠ, বান্দরবান
👍👍 Rajar Math....Bandarban is an old historical place. Not only sports, many social events are organized here. Raj Punyah of Bandarban is held here every year. Many domestic and foreign tourists come here to visit. Bandarban must actually visit from this field. Najim
4.20 (102 reviews)
প্রান্তিক লেক image
প্রান্তিক লেক
😐 There is nothing but a lake in it. Tourists have to pay extra to enter here
4.20 (93 reviews)
Chowdhury Market image
Chowdhury Market
Shopping mall
😐 😎😎😍😎😎
3.90 (232 reviews)
Lablu's Kitchen with Lawbiot image
Lablu's Kitchen with Lawbiot
Traditional restaurant
👍👍 good place for traditional food.
4.50 (46 reviews)
Chungdar Cafe (চুংদার ক্যাফে) image
Chungdar Cafe (চুংদার ক্যাফে)
Coffee shop
👍 It's Awesome for hill view, I ordered coffee that's tested what's good.
4.60 (40 reviews)
Cafe 28 image
Cafe 28
👍👍 Good Food, Food Price, Good behaviour! Provided by Bangladesh Army.
$ $$$
4.10 (90 reviews)
Re Khyaing image
Re Khyaing
Family restaurant
👍👍 This is a must-see attraction for visitors to Bandarban. You'll find hillside food and a variety of interesting cuisine items here. I was amazed to find this kind of establishment in the heart of Bandarban city. This restaurant's decoration is excellent and well-organized. You may savor your meal i...
$$ $$
3.90 (168 reviews)
হ্লাহ্লা বার্মিজ মার্কেট image
হ্লাহ্লা বার্মিজ মার্কেট
Shopping mall
👍👍 The location of the Burmese Market at Modhyam Para, Bandarban where different types of Burmese products and Marma ethnic attires are found under at reasonable prices. Shopkeepers are so friendly and well behaviour.
3.80 (301 reviews)
Kong Rong Mundi Restaurent image
Kong Rong Mundi Restaurent
👍 The food options are a bit limited but everything on the menu was amazing. The seating arrangement could be better. They have air conditioning which was a life saver in this heat.
$ $$$
4.00 (77 reviews)
Choruivati Restaurant image
Choruivati Restaurant
👍👍 No matter how simple their dishes, I just enjoyed.
3.70 (184 reviews)
Tong Resort - Best eco and natural view resort in Bandarban city image
Tong Resort - Best eco and natural view resort in Bandarban city
👍 It's looking wonderful, Tong Resort will be wonderful for them, who would like to environmental places for doing anything, like lunch, dinner, time pass with friends, gf etc. You can see some beautiful places to here. One more thing that's it's not that types of resort usually we see, it's different...
4.10 (47 reviews)
Tohzah Restaurant image
Tohzah Restaurant
👍👍 Very good restaurant for having Indigenous traditional food.
$ $$$
3.70 (131 reviews)
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