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মৌবন সুইটস এন্ড রেষ্টুরেন্ট image
মৌবন সুইটস এন্ড রেষ্টুরেন্ট
👍👍 Huge restaurant, perhaps largest in Chhalagnaiya with very tasty and good service
$$ $$
4.00 (475 reviews)
বর্ডার বাজার image
বর্ডার বাজার
Flea market
4.10 (312 reviews)
Zero Point, Chhagolnaiya image
Zero Point, Chhagolnaiya
Off roading area
4.40 (250 reviews)
Chhagalnaiya Bazar image
Chhagalnaiya Bazar
4.30 (200 reviews)
Kaiara Dighi image
Kaiara Dighi
Historical place
👍👍 Nice place for a picnic, group or family tour.
4.50 (164 reviews)
Chand Gazi Bhuiyan Jame Mosque image
Chand Gazi Bhuiyan Jame Mosque
Historical landmark
👍👍 A well decorated ancient mosque dated back to at least 200 years. The assumption was made from the walls and the design that was made in those walls. Had to ask a lot of locals for the way. I was lucky enough to have one of my friend’s cousins with me who act as a local guide for me. Graves dated ba...
4.60 (156 reviews)
Chhagalnaiya Upazila auditorium. image
Chhagalnaiya Upazila auditorium.
👍 Average community centre type. It has a huge space by the way.
4.20 (147 reviews)
Bangla Bazar image
Bangla Bazar
👍👍 Bangla Bazar. Previous name is feshkar hut or Pakistan Bazar, One of the Oldest Bazar in Bangladesh. its surrounded by Village Name Haripur.
4.20 (129 reviews)
College Field image
College Field
👍👍 😍
4.20 (108 reviews)
Seven Temples image
Seven Temples
Hindu temple
👍 A lovely place to visit and do Some serious photoshoot. There is one single one in the front which is totally ruined and kind of risky to get in as the ceiling might fall anytime. A three minutes walk from that one will take you to the seven temples which are now a kind of ruins except two Or three...
4.00 (82 reviews)
Bashar City Complex image
Bashar City Complex
Shopping mall
😐 Its on going project at chhagalnaiya upozila. one of the most mordern shopping complex and apartment in upozila. currently this project under construction.
4.10 (57 reviews)
Chhagalnaiya Academy image
Chhagalnaiya Academy
Boarding school
👍👍 Wow my school has changed Soo much, it was a great experience there , I miss my all friends out I live in Italy My name is Lamia uddin , hopefully my teacher's see this post 😃
4.30 (55 reviews)
Nippon Community Centre image
Nippon Community Centre
Community center
👍 Nippon community centre is an as usual average community centre. Looks not so good from outside, the decorations inside are as usual average. But the service and the food was good enough. Much enough space for 100-200 people. Quite a good place to arrange such programme that serve 100 to 200 or 300...
4.10 (53 reviews)
Afia Wahid Complex image
Afia Wahid Complex
Shopping mall
👍👍 Modern & Quality Home Designer
4.00 (42 reviews)
Rezumia Bridge image
Rezumia Bridge
4.50 (39 reviews)
Salam Community Center image
Salam Community Center
Community center
👍👍 All types of home furniture are available here. Office table chairs are also available
4.00 (38 reviews)
Khan Vila image
Khan Vila
🫤 Nice
3.50 (37 reviews)
Laila Community Center image
Laila Community Center
Community center
4.00 (36 reviews)
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