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Daudkandi Upazila Model Masjid image
Daudkandi Upazila Model Masjid
👍 Beautiful modern Islamic architecture with aesthetic design
4.60 (168 reviews)
Daudkandi Bazar image
Daudkandi Bazar
👍 Daudkandi Bazar is one of the oldest & large market in in Bangladesh. Daudkandi is a upozilla of Comilla district. Is is called that the name Daudkandi came from "David Candi". Its more than 100 years old market. Almost every category of shops like groceries, restaurants,banks,furniture shops,fish s...
4.20 (1K reviews)
দাউদকান্দি গোমতী সেতু image
দাউদকান্দি গোমতী সেতু
👍 The bridage on the Gomotie River connect to Dhaka to Chittagong ....It very important bridage
4.20 (871 reviews)
Xpeed Food image
Xpeed Food
Food court
👍 When I traveling Dhaka to cumilla by bike I'm always taking rest in this place. Available for prayer place, washroom and coffee etc.
4.00 (467 reviews)
Zarif Ali Shishu Park image
Zarif Ali Shishu Park
👍👍 Chield park, Need to increase monitoring for cleaning issues.
4.00 (426 reviews)
Daudkandi Toll Plaza image
Daudkandi Toll Plaza
Toll booth
😠 Always there has been huge traffic because of taking toll. There should take necessary steps for this problem. The Bridge authority why don't take actions?? This is a burden sorrow for the eid journey passengers of Dhaka - Chittagong highway. Please take necessary management for solving the problems...
3.90 (674 reviews)
Bangla Kitchen Restaurant image
Bangla Kitchen Restaurant
👍👍 it's really wonderful restaurant
4.00 (148 reviews)
Upazila Parishad Complex, Daudkandi Cumilla image
Upazila Parishad Complex, Daudkandi Cumilla
Government office
😐 A good subdistrict.
4.30 (64 reviews)
M/S Mahbub Enterprises image
M/S Mahbub Enterprises
Building materials store
👍👍 The 1.6 km long Meghna–Gomoti bridges at Dautkandi on the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway will experience an average toll rate rise of 25%, sources with knowledge of the new policy said. Under the new rates, on the Meghna–Gomoti bridges, trailers will be charged Tk1,250, up from the current rate of Tk1,00...
3.70 (2.4K reviews)
Ahammodia Plaza image
Ahammodia Plaza
Shopping mall
👍👍 Nice Bangladesh nice place is too beautifully
3.90 (132 reviews)
Vandari Hotel image
Vandari Hotel
😐 This is the highway road site restaurant. Food and service are best. Price also cheap any other Highway site Restaurant.
$ $$$
3.80 (176 reviews)
BRTC AC Bus Counter | Gulisthan - Daudkandi image
BRTC AC Bus Counter | Gulisthan - Daudkandi
Bus ticket agency
😠 It’s a very bad journey Your so many bus driver picked passenger without ticket Counter
3.70 (319 reviews)
নিরিবিলি রেস্তোরাঁ,দাউদকান্দি image
নিরিবিলি রেস্তোরাঁ,দাউদকান্দি
👍 It’s like a home restaurant and the food quality is good. Need to improved decoration system, overall an average restaurant.
3.90 (89 reviews)
Daudkandi Bus Stand image
Daudkandi Bus Stand
Bus stop
👍 Busy road.
4.10 (54 reviews)
L'Oven Taste Food & Bakers image
L'Oven Taste Food & Bakers
👍 Decorations was good and food quality also. But need to iprove in their serve system.
4.20 (38 reviews)
Talpata Restaurant image
Talpata Restaurant
👍 The restaurant is located inside the Daudkandi market, the restaurant is accessible in a wheelchair, has AC and fan,Here is the review with CCTV camera, has bathroom but no separate bathroom for men and women, food quality is very good,
3.70 (78 reviews)
Molla Community Center image
Molla Community Center
Community center
😐 It's a cosmopolitan city village view all over. Not very nice but interesting. Neither you call it a village or town but mixed of a both. It's one of my dear friend's grand grand parents area. The house built there during 1938... still standing with evidence of history! River, lake,ponds , trees, f...
3.60 (102 reviews)
Papiya Bus Counter image
Papiya Bus Counter
Bus ticket agency
😐 Good place with average facilities.
3.60 (45 reviews)
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