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Hotel Noorjahan image
Hotel Noorjahan
👍 A very happening restaurant catering mostly to highway travellers. It has got adequate space and well-trained staff to efficiently manage the huge rush of customers it faces. The upper floor is air-conditioned. Food quality and quantity is pretty decent and the pricing is apt. It has got adequate pa...
$$ $$
3.50 (23.7K reviews) (~39.3 km from centre)
Jam Jam Hotel and Restaurant image
Jam Jam Hotel and Restaurant
Buzzy hotel with an indoor pool, a hot tub & a gym, plus restaurants, a kids' play area & a mosque.
$$ $$
3.50 (15.7K reviews) (~46.07 km from centre)
Highway Inn image
Highway Inn
👍 Nice place to have food. Well known as best stoppage in Dhaka Chattogram road . Few good transports stopover here . Quite big seating arrangement. 1st floor is AC . There is a ATM booth , two clothing store and a small pan shop available outside. Big Parking available. It's too tough to stay as...
$$ $$
3.90 (13.5K reviews) (~26.7 km from centre)
MIAMI Leisure Spot image
MIAMI Leisure Spot
👍 This was the first time I had visited this highway restaurant. I got this opportuinity as I travelled Miami bus. I really liked the place and the foods. Prices are also reasonable. They are very much conscious about cleaning the washrooms. I visited twice and the washrooms were very cleaned. But th...
$$ $$
4.10 (8.4K reviews) (~49.95 km from centre)
Times Square Hotel and Restaurant image
Times Square Hotel and Restaurant
👍 Don’t know about this place .Our detonation was Khagrachori ,our bus was stopped this place about 20 mins . Quite attractive with variety of food items including cloths .
$$ $$
3.40 (7.6K reviews) (~25.35 km from centre)
Dharmasagar image
Tourist attraction
Artificial lake dating to the 15th century, popular for waterfront walks, fishing & street food.
4.40 (7.2K reviews) (~43.02 km from centre)
Mayami Resort image
Mayami Resort
👍 Clean environment, food tastes good.
$$ $$
3.60 (6.8K reviews) (~47.12 km from centre)
Mayami Resort image
Mayami Resort
Resort hotel
🫤 Food quality was average comparing to excessive higher price, Washrooms were filthy and you might experience a very offensive smell. I recommend everyone to ask the price before ordering. Positive thing is outdoor place is quite large to walk and help to relief the tiredness.
3.70 (6.1K reviews) (~46.35 km from centre)
Shalban Bihar image
Shalban Bihar
Historical landmark
Hillside excavation site with remains of cells, shrines & wells from a 7th-century Buddhist complex.
4.40 (5.7K reviews) (~42.58 km from centre)
Noakhali Super Market image
Noakhali Super Market
Shopping mall
👍 Biggest market of Noakhali. You may find only few brand shops here. Most shops are local. There are variety of small and medium restaurants here. You may find the price little heigher but average quality of foods. Variety of clothings, shoes, kids shops and jewellery shops can be found here. Don't f...
4.30 (5.4K reviews) (~46.79 km from centre)
Biroti Restaurant Community Centre and Conference Hall image
Biroti Restaurant Community Centre and Conference Hall
👍 Biroti Restaurant is one of the best restaurant , there are enough spaces have for parking vehicles. All you can eat here like Coffee,Halal food,Late-night food,Small plates,Vegan options,Vegetarian options, many items of Berger, sweets etc.
$$ $$
3.70 (5.4K reviews) (~49.49 km from centre)
Matri Bhandar image
Matri Bhandar
👍👍 The most femous sweet shop in the Bangladesh. Besides this, they have a very good taste especially their “Roshmalai” which is the most famous. In explanation, they are making their sweets with some unique elements that no one knows, but the sweets are just fantastic. In conclusion, In my opinion, I...
$ $$$
4.50 (5.1K reviews) (~42.53 km from centre)
Iris Hill Highway Hotel and Restaurant image
Iris Hill Highway Hotel and Restaurant
👍 Resting place for vehicles drivers
$$ $$
3.60 (4.9K reviews) (~43.1 km from centre)
Magic paradise park image
Magic paradise park
Amusement park
👍👍 So why are you waiting for…make a plan among your family, friends, office colleagues & enjoy your holidays fully. huge parking facilities so you don’t need to worry about it. We will be happy to delight you in park
4.10 (3.8K reviews) (~42.15 km from centre)
Royal Coach Counter - Cumilla image
Royal Coach Counter - Cumilla
Bus ticket agency
👍 Getting a ticket to get on the bus everything is totally fine and smooth bus staffs are also good overall service is good. But a negative point that I noticed is about the sound of their bus. The sound is terrible:/(only air pod can fix u). This should be solved.
4.10 (3.8K reviews) (~41.11 km from centre)
Chondu Hotel and Restaurant image
Chondu Hotel and Restaurant
👍👍 Reasonable with good food.. You must try potato mash...
$ $$$
4.10 (3.8K reviews) (~39.93 km from centre)
Sattar Khan Complex image
Sattar Khan Complex
Shopping mall
👍👍 One of the oldest shopping complexes in Cumilla. There are computers and mobile markets on the third floor. Restaurant and mosque on the 5th floor. Clothing shops on the first and second floors. There are also compute and mobile repairing Center in this shopping complex. You can go from one floor to...
4.10 (3.7K reviews) (~42.52 km from centre)
Hotel Tajmahal Complex image
Hotel Tajmahal Complex
😐 average food taste. robotic behaviour. they gave me tissue to say four times. After saying twice, they took order for paratha, eggs, pulses, water and tea!!
$$ $$
3.20 (3.6K reviews) (~27.93 km from centre)
Khoiyachara Waterfalls image
Khoiyachara Waterfalls
Tourist attraction
A hiking trail leads to the base of this broad, multilevel waterfall surrounded by verdant slopes.
4.60 (3.6K reviews) (~46.67 km from centre)
Green View Hotel image
Green View Hotel
👍 Very good hotel for Dhaka-Ctg tour break. Washrooms are clean, interior and exterior are good. Tried only tea, found it to be good. Recommended.
$$ $$
3.60 (3.6K reviews) (~27.37 km from centre)
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