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Buriganga River image
Buriganga River
👍 In the distant past, a course of the Ganges river used to reach the Bay of Bengal through the Dhaleshwari river. In the 20th century the water table and river became polluted by polythenes[clarification needed] and other hazardous substances from demolished buildings near the river banks. The cours...
4.10 (603 reviews)
Game Box BD image
Game Box BD
Amusement center
👍 Interesting place. I'm enjoying this place. But if you enter this place then your pocket is blank. Because you're a chill mode at this moment. For every ride the price is shown in these ride's body .
4.40 (444 reviews)
Nur Super Market image
Nur Super Market
4.10 (372 reviews)
Kashful Garden Restaurant image
Kashful Garden Restaurant
👍👍 A beautiful restaurant ata sharighat area Sharighat is a famous tourist attraction place in this area.. This restaurant increase Sarighat beauty.. Food quality very good Decoration also very good Environment also Good Food Price higher Food taste average
3.80 (334 reviews)
Alom Shopping Plaza image
Alom Shopping Plaza
Clothing store
4.20 (312 reviews)
Zinzira city image
Zinzira city
Historical landmark
🫤 Jinjira Palace is a 400-year-old edifice of the Mughal period, located on the banks of the river Buriganga in, the capital of Bangladesh. Jinjira Palace was built in 1689-1697 by the then Subedar Nawab Ibrahim Khan as a recreational building surrounded by water. Although built as a pleasure building...
3.80 (265 reviews)
Sharighat image
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A beautiful Hangouts place with friends & family near Hasnabad Keraniganj area.peaceful natural place. Most beautiful environment create when kashful available here. A beautiful lake available Here. Many kinds of food shop & resturant available here... Wide open space available for bike & car parkin...
4.30 (246 reviews)
Sarighat playground image
Sarighat playground
👍 It was really good for Photography but day by day it’s getting crowded. And shopkeepers, transport drivers and street vendors charge much more then usual. Last year i visited it was great experience but this time it was nowhere match as last time. Still a quick escape from your urban hassle..... No...
4.20 (209 reviews)
Dream Lounge Restaurant image
Dream Lounge Restaurant
👍 Nice restaurant, good food, nice environment. Suitable for Birthday party, anniversary or other functions.
4.10 (175 reviews)
বসুন্ধরা আদ-দীন মেডিকেল কলেজ হাসপাতাল image
বসুন্ধরা আদ-দীন মেডিকেল কলেজ হাসপাতাল
😐 Clean, beautiful view, pharmacy and superstore facility, ambulance. Setting chair is not enough. No air conditioning facility. Medical services are better than other private hospital.
4.10 (159 reviews)
Fantasy Coffee House image
Fantasy Coffee House
Coffee shop
👍 Nice place to enjoy coffee. 🤍
4.20 (137 reviews)
Ambagicha Playground image
Ambagicha Playground
👍👍 Best Play Ground in Ambagicha area..
4.00 (129 reviews)
Al-Madina Sweet and Restaurant image
Al-Madina Sweet and Restaurant
👍 One of the famous hotel of Zinzira bazar. Sweets & others food quality are Very good....👌👌
$$ $$
3.70 (125 reviews)
Keraniganj Upazila Health Complex image
Keraniganj Upazila Health Complex
Government hospital
👍 There is a medicine dispensary/ Pharmacy for patients at the front gate of the complex. Several health facilities are available in this complex. Child care, emergency, Imaging/ X ray are amongst them.
4.10 (106 reviews)
Murad Binodon Park image
Murad Binodon Park
👍👍 Very nice place, environment is very good and peaceful.
3.80 (104 reviews)
Ibn Sina Diagnostic Keraniganj Limited image
Ibn Sina Diagnostic Keraniganj Limited
Diagnostic center
👍 Biggest diagnostic Centre & hospital near kodomtoli keranigonj area. Services quality good Big space available Parking available.. Seating facilities Available....
4.20 (97 reviews)
The Gymnasium LSW image
The Gymnasium LSW
😠 Very poor management. Receptionists have serious behavioural problem - they often treat the customers in a very rude manner. Their cardio equipments - treadmills and cycles remain out of service most of the time. Most importantly - TRAINERS ARE NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. They only help their private custom...
4.30 (93 reviews)
Abdul Hamid Foundation Hospital image
Abdul Hamid Foundation Hospital
👍👍 Amazing hospital and very clean just wow 🥺😌
4.50 (92 reviews)
Sajeda Hospital image
Sajeda Hospital
😠 One of worst hospitals I've ever been to, they almost killed my little sister! if we didn't transfer her to another hospital she would've died! Test reports come out false, can't find a doctor in an emergency also they don't act fast, they couldn't even figure out how serious was my sister's situati...
3.60 (81 reviews)
Sajjad's Fitness Studio image
Sajjad's Fitness Studio
👍👍 Well Nice Behaviour Trainers
4.30 (75 reviews)
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