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Amazon Statue image
Amazon Statue
👍👍 Impressive statue ! One of the best attractions in Cotonou recently. It represents the women soldiers in the ancient Danxomè kingdom (part of Benin republic nowadays). Just before it at the other side of the road, a beautiful garden where you can have amazing photo shoot !
4.60 (986 reviews)
Route des peches image
Route des peches
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Very good to drive or walk along the Atlantic Ocean. Nice beach good restaurants and bars along with European and African food. Whenever you are in Cotonou it's one the interesting area to relax or have fun😍
4.40 (471 reviews)
Café Boson image
Café Boson
Coffee roasters
👍 Very historic site, that portrays the story of brutal slavery that would move you to tears!!! (thank God it's a thing of the past) it has Wi-Fi and just opposite a very lovely Jamaican Bar, you don't want to miss trying. Their food is clean and sweet especially the fish!!! Plus you could always camp...
4.30 (930 reviews)
The Museum of the Zinsou Foundation image
The Museum of the Zinsou Foundation
Modern art museum
👍👍 Amazing museum in the central area of Ouidah. Free to enter and displaying exquisite pieces of Beninese and West African art! You must go if you are ever in Ouidah!
4.30 (431 reviews)
Pythons Temple image
Pythons Temple
Tourist attraction
👍 Very moving and cool.
4.20 (950 reviews)
Pendjari National Park image
Pendjari National Park
National park
Large conservation area featuring safaris among big game animals, including elephants & lions.
4.40 (164 reviews)
Rond Point Hubert C Maga image
Rond Point Hubert C Maga
Tourist attraction
👍 Glazoue
4.20 (393 reviews)
Place GOHO image
Place GOHO
4.10 (982 reviews)
Place du Souvenir, ex Place des Martyrs image
Place du Souvenir, ex Place des Martyrs
Historical landmark
👍 A whole story around the Place du Souvenir, ex Place des Martyrs located in the city of Cotonou, Benin in the Haie vive district. In the early morning of Sunday January 16, 1977, a plane landed unexpectedly at Cotonou airport. The "Operation Shrimp" against Marxist-Leninist President Mathieu Kérék...
4.10 (975 reviews)
W National Park Benin image
W National Park Benin
National park
Landscape of savannah, forests, scrub & rivers, home to antelope, elephants & endangered cheetah.
4.30 (194 reviews)
Sacred Forest image
Sacred Forest
👍👍 The Sacred Forest of Kpasse is a revered natural sanctuary located in the West African nation of Benin. This ancient forest holds deep cultural and spiritual significance for the local communities, serving as a place of worship and preservation of traditional beliefs. Within its lush greenery, you c...
4.20 (250 reviews)
Dantokpa Market image
Dantokpa Market
👍 The biggest market in Cotonou Benin Republic, with arrangement of stocks. You can fine everything - from Food to clothing to Jewelries to spare parts ( Car and Okada) to natural thing both local and international. The cosmetics business there is booming. The Dantokpa Market is carefully situated alo...
4.00 (5.5K reviews)
Chutes de Tanougou image
Chutes de Tanougou
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Beautiful waterfall cascade, clean cold water, fantastic after safari adventure in Pendjari
4.50 (87 reviews)
AgouaLand image
👍👍 A suspect place, an amusement park that makes you want to go back every time. Several species are to be visited. There is also a restaurant, conference room, performance hall ... High security parking for motorbikes and cars. It's a great place to visit and revisit. I recommend
4.20 (185 reviews)
ADDOTOUR229 image
Tourist information center
👍👍 Un Voyage inoubliable au Benin. Des agréables surprises dans le circuit. Le guide était à l'écoute et surtout très bon photographe. J'ai vraiment aimé ce voyage et si c'était à refaire je le referais avec Addotour229
5.00 (40 reviews)
Rivière noire adjarra image
Rivière noire adjarra
Tourist attraction
👍👍 La rivière noire est un espace naturel avec beaucoup de vertu ☘️j'y étais j'ai envie d'aller encore et encore ☘️☘️je vous conseille vivement d'y aller pour en témoigné ☘️ Avec la rivière noire vivez votre weekend naturellement☘️😘
4.80 (45 reviews)
Bulgarian Square Georgi Dimitrov image
Bulgarian Square Georgi Dimitrov
Tourist attraction
👍 Chic
3.90 (707 reviews)
Toffa image
Place of worship
👍👍 King Toffa I (c.1850-1908) was a ruler of the kingdom of Hogbonu, or Ajase, an area of Benin which today is known as Porto-Novo. Upon becoming ruler in 1874, he was renowned for his openness and cooperation with the colonial powers. He encouraged his employees to attend French schools to receive wes...
3.90 (661 reviews)
Kota Falls image
Kota Falls
Tourist attraction
👍👍 After having a good hot coffee, don't forget to visit Kota Falls. Divine Promise regards Kota Falls as a great partner. We can take you there to visit and make you breakfast and lunch on site. It's a setting to discover, it's a paradise
4.30 (85 reviews)
Jardin des Plantes et de la Nature (JPN) image
Jardin des Plantes et de la Nature (JPN)
Botanical garden
😠 Jardin des Plantes is a very terrible place to go. It is very unsafe and dangerous as the safety of visitors are easily compromised
3.90 (461 reviews)
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