Amazon Statue image
Amazon Statue
👍👍 Impressive statue ! One of the best attractions in Cotonou recently. It represents the women soldiers in the ancient Danxomè kingdom (part of Benin republic nowadays). Just before it at the other side of the road, a beautiful garden where you can have amazing photo shoot !
4.60 (1.1K reviews)
Route des peches image
Route des peches
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Very good to drive or walk along the Atlantic Ocean. Nice beach good restaurants and bars along with European and African food. Whenever you are in Cotonou it's one the interesting area to relax or have fun😍
4.40 (477 reviews)
Mosquée Centrale de Cotonou image
Mosquée Centrale de Cotonou
👍👍 I love this place it's very clean
4.30 (49 reviews)
Place du Souvenir, ex Place des Martyrs image
Place du Souvenir, ex Place des Martyrs
Historical landmark
👍 A whole story around the Place du Souvenir, ex Place des Martyrs located in the city of Cotonou, Benin in the Haie vive district. In the early morning of Sunday January 16, 1977, a plane landed unexpectedly at Cotonou airport. The "Operation Shrimp" against Marxist-Leninist President Mathieu Kérék...
4.10 (984 reviews)
Dantokpa Market image
Dantokpa Market
👍 The biggest market in Cotonou Benin Republic, with arrangement of stocks. You can fine everything - from Food to clothing to Jewelries to spare parts ( Car and Okada) to natural thing both local and international. The cosmetics business there is booming. The Dantokpa Market is carefully situated alo...
4.00 (5.6K reviews)
Bulgarian Square Georgi Dimitrov image
Bulgarian Square Georgi Dimitrov
Tourist attraction
👍 Chic
3.90 (718 reviews)
Nature Tropicale ONG image
Nature Tropicale ONG
👍 Amazing place
3.80 (85 reviews)
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