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Discover the best places in Minantinkpon, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 33 places in the village.

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Café Boson image
Café Boson
Coffee roasters
👍 Very historic site, that portrays the story of brutal slavery that would move you to tears!!! (thank God it's a thing of the past) it has Wi-Fi and just opposite a very lovely Jamaican Bar, you don't want to miss trying. Their food is clean and sweet especially the fish!!! Plus you could always camp...
4.30 (930 reviews) (~7.44 km from centre)
The Museum of the Zinsou Foundation image
The Museum of the Zinsou Foundation
Modern art museum
👍👍 Amazing museum in the central area of Ouidah. Free to enter and displaying exquisite pieces of Beninese and West African art! You must go if you are ever in Ouidah!
4.30 (431 reviews) (~3.42 km from centre)
Pythons Temple image
Pythons Temple
Tourist attraction
👍 Very moving and cool.
4.20 (950 reviews) (~3.63 km from centre)
Sacred Forest image
Sacred Forest
👍👍 The Sacred Forest of Kpasse is a revered natural sanctuary located in the West African nation of Benin. This ancient forest holds deep cultural and spiritual significance for the local communities, serving as a place of worship and preservation of traditional beliefs. Within its lush greenery, you c...
4.20 (250 reviews) (~2.88 km from centre)
Miwa City image
Miwa City
👍👍 It was a wonderful place to be for fun. All kinds of drinks are available there. Beers are cold. Good music 🎶!!! I enjoyed being there. The place is well and beautifully decorated. There is a man selling a kind of roasted meat, oh my goodness ! It was greatly delicious. Miwa City is definitely an...
$$ $$
4.10 (191 reviews) (~2.15 km from centre)
Djêgba Hôtel image
Djêgba Hôtel
👍 An awesome place for a quite getaway. The location is very historic and the facility's proximity to the Atlantic beach is a great plus. The rooms are clean and environment, inviting. The downside: - Not all rooms have wardrobes. - Not all rooms have reading tables. - Not all rooms have water heater....
4.00 (306 reviews) (~7.69 km from centre)
Blue Moon bar & grill' image
Blue Moon bar & grill'
Barbecue restaurant
👍👍 Nourriture EXCELLENTE 😍😍🔥 Le service est lent certainement parce que les produits sont frais. La prochaine fois j’appellerai avant.
4.60 (51 reviews) (~2.44 km from centre)
Basilica image
Catholic church
👍👍 L'une des primitives constructions ecclésiastiques du Bénin. La basique de Ouidah datant de plus d'un siècle est la référence catholique en matière d'ancienneté.et côtoie dans palabres le temple de vodoun, un exemple de tolérance religieuse.
4.30 (77 reviews) (~3.55 km from centre)
Arbre du Retour image
Arbre du Retour
Historical place
👍 Where millions of souls returned to find rest and their people
4.20 (84 reviews) (~5.69 km from centre)
Bar les CELEBRITES image
👍 Place of celebrations. A cool and fun place.
4.20 (77 reviews) (~2.52 km from centre)
Les Rives De Toho image
Les Rives De Toho
👍 Location is beautiful Service need improvement Food is average
3.90 (196 reviews) (~9.32 km from centre)
La maison de Brésil (Maison de Mémoire) image
La maison de Brésil (Maison de Mémoire)
👍👍 Interesting
4.10 (86 reviews) (~4.37 km from centre)
Djegba Hotel - beach bungalows and restaurant image
Djegba Hotel - beach bungalows and restaurant
😐 La piscine est propre, seulement les Transat en bois manquent cruellement de confort.. Niveau nourriture nous n'y avons pas manger cette année cependant l'année dernier nous avont eu une assez bonne expérience. . Ne pas hésiter à être précis sur ses goûts, la cuisine fera un effort. .
4.00 (99 reviews) (~7.92 km from centre)
Tourist Information image
Tourist Information
Tourist information center
👍👍 Awesome experiences
4.10 (70 reviews) (~3.82 km from centre)
Résidence MGA maison d'hôtes image
Résidence MGA maison d'hôtes
👍👍 Fantastic ! Magnificent place, warm and professional reception team, peaceful atmosphere, relaxation, but very professional and efficient team
4.50 (36 reviews) (~3.58 km from centre)
Smith image
Cultural center
👍 Le CCR International John Smith est un lieu agréable situé au cœur de la ville touristique du Bénin : Ouidah. Il offre un espace d'échanges et de partage autour des créations culturelles. Sa bibliothèque donne accès au savoir, à l'information, et à l'apprentissage pour tous. Il dispose également d'u...
4.30 (46 reviews) (~4.39 km from centre)
Hôtel Diaspora Bénin (Jardin Brésilien) image
Hôtel Diaspora Bénin (Jardin Brésilien)
Modest rooms & bungalows in a basic hotel offering an outdoor pool, beach access & free breakfast.
3.70 (310 reviews) (~7.38 km from centre)
Regional Institute of Public Health image
Regional Institute of Public Health
4.20 (50 reviews) (~4.72 km from centre)
Espace JOIE - MAXI image
Espace JOIE - MAXI
👍👍 Really comfortable and fun space
$$ $$
3.80 (146 reviews) (~3.16 km from centre)
Paradise Island image
Paradise Island
😐 Interesting
$$ $$
3.80 (134 reviews) (~8.64 km from centre)
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