Ethnography Museum image
Ethnography Museum
National museum
Small ethnography & folklore museum in an 18th-century building featuring an array of artifacts.
4.60 (860 reviews)
Club de Golf image
Club de Golf
Golf club
👍 I was in the city of passage because it was on the way to Cusco (Peru), the small town on the banks of Lake Titicaca, preserving their customs and traditions, there are good trade local products, souvenirs, clothing and an intense movement of tourists. I recommend meeting Copacabana to anyone visit...
4.60 (452 reviews)
Museum of Musical Instruments image
Museum of Musical Instruments
Small museum showcasing a collection of musical instruments from around the world.
4.60 (162 reviews)
Cascada de Hampaturi image
Cascada de Hampaturi
Tourist attraction
😐 You pay 5bs per person to enter, there is a restaurant with food at a good price, it is relatively clean, it is safe for children, but don't neglect it, there is rappelling and zip lining, I imagine only on the weekend. There is an abandoned mine but poor access and lighting
4.60 (105 reviews)
El Choro Trek image
El Choro Trek
Hiking area
👍 El paisaje es muy bonito. la aventura, los rios y cascadas espectaculares! Una travesia sin igual. Se comiensa desde la cumbre para ir bajando en plena nevada hasta llegar poco a poco a la vejetacion en el primer descanzo por el rio se puede pescar!! Lo malo: te cobran por el suelo de la carpa en do...
4.60 (73 reviews)
Galería Altamira image
Galería Altamira
Art gallery
👍👍 Las exposiciones son muy interesantes , en muchos casos son temáticas como la ultima dedicada a las montañas o las de gallos o toros. Pero priman las presentaciones por autor que estan espectaculares también. Vala la pena visitar esta galeria, puedes encontrar muchas hermosas obras de arte de pintor...
4.60 (60 reviews)
Cascadas de Hampaturi image
Cascadas de Hampaturi
Tourist attraction
👍 Because of the landscape and the wonderful view I give it 4 stars, a fascinating place to spend moments with the family or simply relax as you breathe peace!!!! You really get close to the waterfalls and you can feel a unique tranquility... in my opinion.
4.60 (44 reviews)
National Art Museum image
National Art Museum
👍 I went early in the morning, and I was the only one there :) many beautiful pieces. Used google lens to translate captions. Would be nice if they offered audio guide.
4.50 (528 reviews)
Maria Auxiliadora Church image
Maria Auxiliadora Church
Catholic church
👍👍 I went since I was a child, since I moved from the area a long time ago, I remembered many people who have already died and I saw that many are still alive. It was like coming home and seeing relatives after a long time, it is very beautiful and full of peace.
4.50 (287 reviews)
Iglesia de El Montículo image
Iglesia de El Montículo
👍 Architecturally it is imposing and beautiful; The façade is in good condition and has been preserved over time; I didn't find it open so I don't know if it is working normally. It is located side by side with the El Montófilo viewpoint giving it an additional plus.
4.50 (218 reviews)
Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace image
Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace
Catholic cathedral
Large cathedral featuring a soaring dome, neoclassical ornamentation & an Italian marble altar.
4.50 (212 reviews)
La Calle de Los Paraguas L.A.M image
La Calle de Los Paraguas L.A.M
Tourist attraction
👍 Muy buena iniciativa al poner las paraguas, lo único que le quita puntos sería que es un lugar muy concurrido por mucha gente y algo de caos...
4.50 (59 reviews)
Mirador Killi Killi image
Mirador Killi Killi
Vista point
Well-known hilltop destination featuring dramatic panoramic views of the city, plus scenic gardens.
4.40 (4K reviews)
Basilica of Saint Francis image
Basilica of Saint Francis
Catholic church
Monumental 18th-century church featuring ornate carvings, panoramic rooftop views & guided tours.
4.40 (3.1K reviews)
Montículo image
Small, shaded park around a Neptune fountain, with views of the city & surrounding mountains.
4.40 (1.6K reviews)
Auquisamaña image
Nature preserve
👍👍 Great place to watch the city and enjoy nature. You can take beautiful pictures here.
4.40 (493 reviews)
Valle De Las Animas image
Valle De Las Animas
Observation deck
Dramatic canyon where towering rocks are said to look & sound like spirits wailing in the wind.
4.40 (424 reviews)
Mamani Mamani Gallery image
Mamani Mamani Gallery
👍👍 The best attention and cordially treatment ever and beautiful art
4.40 (188 reviews)
Casa de Murillo image
Casa de Murillo
👍👍 Very nice museum in the huge city of La Paz, you will find the great cultural heritage of Bolivia. The museum is very well preserved, it is in a very beautiful colonial style, it has a patio with a beautiful cistern and formidable tile roofs, but you can notice the presence of the great Spanish conq...
4.40 (105 reviews)
Mirador Tupac Katari image
Mirador Tupac Katari
Observation deck
👍👍 A small viewpoint that offers a bigger and better view than other larger ones
4.40 (47 reviews)
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