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Roots Coffee Rurrenabaque image
Roots Coffee Rurrenabaque
Coffee shop
👍👍 Café de especialidad en Rurrenabaque. Para los amantes del buen café, un lugar ideal. El anfitrión con mucha paciencia presentará el menú. Aunque no está en el menú recomiendo pedir un Orange coffe ideal para un día caluroso.
4.80 (120 reviews)
Plaza Principal 2 De Febrero image
Plaza Principal 2 De Febrero
👍 Lugar acogedor, se encuentra en rurenabaque la perla turística del Beni.
4.40 (384 reviews)
Juliano's Restaurant image
Juliano's Restaurant
👍👍 Amazing food, hard to beleive you can find such great food in a small town like this.
$$ $$
4.50 (231 reviews)
Luz de Mar image
Luz de Mar
European restaurant
😐 Very (!) slow service, place was almost empty and we still waited for 50 minutes just to have drinks; Food was fine but not worth the time waiting; Mojitos weren't to our tastes either; The location would be nice if the street wasn't that loud On the plus side: many creative vegetarian and vegan opt...
$ $$$
4.40 (330 reviews)
Panaderia Paris / French Bakery image
Panaderia Paris / French Bakery
👍 Great. It’s is really amazing how they manage to do good pastries in such remote area and with this old school material and gears . It’s not as great as in France , but good quality . And they seems to care about customers !
4.60 (151 reviews)
Maya de la Amazonia Hotel Boutique image
Maya de la Amazonia Hotel Boutique
Colorful rooms in a laid-back riverside hotel featuring an outdoor pool & a thatched-roof gazebo.
4.30 (205 reviews)
La Bella Italia image
La Bella Italia
Pizza restaurant
Casual restaurant serving Italian pasta, pizza & grill dishes, with a special children's menu.
$ $$$
4.50 (113 reviews)
Carlos Swimming Pool image
Carlos Swimming Pool
Swimming pool
👍👍 Nice view , food and service
4.40 (136 reviews)
Plaza Principal De Rurrenabaque image
Plaza Principal De Rurrenabaque
👍 Tiene lindos árboles en los jardines de la plaza, también hay representaciones de lugares turísticos y se encuentra el trapiche con el que se saca el jugo a la caña...
4.40 (134 reviews)
Luna Lounge image
Luna Lounge
😠 When I arrived and ordered 4 pizzas to go, they told me 20-30 minutes. The pizza came out 1 hour and 5 minutes later while I had a very hungry family of 9 waiting at the hotel. Once we were finally able to eat, the pizza was mediocre at best.
4.20 (239 reviews)
La Cabaña image
La Cabaña
👍👍 Great food, freshly made, clean... and nice views. The Pescado sudado - muy rico!
$$ $$
4.10 (351 reviews)
Hotel Oriental image
Hotel Oriental
👍👍 Best hostel in town and one of the cheapest compared to the other ones. The others are more famous but not really good. That hostel is clean, has a great shower, a nice garden with hammocks and good wifi. The breakfast is good as well.
4.40 (88 reviews)
Hostal Beni image
Hostal Beni
😠 !!! Warning / Cuidado !!! I got bitten by two of their dogs !!! They have aggressive dogs (about 5 white and one brown one). Do not go into this hotel. The dogs do not look aggressive but they barked often at us. Yesterday, when we were packing our camper to leave, one white on was barking for one s...
4.00 (278 reviews)
Hotel Takana image
Hotel Takana
4.00 (264 reviews)
Lobo Hostel Rurrenabaque image
Lobo Hostel Rurrenabaque
🫤 The hostel is nice, with a river view and great pool and 5 min from main street. We booked through a room with a balcony and when we arrived they gave us a cheaper room. After explaining the situation they gave us the correct room however wanted more money for it then advertised on booki...
4.00 (155 reviews)
La Isla de Los Tucanes image
La Isla de Los Tucanes
Thatched-roof bungalows in a down-to-earth resort offering a restaurant, a bar & outdoor pools.
4.20 (78 reviews)
The Jungle Bar & Restaurant image
The Jungle Bar & Restaurant
👍 Lindo lugar, mantiene una decoracion amazonica muy acogedora. Gran variedad de bebidas y tienen una buena opcion de comidas tambien. Perfecto lugar para pasar una buena noche con amigos.
4.20 (71 reviews)
Pahuichi hostel image
Pahuichi hostel
👍👍 Watch out for extras such as Air Conditioning.. Yes Im not joking 200b per night. Very noisy room.
4.10 (86 reviews)
😠 AVOID. HAZARDOUS BUILDING AND STAFF WILL SCAM YOU. This has to be the worst hotel experience I’ve had. On the second day of my three-day stay, I went out the whole day, from 8 am to 7:30 pm. When I got back, I found the bathroom window fell off. I called the manager up immediately and he took the br...
4.20 (67 reviews)
Casa de Campo image
Casa de Campo
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 Fantastic little hotel run by a heartwarming senorita. Rooms decorated nicely. Exotic plants to see all over the garden and terrace. You have a great view from the restaurant to the nearby river. The food is extraordinary tasty. Adela is a wonderful chef. You can really feel her passion for good foo...
4.60 (37 reviews)
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