Airport Junction Shopping Centre image
Airport Junction Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
👍👍 Well laid out one stop shopping destination. Wide range of shopping needs under one roof. Popular restaurants and kids play area effectively located. Basement parking facility is added Benefit. Ample lifts and escalators provided from access in and out from basement parking. Almost all the branded...
4.30 (3.8K reviews)
The Duck Café image
The Duck Café
👍👍 Perfectly nice little cafe right next to the airport. Decent food and has good wifi, even when the place was packed. Can't complain.
4.60 (153 reviews)
The Fields Shopping Centre image
The Fields Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
👍👍 Simply wow. The best mall I have visited in Gaborone. One should definitely visit this mall.
4.30 (630 reviews)
Game City Shopping Mall image
Game City Shopping Mall
Shopping mall
👍👍 The new developments and shops make for a great shopping experience, with really good options. Most high end shops, clothing, phamacy, liqour, 3 restaurants
4.20 (4.2K reviews)
Woolworths image
Gourmet grocery store
😐 Sorry Woolworths, but you're no longer a "gourmet food store". The government ban on imported vegetables, fruit, fresh meat, cured meat, poultry and dairy products has all but destroyed this business and what's left on the shelves seems overpriced. A visit to an inspiring, abundant gourmet food bran...
4.30 (452 reviews)
Food Lovers Market image
Food Lovers Market
👍 One stop shop for most shopping needs. Clean and well-maintained. Fresh fruits and vegetables. With special products that are not found in many places. Pricing is generally moderate to high. Open till late making it great for late night shopping.
4.20 (1.9K reviews)
Woolworths Sebele image
Woolworths Sebele
Grocery store
👍👍 Nice and decent place for shopping. You might see this as a costly place for shopping but is worth it. They have gift cards so if want to give a gift to someone you can give these gift cards instead of spending your time figuring out what to buy.
4.20 (753 reviews)
Pick N Pay Hillside Centre image
Pick N Pay Hillside Centre
Grocery store
4.20 (749 reviews)
Broadhurst Tyre image
Broadhurst Tyre
4.40 (204 reviews)
Woolworths Food Mowana Park image
Woolworths Food Mowana Park
Grocery store
😐 Not a great place to shop for my needs I'm afraid. Perhaps government legislation makes it more difficult to supply some products? Very few customers In the food sections of at least 3 of your stores.
4.30 (283 reviews)
Checkers Airport Junction Centre image
Checkers Airport Junction Centre
Veteran supermarket chain with brand-name & house-label groceries, a bakery & a deli.
4.20 (525 reviews)
Riverwalk Mall image
Riverwalk Mall
Shopping mall
👍👍 The shops were filled with merchandise. The people were helpful and gracious. The prices were reasonable. The place as a whole was well kept. It was a pleasant shopping experience.
4.10 (4K reviews)
Galo Mall image
Galo Mall
Shopping mall
👍 The mall has expanded and looks massive. Vey clean and well organised. Closer attention need to be given to the toilet to ensure there is a toilet tissue for customers given that there is a fee to use them. Parking can be a nightmare, entrance points and exit points need to be monitored or improved...
4.10 (1.9K reviews)
Mr.Veg image
👍👍 Freshness guaranteed, good pricing
4.20 (410 reviews)
Game Gaborone image
Game Gaborone
Department store
👍👍 Here is another great shop to visit when doing your shopping in Gaborone. They carry a wide range of products, from Appliances and Televisions, to Sport equipment, tools, generators, coolers and outdoor equipment, food, drinks, Liquor and housewares. A really convenient, one stop shop for Moms and D...
4.10 (1.3K reviews)
Builders Warehouse Gaborone image
Builders Warehouse Gaborone
Hardware store
👍 For all your building, DIY, hobbying and patch-work. These guys seem to have EVERYTHING! Their prices are quite attractive too. Of course they are a business and from time to time they'll drive a hard bargain, but all in all a great shop. Love the friendliness of the staff and their informativeness.
4.10 (1.2K reviews)
SUPERSPAR Village SPAR (Gabs Village) image
SUPERSPAR Village SPAR (Gabs Village)
👍 Hygienic, Quality products, never disappointed with the service. Over all quality Management.
$ $$$
4.10 (1.1K reviews)
Sarona City Mall image
Sarona City Mall
Shopping mall
👍 A nice size recently completed mall. At the time of my visit shops such as Click, KFC, Pick and Pay, Mobile Zone just to name a few were part of mall.
4.20 (357 reviews)
Acacia Mall image
Acacia Mall
Shopping mall
👍 Beautiful, well stocked Spar. Shopping for groceries made pleasant!
4.10 (1K reviews)
Toys R Us Airport Junction Shopping Centre image
Toys R Us Airport Junction Shopping Centre
Toy store
Chain retailer providing an assortment of brand-name children's toys, games, electronics & gear.
4.30 (209 reviews)
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