Cresta Maun Hotel image
Cresta Maun Hotel
🫀 The rooms are OK but they must not be on top of spraying insecticide since there are always creepy crawlies in the bathroom.The room electricity is on and off due to a faulty room card reader sensor. Not very central,good spot to stay for a night and that is it.The breakfast buffet is so-so. The se...
4.00 (404 reviews) (~3.12 km from centre)
Crocodile Camp Safari & Spa image
Crocodile Camp Safari & Spa
Indoor lodging
πŸ‘ Crocodile Camp is a nature resort situated along the famous Thamalakane River in Maun. The resort carries a holistic aura to it, offering a spa, swimming pool, sunset gazing and serene nature views. In addition to the latter, the resort offers accomodation, camping and bar/restaurant. The staff is c...
4.10 (374 reviews) (~2.5 km from centre)
Sedia Riverside Hotel image
Sedia Riverside Hotel
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Great spot that I’d definitely stay at again. Full wifi in rooms, beautiful grounds, large pool, good food, nice rooms.
4.00 (362 reviews) (~6.75 km from centre)
Marc's Eatery image
Marc's Eatery
πŸ‘ Great little place, interesting decor and very popular. Be sure to book in advance for a reservation as they are very busy
$$ $$
4.50 (259 reviews) (~9.51 km from centre)
Island Safari Lodge image
Island Safari Lodge
Relaxed rooms & chalets, a restaurant & nature trails in a serene lodge on a 120-hectare reserve.
3.80 (233 reviews) (~2.31 km from centre)
Thamalakane River Lodge image
Thamalakane River Lodge
Indoor lodging
Relaxed, stone-built quarters featuring verandas with river views, plus an open-air restaurant.
4.30 (232 reviews) (~4.34 km from centre)
Audi Camp Safaris image
Audi Camp Safaris
πŸ‘ Camp, facilities and staff were great. The roosters started crowing at 12 though and the donkeys started braying at 1. If you like farm life this one is for you
4.20 (115 reviews) (~2.95 km from centre)
The Life Center image
The Life Center
Community center
πŸ‘ Nice, well equipped gym room and clean bathrooms. The auditorium is also very spacious and spacious..
4.10 (109 reviews) (~7.9 km from centre)
Adansonia Hotel image
Adansonia Hotel
3.40 (103 reviews) (~6.59 km from centre)
The Old Bridge Backpackers and Safaris image
The Old Bridge Backpackers and Safaris
😠 We stayed here many times, many years and for the first time I want to share: The campsites are fine, the food is great, the showers give an ok amount of water, the kitchen for guests is very very dirty, the music can be loud and late in weekends, the staff around the bar and reception are amazing,...
3.70 (103 reviews) (~5.29 km from centre)
Thamalakane River image
Thamalakane River
πŸ‘ Botswana s perennial river with boat cruise and wild life. Great place to visit.
4.20 (97 reviews) (~8.69 km from centre)
Alfa Accommodation image
Alfa Accommodation
3.10 (88 reviews) (~8.82 km from centre)
Queness Inn image
Queness Inn
Bed & breakfast
πŸ‘ Clean rooms, comfortable beds and very very friendly and efficient staff.
4.00 (80 reviews) (~8.96 km from centre)
Okavango Craft Brewery image
Okavango Craft Brewery
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Stunningly crafted beer with a socially and environmentally conscious soul. I couldn’t recommend the Okavango Craft Brewery enough. Whether you’re touring the area and in need of visiting a local gem or simply in the mood for a bite of hearty food followed by a good glug of cold beer, the brewpub is...
4.40 (76 reviews) (~5.72 km from centre)
Discovery Bed and Breakfast image
Discovery Bed and Breakfast
Bed & breakfast
πŸ‘πŸ‘ This place has a relaxed atmosphere and is well run. The owners Marije and Rene are responsive and very helpful. The staff are friendly. I stayed a night just before Easter and there was some late night music somewhere in the vicinity. The rooms are close together but comfortable and had everything...
4.60 (75 reviews) (~0.51 km from centre)
Rivernest Boutique Cottages image
Rivernest Boutique Cottages
😐 The stuff is the best but matriarch is clueless about how to run the business. She has to listen to sugestions .
3.50 (74 reviews) (~5.65 km from centre)
Kamanga Lodge & Hotel image
Kamanga Lodge & Hotel
3.50 (62 reviews) (~6.34 km from centre)
Crocodile Camp Safari & Spa image
Crocodile Camp Safari & Spa
πŸ‘ Camping for a week. There are 10 campsites each with very nice private ablutions offering hot shower and shaded sitting space with hot and cold water basins. The ablutions are missing a screen at the entrance so neighbours can't see in but once inside the shower and bathroom, there is privacy. Camps...
4.10 (57 reviews) (~2.48 km from centre)
Afro-Trek image
Tourist attraction
😐 Calm reserved.. camping for budget travellers
4.10 (57 reviews) (~6.8 km from centre)
Staymorr Boutique Guest House image
Staymorr Boutique Guest House
Guest house
πŸ‘ Best swimming pool and private
4.40 (57 reviews) (~9.26 km from centre)
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