Stay Well Hotels image
Stay Well Hotels
Cosy hotel offering warmly decorated rooms & free breakfast, plus a restaurant with a bar.
4.20 (390 reviews) (~9.48 km from centre)
Turnrite image
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ The Spar supermarket is definitely the highlight of this shopping complex . It also has fast food outlets, fuel station, hair salon, pharmacy.and stores that sell cheap and affordable Chinese clothes and furniture. These are also undeniably very popular.
4.00 (412 reviews) (~9.99 km from centre)
KFC Mogoditshane image
KFC Mogoditshane
Fast food restaurant
Restaurant chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus combo meals & sides.
3.80 (315 reviews) (~8.38 km from centre)
Nicopolis Self Catering image
Nicopolis Self Catering
4.20 (63 reviews) (~9.34 km from centre)
Cafe Capadona image
Cafe Capadona
Fast food restaurant
4.10 (66 reviews) (~9.96 km from centre)
Millenium Jazz Restuarant image
Millenium Jazz Restuarant
πŸ‘ I have been a die hard jazz lover since I was a child, therefore I appreciate Millennium Jazz more than I can articulate. It is easily accessible and has a lot of security guards in the parking area. When getting to and from the location, try and avoid the road from the Kgotla junction, the area is...
$$ $$
3.80 (177 reviews) (~9.95 km from centre)
Chicken Licken Gabane image
Chicken Licken Gabane
4.00 (79 reviews) (~9.95 km from centre)
Choppies - Bodiba Mall image
Choppies - Bodiba Mall
3.80 (159 reviews) (~7.74 km from centre)
Chicken Licken - Mogoditshane image
Chicken Licken - Mogoditshane
Chicken restaurant
😠 A salt pan, in the heart of mogoditshane. The Service is absolutely the worst experience. The Staff like to grab cash from customer's hands. The Best Place to find service bullies & champions.
$$ $$
3.70 (212 reviews) (~9.17 km from centre)
Debonairs Pizza image
Debonairs Pizza
Pizza restaurant
3.70 (162 reviews) (~9.98 km from centre)
Sefalana Hyper Mogoditshane image
Sefalana Hyper Mogoditshane
Shopping mall
3.90 (65 reviews) (~9.02 km from centre)
City View Guest House image
City View Guest House
Guest house
πŸ‘ Nice place, easily accessible, lack of variety in TV Chanel's, clean, not easy to park when you find other cars having been parked (i.e unfunctional parking). Receptionist need to spend more time at the reception.. They are too casual about their responsibilities.. Overall I would say it's a nice...
3.70 (115 reviews) (~9.41 km from centre)
oliender pty ltd image
oliender pty ltd
Shopping mall
3.70 (109 reviews) (~9.08 km from centre)
Cheshire Foundation, Mogoditshane image
Cheshire Foundation, Mogoditshane
Non-profit organization
4.00 (46 reviews) (~8.68 km from centre)
Bodiba Mall image
Bodiba Mall
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ Been here around 3 times. You could call it small and crowded (the parking), but for some reason I like it. Maybe it's the atmosphere. Maybe the crowdedness is not overwhelming. The mall basically has everything one could need in Mogoditshane. - your supermarket Choppies store, a liquor outlet, salo...
3.50 (577 reviews) (~7.73 km from centre)
Batho-Pele Lodge image
Batho-Pele Lodge
😐 Good spacious rooms but No fridge or microwave
3.70 (80 reviews) (~9.49 km from centre)
Camels Inn Lodge image
Camels Inn Lodge
3.60 (108 reviews) (~6.13 km from centre)
El Service Tech cafe image
El Service Tech cafe
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Very friendly staff keep it up
3.80 (52 reviews) (~9.21 km from centre)
SSKB Camp image
Military base
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I had a great and very unique experience here at the zoo when I booked and visited with my family. The army officer who showed us around was friendly and professional and I think we got an experience that was not to be found in many other places. Got to pet the cubs and had a lion nibble on my han...
3.80 (51 reviews) (~8.05 km from centre)
Hungry Lion Mogoditshane image
Hungry Lion Mogoditshane
Chicken restaurant
😠 THIS PLACE IS THE WORST PLACE ever, the food taste like they were cooked with some hair grease. ooh greasy lion. The only ok thing is the ice cream. i hope they stopped selling leftovers on their usual street foot patrol in and around mogoditshane. anyway, I wonder if selling on the street is on the...
3.70 (67 reviews) (~9.23 km from centre)
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