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Nata Lodge image
Nata Lodge
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Always great to be at Nata Lodge. Beautiful chalets, nice environment, great service, delicious food. Meeting people from all over the world. Every trip to Birds Sanctuary is different - every time guides show you something new. Amazing place. Thank you very much guys. Keep well, wishing you lots of...
4.20 (587 reviews) (~9.24 km from centre)
Planet Baobab image
Planet Baobab
Serene retreat offering quirky rooms in thatched huts, plus a funky eatery/bar & an outdoor pool.
4.00 (241 reviews) (~91.32 km from centre)
Choppies image
Shopping mall
😐 excellent customer service
3.50 (180 reviews) (~1.72 km from centre)
Pelican Lodge and Camping image
Pelican Lodge and Camping
Low-key accommodations in a straightforward property offering casual dining & an outdoor pool.
3.50 (173 reviews) (~5.59 km from centre)
Bel Rea Guest House Nata image
Bel Rea Guest House Nata
3.70 (156 reviews) (~1.67 km from centre)
choppies image
Grocery store
🫀 A lady working at parcels counter refused to take my bag, she told me that school kids and those attending brigade leave their bags near the entrance. I may look young but my schooling days are behind meπŸ˜’.
3.20 (134 reviews) (~94.84 km from centre)
Suapan Filling Station(Shell Nata) image
Suapan Filling Station(Shell Nata)
Gas station
$$ $$
3.70 (119 reviews) (~0.05 km from centre)
Eselbe Camp Backpackers image
Eselbe Camp Backpackers
πŸ‘πŸ‘ My 4-night stay at Eselbe Camp Backpackers was absolutely perfect! Rupert, the owner, is incredibly friendly and made me feel right at home. The camp's location by the river was so relaxing, I loved the laid-back vibe, indulging in mud baths by the river, and the peaceful walks along the river. The...
4.60 (114 reviews) (~2.15 km from centre)
Nata River image
Nata River
3.90 (82 reviews) (~24.21 km from centre)
Engen Filling Station, Nata image
Engen Filling Station, Nata
Gas station
😐 There is diesel,petrol and paraffin at this fuel point and the workers helps with utmost welcoming approach.
4.00 (53 reviews) (~0.24 km from centre)
Makadikadi Basin image
Makadikadi Basin
Salt flat
Overnight tours are available of this unique landform, one of the largest salt flats in the world.
4.30 (49 reviews) (~97.87 km from centre)
Sua Pan image
Sua Pan
Seasonal lake
4.50 (41 reviews) (~63.23 km from centre)
Gomwe Guest House image
Gomwe Guest House
πŸ‘ Safe
3.60 (41 reviews) (~0.05 km from centre)
Caltex Filling Station image
Caltex Filling Station
Gas station
3.60 (40 reviews) (~0.06 km from centre)
Maya bnb image
Maya bnb
Guest house
😐 near main road.noisy.a lot of moscitos.
3.10 (38 reviews) (~0.53 km from centre)
Bodiba Lodge image
Bodiba Lodge
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Needed a place to sit and work and Bodiba was the best choice. Staff was friendly and welcoming. The place is quiet and cool. I was able to focus and get work done. I look forward to visiting for leisure. Loved it.
3.60 (38 reviews) (~94.45 km from centre)
Nata Bird Sanctuary image
Nata Bird Sanctuary
National reserve
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Amazing views of the salt pan, unlike any other landscapes. Saw wildebeest, ostriches, jackals, flamingoes and many birds. Didn't get to see the sunset, but the cloud formations were awesome. Well worth the visit!!!
4.60 (37 reviews) (~15.89 km from centre)
The Palm Grove image
The Palm Grove
African restaurant
πŸ‘ Better than it looks. I almost decided to move on when I saw the shabby place, but walked in and they showed me what's on offer (bain-marie style). It actually looked OK. I asked to try a mix of their beef stew and chicken stew, rice, veggies and slaw. Good, clean, healthy, honest tasty food.
3.70 (34 reviews) (~0.19 km from centre)
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