Woolworths Food Mowana Park image
Woolworths Food Mowana Park
Grocery store
😐 Not a great place to shop for my needs I'm afraid. Perhaps government legislation makes it more difficult to supply some products? Very few customers In the food sections of at least 3 of your stores.
4.30 (283 reviews) (~6.45 km from centre)
Acacia Mall image
Acacia Mall
Shopping mall
👍 Beautiful, well stocked Spar. Shopping for groceries made pleasant!
4.10 (1K reviews) (~5.61 km from centre)
SUPERSPAR Acacia image
👍👍 Best grocery store in Phakalane. Reliable, especially for the meat section. Always well stocked on the treys and refrigerators and always ready to serve with the butchers. Everything for you braai, including garlic bread, bone marrow and excellent meat.
4.20 (321 reviews) (~5.5 km from centre)
Mowana Park Mall image
Mowana Park Mall
Shopping mall
👍👍 All basic shopping needs in one place and entertainment
4.00 (1K reviews) (~6.45 km from centre)
Phakalane Convenience Centre image
Phakalane Convenience Centre
Shopping mall
3.70 (110 reviews) (~6.36 km from centre)
Choppies Phakalane image
Choppies Phakalane
Grocery store
3.60 (192 reviews) (~6.49 km from centre)
Oodi Mall image
Oodi Mall
Shopping mall
👍👍 A beautiful mall at the Village
3.70 (76 reviews) (~1.82 km from centre)
Oodi Weavers image
Oodi Weavers
Stores and shopping
3.50 (37 reviews) (~0.59 km from centre)
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