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Mokolodi Nature Reserve image
Mokolodi Nature Reserve
Non-profit organization
Vast nature reserve with rhinos & giraffes offering safaris, accommodation & events.
4.20 (1K reviews) (~28.33 km from centre)
Mokolodi Restaurant image
Mokolodi Restaurant
πŸ‘ Great service, very attentive staff. Pono I think was our waitress,very friendly. The young manager came to check if all was okay I didn’t quite catch his name. Though parking was a bit scarce I enjoyed my time out. This was the forth time dining there and I’d do it again while watching wild animals...
$$ $$
4.40 (339 reviews) (~28.32 km from centre)
Choppies Gabane Village image
Choppies Gabane Village
Shopping mall
😐 Problem with the packing, had to spend a good five minutes looking for the parking. Something must be done.
3.40 (176 reviews) (~24.84 km from centre)
Shoprite Mini Moshupa image
Shoprite Mini Moshupa
Grocery store
Supermarket chain with brand-name & house-label groceries, plus a bakery & a deli.
$$ $$
4.00 (154 reviews) (~17.87 km from centre)
Mokolodi Backpackers (Gaborone - Botswana) image
Mokolodi Backpackers (Gaborone - Botswana)
Self-catering accommodation
πŸ‘πŸ‘ A beautiful paradise 10 km outside Gaborone, I spent 4 nights in a 4 bedded dorm chalet and my experience was incredibly amazing.The staff were not only friendly and helpful but made me feel at home. Their beds were comfortable, the kitchen and rest rooms are always kept clean.The owner offered me a...
4.50 (127 reviews) (~29.58 km from centre)
Choppies Superstore image
Choppies Superstore
3.60 (88 reviews) (~17.37 km from centre)
Choppies - Thamaga image
Choppies - Thamaga
Grocery store
In-store shopping
3.70 (78 reviews) (~0.54 km from centre)
Moritshane Estate image
Moritshane Estate
πŸ‘ If you are looking to experience nature this is the place to be at, breathtaking views, I hate the city so it's nice being able to see it from a distance.
4.60 (69 reviews) (~23.79 km from centre)
The Kleynhans Home image
The Kleynhans Home
Bed & breakfast
πŸ‘πŸ‘ This is an absolutely amazing place to get a quick getaway from the city. Its so close yet it really feels like you've left it all behind. Linda's level of hospitality is world class. She makes every effort to ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable, and manages to do so while giving you your...
4.70 (68 reviews) (~29.64 km from centre)
Mountain Valley Bar & Restaurant image
Mountain Valley Bar & Restaurant
Bar & grill
πŸ‘πŸ‘ The food was amazing and the beers were ice cold. The waitress was speedy and well trained. The whole place was spotless and the music wasn't annoyingly loud. πŸ‘ŒKeep it up
$ $$$
3.90 (68 reviews) (~24 km from centre)
Choppies image
Grocery store
3.50 (65 reviews) (~29.89 km from centre)
Lemepe Lodge image
Lemepe Lodge
3.50 (59 reviews) (~29.74 km from centre)
Goi's Grill image
Goi's Grill
πŸ‘πŸ‘ A very chilled liquor restaurant in the peripheries of Gaborone City, if you are around the city and you want a place to chill at away from the city buzz, Goi's is the right place to be with a breeze from a nearby natural well by the side.
$$ $$
4.10 (57 reviews) (~16.19 km from centre)
Mak Hardware image
Mak Hardware
Building materials store
In-store shopping Β· In-store pick-up Β· Delivery
3.70 (53 reviews) (~0.45 km from centre)
Grand Bay Botanical Gardens image
Grand Bay Botanical Gardens
Botanical garden
πŸ‘ If you want some quiet time out of the busy city and you just want to define your chill with no one bothering you then this is the right place to go. Everything is on point.
4.20 (47 reviews) (~18.81 km from centre)
PUMA Thamaga image
PUMA Thamaga
Gas station
Diesel fuel
3.60 (42 reviews) (~0.45 km from centre)
Bahumi image
3.30 (39 reviews) (~29.96 km from centre)
Heroes Park image
Heroes Park
😐 Relaxed environment but gets really packed over holidays. Has a fast food restaurant and butcher attached to it which makes satisfying cravings easy.
3.60 (38 reviews) (~2.36 km from centre)
Old Cottage Guest House image
Old Cottage Guest House
πŸ‘πŸ‘ The place is superb,clean and the perfect place to be whenever u need a home far from your home
4.10 (38 reviews) (~24.77 km from centre)
Gabane Pottery image
Gabane Pottery
Tourist attraction
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I first noticed Martin’s beautiful work in Botswana Craft, however, I decided to make the drive to Gabane Pottery instead, to purchase directly from him. I’m so glad I did! It was a little of an adventure to get there, but so worth it! Not only will you save money by shopping directly from him, but...
4.30 (35 reviews) (~24.17 km from centre)
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