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choppies image
Grocery store
🫀 A lady working at parcels counter refused to take my bag, she told me that school kids and those attending brigade leave their bags near the entrance. I may look young but my schooling days are behind meπŸ˜’.
3.20 (134 reviews) (~38.11 km from centre)
Choppies Superstore Masunga image
Choppies Superstore Masunga
πŸ‘ A grocery store serving Masunga and surrounding areas.. It has fresh produce and all items found in a grocery store. But as typical of a Choppies store, you are bound to wait for a while in the queue in most times of the month. It does not have a large parking space so that is another issue one migh...
3.30 (95 reviews) (~6.8 km from centre)
Hardware Inn (Sebina) Jezen Investment. image
Hardware Inn (Sebina) Jezen Investment.
Hardware store
πŸ‘ it was like i was not in a store owned by people that don't come from Botswana, they are very helpful and they speak the native language, just so they can communicate with customers. big ups to the owners and super friendly staff
4.40 (43 reviews) (~31.31 km from centre)
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