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Mr Zoo - Centro Médico Veterinário 24h image
Mr Zoo - Centro Médico Veterinário 24h
Animal hospital
😠 Estou muito chateada com minha experiência na Clínica. Meu cão teve uma doença rara, de difícil tratamento e não tiveram nem um pouco de empatia ao lidar com os familiares. Nós não estávamos esperando que “curassem” o cão, pq muita vezes não é possível, porém que tivessem mais atenção, cuidado, prin...
4.70 (517 reviews)
Medvet Veterinary Clinic image
Medvet Veterinary Clinic
Animal hospital
👍👍 Undoubtedly, the best veterinarian we have found since we started our life with pets. We have already tried with other professionals but without any success. Dr. Carlos is attentive, competent and confident in what he does, not to mention the entire team that is very professional and charismatic. W...
4.80 (271 reviews)
Pet Mania | Clínica Veterinária & Pet Shop | Aracaju image
Pet Mania | Clínica Veterinária & Pet Shop | Aracaju
👍👍 Great! From the service at the reception to the visit to the veterinarian and the assistants, they were very attentive. I definitely recommend them. May they always continue like this.
4.80 (271 reviews)
Univet - Veterinary Clinic and Pet Shop image
Univet - Veterinary Clinic and Pet Shop
Animal hospital
👍👍 It is very gratifying when we entrust our pets in the hands of serious, competent professionals who are committed to the causes they have embraced in a professional sense. The Univet team is like that and I get happier and safer when I leave my pets here. Univet also has a great differential with...
4.70 (333 reviews)
Clínica Veterinária Pet & Zoo image
Clínica Veterinária Pet & Zoo
Veterinary care
👍👍 Dr.Adriano, excellent veterinarian and very humble, I have 4 gstos, all taken from the streets, he takes good care of everyone
4.80 (209 reviews)
Animalle Clinic and Pet Shop image
Animalle Clinic and Pet Shop
Animal hospital
👍👍 Wonderful experience! The course has a great structure, top-of-the-line equipment and good quality products. The course content includes lectures, practical classes, theories, and financial management. Congratulations Gleuber, you are a super professional person who exudes wisdom, humility, patience...
4.70 (241 reviews)
Veterinary Hospital Dr. Vicente Borelli image
Veterinary Hospital Dr. Vicente Borelli
Animal hospital
🫤 A veterinary teaching hospital for millionaires without any empathy, here your pet is not a patient, it's just a client who, just for breathing air, they charge. It has nothing to do with the high cost of the service received. I only left my pet for about 36 hours because if I stayed a minute longer...
4.00 (884 reviews)
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