Best places: Barber shops in Aracaju

Discover the best places in Aracaju, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. This list contains 9 places from Barber shop category.

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VIDAM HOTEL ARACAJU By Transamerica collection image
VIDAM HOTEL ARACAJU By Transamerica collection
Relaxed quarters, some offering ocean views, in a sleek hotel featuring bars, a pool & a restaurant.
4.90 (1K reviews)
Cartola barber club image
Cartola barber club
Barber shop
👍👍 Excellent hairdressers, friendly and attentive to their clients; the physical space is well organized with TV, surround sound, toilet and air conditioning. Personalized service, scheduled or waiting to leave! Well situated! Grade 10!!!
5.00 (215 reviews)
Maison Garcia | Salão de Beleza - Barbearia - Depilação | Aracaju image
Maison Garcia | Salão de Beleza - Barbearia - Depilação | Aracaju
Beauty salon
👍👍 Wonderful treatment with the new Loreal line, perfectly done by professional Felipe. Show! And the pudding treat was great!
4.70 (308 reviews)
Aju Beauty Concept image
Aju Beauty Concept
Beauty salon
😠 It was a terrible experience... I toned my hair with a professional who didn't even know how to apply it, I applied nutrition that left my hair worse than it was, completely dry. The cut, with the salon's top professional, was terrible. I asked him to cut my hair like a girl on my Instagram profile...
4.60 (269 reviews)
Barbearia do Marcondes (dentro do Gbarbosa) image
Barbearia do Marcondes (dentro do Gbarbosa)
Barber shop
👍👍 A great place, with great service, wonderful coffee, joy, it's worth it I recommend...
5.00 (96 reviews)
Salão de Beleza Star Center Beauty Cabeleireiros image
Salão de Beleza Star Center Beauty Cabeleireiros
Beauty salon
🫤 Unfortunately, my experience was not good, I was attended to by the owner of the place with soooo much indifference, as if it were a problem, regardless of the occasion, no one is treated with such disregard. I sincerely hope that an evolution can occur in professionalism and especially in person.
4.50 (120 reviews)
Elizeu cabeleireiro Marieta image
Elizeu cabeleireiro Marieta
👍 I have been a customer for some time and the good points are punctual service, fair prices, quality services.
4.70 (81 reviews)
Barbearia do ME. Gigante image
Barbearia do ME. Gigante
Barber shop
👍👍 Very good professional, air-conditioned and very comfortable space and well organized scheduling
5.00 (45 reviews)
Gilvan Alves image
Gilvan Alves
Barber shop
👍👍 Example of professionals, everything top, I definitely recommend
4.90 (42 reviews)
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