Best places: Condominium complexes in Aracaju

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Ecoville Park image
Ecoville Park
Condominium complex
👍👍 Great House
4.50 (732 reviews)
Park View Residence image
Park View Residence
Condominium complex
👍👍 Very good!
4.60 (238 reviews)
Park Ville Condominium image
Park Ville Condominium
Condominium complex
👍👍 Good park, high security, great security system and extreme comfort. Tennis, basketball, football, and great pool.
4.70 (173 reviews)
Condominium Park View image
Condominium Park View
Condominium complex
👍 Really good.
4.50 (280 reviews)
Easy Luzia image
Easy Luzia
Apartment complex
👍👍 Excelente condomínio que conta com uma grande área de lazer e todas as comodidades de um jeito que podemos morar e ser feliz se divertindo com a família, pois está de frente para a conjunção do Rio Sergipe e o Mar. Os sistemas de segurança são muito bem organizados. Ótimo para se morar.
4.70 (141 reviews)
Garden of Sowing mansion image
Garden of Sowing mansion
Condominium complex
👍👍 Splendid magnificent top
4.70 (137 reviews)
Condominium Parque Das Serras image
Condominium Parque Das Serras
Condominium complex
😠 For those who rent, there is an internal regulation that cannot install a Split Air Central through the “hole” in the box of those old air conditioners (called a Window). They want you to install the old noisy and energy-intensive one. To install a Split in the bedroom? You have to drill holes in 4...
4.40 (402 reviews)
Condomínio EcoVille Residence image
Condomínio EcoVille Residence
Condominium complex
👍 Well-kept condominium, the location is excellent, close to a supermarket, pharmacy, building materials store and home
4.50 (225 reviews)
Alpha Park Condominium Residence image
Alpha Park Condominium Residence
Condominium complex
👍 Great place to live. Strengths: 1) Well located and good price. 2) The layout of the apartments is wider than the standard for the location; 3) pleasant neighborhood; 4) easy access; 5) well ventilated
4.40 (277 reviews)
Recanto dos Guarás image
Recanto dos Guarás
Condominium complex
👍👍 Very organized condominium, offering leisure areas and good trees. Great value for money!!
4.30 (216 reviews)
Condomínio Riviera Club image
Condomínio Riviera Club
Condominium complex
👍👍 It's a good place, has a good leisure area and is very quiet and organized.
4.20 (273 reviews)
Splendor Park condo image
Splendor Park condo
Condominium complex
👍👍 I've lived here for 13 years, it's a very good place to live, clean, peaceful, quiet environment, polite people, it's noisy, yes, when autumn arrives, but during the rest of the seasons it's normal, it smokes every week, which neutralizes the situation, I've never heard of a robbery here in the cond...
4.40 (122 reviews)
Condomínio Piazza Bella image
Condomínio Piazza Bella
Apartment complex
👍👍 Condominium in Alameda das Árvores, very organized, clean, safe, spectacular apartments, large and very well divided, the view and ventilation are fantastic, the neighborhood is stunning, the garages are well organized and spacious, the location is unparalleled, close to everything and With Alameda...
4.30 (143 reviews)
Mansão Sementeira Park image
Mansão Sementeira Park
Condominium complex
👍👍 Cozy and peaceful place
4.80 (56 reviews)
Condo Mansion Lighthouse Portal image
Condo Mansion Lighthouse Portal
Condominium complex
👍👍 Wonderful
4.70 (63 reviews)
Soberano Jardins image
Soberano Jardins
Condominium complex
👍 Good location, good condominium
4.50 (81 reviews)
Condominium Park Violets image
Condominium Park Violets
Condominium complex
😐 Quiet condominium
4.20 (163 reviews)
Residential Condominium Bird Park image
Residential Condominium Bird Park
Condominium complex
😠 Calm and peaceful condominium, what leaves much to be desired is the administration of the condominium manager in this management of 2023, that whenever she is right, no resident can give their opinion, always making repairs or even changes to the condominium without informing the residents, always...
4.20 (134 reviews)
Parque Diamante image
Parque Diamante
Condominium complex
👍👍 Quiet location close to supermarkets and pharmacies and a very centralized location.
4.00 (304 reviews)
Cond. Grand Parc Jardins image
Cond. Grand Parc Jardins
Condominium complex
👍👍 Excellent condominium, organized, beautiful and polite staff
4.50 (66 reviews)
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