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Discover the best places in Aracaju, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. This list contains 19 places from Doctor category.

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Clínica Sellecta image
Clínica Sellecta
Skin care clinic
👍 Folks, I discovered the Sellecta Clinic through a recommendation and carried out the skin cleansing procedures and the spectra laser. The experience was very positive and what sets the clinic apart is the service, without a doubt. All the girls are kind and caring. From the beginning, the service wa...
5.00 (247 reviews)
Hospital Ocular image
Hospital Ocular
Eye care center
👍👍 Great service, and excellent service!
4.80 (450 reviews)
Clínica Veterinária Pet & Zoo image
Clínica Veterinária Pet & Zoo
Veterinary care
👍👍 Dr.Adriano, excellent veterinarian and very humble, I have 4 gstos, all taken from the streets, he takes good care of everyone
4.80 (209 reviews)
Dra. Lenise Franco Dermatologista em Aracaju image
Dra. Lenise Franco Dermatologista em Aracaju
👍👍 I love my dermatologist. A caring person, he knows how to treat his patients very well.
4.90 (104 reviews)
Clínica Saúde Plena - Especialidades Médicas, Fonoaudiologia, Neuropsicologia, Nutrição, Psicologia e Psicopedagogia image
Clínica Saúde Plena - Especialidades Médicas, Fonoaudiologia, Neuropsicologia, Nutrição, Psicologia e Psicopedagogia
Medical clinic
👍👍 He only recognizes how poorly he is treated throughout his life after he finds an environment like the Saúde Plena clinic. They elevate medical care to a level above expectations. From the WhatsApp service to the consultation, the experience was perfect. The very attentive and helpful employees at r...
4.90 (94 reviews)
Hørg Eye Hospital Rollemberg Gois image
Hørg Eye Hospital Rollemberg Gois
Eye care center
😠 Poor service from the attendants, they act with disgust and pride with the customers. In addition to the absurd long waiting time to make the form, I imagine that medical care will be another eternity. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!
4.00 (78 reviews)
HapClínica Hermes Fontes image
HapClínica Hermes Fontes
Medical clinic
👍 I really like hapvida and this clinic, so I think nothing about the clinic or the Plan is great, but there is a pediatrician who is very rude, doesn't talk to the mother or the patient, she practically ignored us and kept typing the entire time, when I tried to clear up a doubt. she practically call...
4.00 (64 reviews)
Hospital Oftalmos image
Hospital Oftalmos
Eye care center
😠 The place has only beauty, as for the terrible service, the bathrooms do not have a changing room. I took my 1-year-old son for an appointment at 10 am, the guy at the reception desk was very slow, he just walked around the corridors instead of filling out the release for patients who have a plan,...
3.80 (111 reviews)
Hospital da Polícia Militar de Sergipe image
Hospital da Polícia Militar de Sergipe
Military hospital
👍👍 Fui atendido lá há mais de 25 anos e fui muito bem atendido.
4.00 (55 reviews)
Centro Médico Dr. José Augusto Barreto image
Centro Médico Dr. José Augusto Barreto
Medical Center
🫤 Huge corridors, with no chairs to sit on and small rooms, force many people to wait standing up. I also looked and didn't see water fountains. In other words, in general, I didn't see much concern for customer comfort.
4.10 (36 reviews)
Hospital Gabriel Soares image
Hospital Gabriel Soares
Private hospital
😠 Levei minha esposa no Pronto-Socorro para avaliação de uma otorragia espontânea à esquerda no plantão noturno da quarta-feira, dia 14/09/2022 (hoje). O chamado para atendimento da clínica médica foi rápido. Porém, após anamnese, não houve exame clínico, que é soberano e ensinado na disciplina de Sem...
3.50 (338 reviews)
Saúde Center Shopping Jardins image
Saúde Center Shopping Jardins
Medical clinic
😠 Fui para uma consulta ginecológica, agendada para o dia de hoje, com horário apartir das 16h, por de chegada. Cheguei 10 minutos antes, sendo a 2° a ser chamada. Perguntei no momento do pagamento, se a profissional já tinha chegado e se já estava atendendo. A recepcionista respondeu SIM a ambas per...
3.40 (61 reviews)
Clieb image
Medical clinic
👍👍 I was scared because of some of the assessments, but look...they scheduled it for 7am, I was already there at 6:20, they welcomed me well and quickly, at 7am I was called to do my endoscopy. I have nothing to complain about, the staff supported me until I recovered from the anesthesia, a nurse was c...
3.50 (39 reviews)
Hapclínica Aracaju image
Hapclínica Aracaju
Medical Center
😠 It is similar in many ways to SUS, but Hapvida doctors are worse.
3.20 (173 reviews)
Clínica Bem Viver. Laboratório - Consultas - Ultrassom - Endoscopia - Clinico Geral. image
Clínica Bem Viver. Laboratório - Consultas - Ultrassom - Endoscopia - Clinico Geral.
Specialized clinic
😠 My experience at this clinic was terrible. Firstly, the clinic looks like a fair with so many people. They invested so much in the building and didn't make an effort to put in an electronic password panel!!? The attendants have to shout out the 3 types of passwords as well as the names later. The pe...
3.10 (96 reviews)
Prontoclínica image
Orthopedic clinic
👍 Guys, make an appointment by Whatsapp. The phone doesn't answer, but by the zap it was fast. See the number on the clinic's website.
2.50 (73 reviews)
Diagnose image
Specialized clinic
😠 I regret the poor service via telephone of this company. I tried to call several times to make an appointment and after many attempts, when answering the attendant says "a moment" and hangs up. Wow! I was trying for more than 1 hour and got nothing. I tried other phones, looked for a number for com...
2.00 (66 reviews)
Clínica Santa Sophia image
Clínica Santa Sophia
Medical clinic
😠 Terrible service from the staff, slow service, super rude... I spent almost half an hour with my 2 year old daughter with a password, waiting at the reception to register the medical record, after she completed the medical record I spent another 25 minutes waiting to be called to do a blood test. Al...
1.60 (159 reviews)
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