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Discover the best places in Aracaju, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. This list contains 37 places from Fitness center category.

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Academia Medida Certa Fitness Center image
Academia Medida Certa Fitness Center
Fitness center
😠 To sem andar com gesso meu joelho saiu do lugar,na academia pelo tanto de peso que peguei sem supervisão... Fui para no hospital a academia não deu suporte nenhum o dono da academia foi super mal educado e xingou minha mãe agora estou aqui acamado eles me bloquearam das redes sociais e vivem ameaçan...
4.70 (262 reviews)
Aruana Fitness image
Aruana Fitness
👍👍 Very good gym, it is already quite large, well distributed and is now undergoing an expansion process that will make it even better and more complete. I also really liked the attention from the instructors, especially for those who are starting out, or starting over. Another positive point is that...
4.90 (140 reviews)
Academia VTS Fitness image
Academia VTS Fitness
Fitness center
👍👍 I personally think this gym is top of the range, besides it opened very early, it still comes out ahead of any gym in the area because it's the only one that opened, from Sunday to Sunday this is priceless and speaking of price, it's very little what they charge for the cost. benefit for the clients...
4.90 (132 reviews)
Selfit Gym image
Selfit Gym
Fitness center
😠 Few devices for the number of students, there are even some basic devices missing from the structure. Very stressful to train not only at peak times. There are frequent maintenance problems with devices that even take a long time to be repaired (although there are few of them). I had a problem with...
4.50 (441 reviews)
Studio Suellen Rocha image
Studio Suellen Rocha
Beauty school
👍👍 Excellent professionals, I find the best, pleasant and polite professionals, my girlfriend does eyebrows/nails/waxing, they have an excellent massage service!! Great
4.90 (99 reviews)
Agitação Centro Aquático - Natação Aracaju image
Agitação Centro Aquático - Natação Aracaju
Swimming school
👍👍 We started using the services provided by Agitação in November 2020. Initially for the children and then I joined too. The children have evolved a lot, the youngest one was 5 years old, now he swims crawl, back with accessories and chest, they use a methodology that children really like. Adult swimm...
4.90 (97 reviews)
Centro de Treinamento CrossAju image
Centro de Treinamento CrossAju
Fitness center
👍👍 Pioneer and best Crossfit in Aracaju!!!
4.80 (113 reviews)
4LIVE Academia image
4LIVE Academia
Fitness center
😠 Péssima academia. Venderam um pacote de musculação e natação para mim, informando que seria 1 aluno por raia. Quando me deparei com a piscina cheia de gente. Reclamei na coordenação e a resposta que obtive foi: se não gostou, vá embora. Foi o que eu fiz, mas para ter o estorno do cartão de crédito f...
4.80 (109 reviews)
ACADEMIA | B&M FitClub - GRAGERU image
Fitness center
😐 The gym has a good structure and group class schedule, but in terms of service it leaves something to be desired. Reception staff sometimes don't even look up to say hello, marketing staff who walk around the gym don't greet anyone, they only speak when they need content for social media. The former...
4.60 (163 reviews)
Gladiadores Fitness image
Gladiadores Fitness
👍👍 Best professionals, outstanding service!
4.70 (126 reviews)
AjuFit Academia image
AjuFit Academia
Fitness center
👍 Good gym for those who don't like crowds...good machines and good air conditioning. I recommend yes.
4.70 (120 reviews)
X-ROOTS cross e academia image
X-ROOTS cross e academia
Fitness center
👍👍 Best gym, with the best instructors! Out of 10 service! Organized and clean environment! Various types of activities! You can go without fear, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
4.80 (85 reviews)
Bio Fit Academia image
Bio Fit Academia
Fitness center
😠 Good equipment, professionals who DON'T know how to treat a customer! I'm a gym student and I took a friend to take a trial class. When I got there, they said that trial classes were only on Thursdays and Fridays (although they don't say that anywhere). When asked why, they said it was because the g...
4.50 (145 reviews)
Atem Training Center image
Atem Training Center
Fitness center
👍👍 Without equal, this box is magnificent
4.70 (94 reviews)
Academia Soginástica image
Academia Soginástica
Fitness center
🫤 This gym offers bodybuilding, gymnastics, dance, water aerobics, Pilates, RPG and a few other things and because it is a small gym it ends up not being very good at any specialty. I only do weight training and I can speak quite appropriately. Some equipment looks handmade. They are not very ergonomi...
4.60 (108 reviews)
Fitness center
😠 Good gym, good equipment, just doesn't have good training support
4.60 (107 reviews)
Academia Paulo Bedeu - Luzia image
Academia Paulo Bedeu - Luzia
👍👍 Excellent atmosphere. Good equipment, great service and the classes are wonderful! A good place to socialize too. Where you take care of your body and mind.
4.50 (125 reviews)
Academia Aero Fitness image
Academia Aero Fitness
Fitness center
👍 Great professionals, the only thing missing is good air conditioning.
4.90 (61 reviews)
Academia S3 image
Academia S3
Fitness center
👍👍 The best in the state. Welcoming environment, great teachers. You won't regret visiting it.
4.90 (59 reviews)
Ck fit Academia image
Ck fit Academia
Fitness center
👍 Appliances are well looked after, always maintained. Clean and organized environment. Very attentive teachers! The owner of the place is also very good people. There are gloves for sale and protein bars. There are dance classes 2 days a week. Clean bathrooms with shower. There's just a little space...
4.50 (107 reviews)
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