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Hospital Universitário image
Hospital Universitário
😐 The population needs the services of the University Hospital because, in the absence of quality in the general public service, it is what is left for the population. As there are many people and the service is not up to that amount, the wait can be long. But you can see the effort and care of those...
4.20 (263 reviews)
Hospital São Lucas image
Hospital São Lucas
Private hospital
😠 My experience at São Lucas hospital was terrible, I arrived at the hospital to see my husband at 12:50 and only managed to see the doctor at 16:30 I've never seen disrespect for the patient The office would stay 30 to 35 minutes without calling anyone and the doctors inside the room waiting for som...
4.00 (541 reviews)
Hospital E Maternidade Sempre Viva image
Hospital E Maternidade Sempre Viva
👍👍 I really liked the hospital. Clean and organized environment. The service is also very good, from the reception to the infirmary staff.
4.60 (49 reviews)
Hospital Cirurgia image
Hospital Cirurgia
General hospital
👍 All are to be congratulated. During the period when my mother was hospitalized for a surgical procedure. She was treated extremely well. I followed closely and I can guarantee that she had all the assistance from the professionals. Thank you all for your commitment.
4.00 (187 reviews)
Hospital Decós image
Hospital Decós
👍👍 I walk every day...this lack of respect is in the parking lot of DECÓS CENTRO MÉDICO JOUBERT UCHOA on Av Mario Jorge, in the middle crown the cars are like this covering the TACTILE FLOOR Which is intended for people with low Is this possible?? Does no one inspect? I myself have alread...
4.00 (173 reviews)
Maternidade Nossa Senhora de Lourdes - MNSL image
Maternidade Nossa Senhora de Lourdes - MNSL
Maternity hospital
😠 Very bad, I'll just say one thing, whoever can go to another maternity hospital, go because it's bad here... a lot of rude doctors... Not to mention that they all have one or two who are actually good people and know how to talk to people. but the rest is bad too... Lack of information, because if w...
4.00 (145 reviews)
HOSA - Hospital de Olhos Santo Antônio (U. Santo Antônio) image
HOSA - Hospital de Olhos Santo Antônio (U. Santo Antônio)
😠 Sou cliente da COSA há anos e, inclusive, acompanhei a reorganização que houve no último ano. Como uma transição leva tempo para se consolidar, resolvi esperar a reorganização por completo para melhor avaliar. As atendentes que operam as máquinas e realizam os exames são muito gentis e atenciosas, s...
4.10 (103 reviews)
Hospital de Olhos de Sergipe - Matriz image
Hospital de Olhos de Sergipe - Matriz
😠 Emergency service scheduled for 2 days later. Still, more than 2 hours of waiting. Complete lack of respect. I do not recommend.
3.80 (163 reviews)
Hospital da Polícia Militar de Sergipe image
Hospital da Polícia Militar de Sergipe
Military hospital
👍👍 Fui atendido lá há mais de 25 anos e fui muito bem atendido.
4.00 (55 reviews)
São José image
São José
😠 Very unprepared receptionist. My husband, who was already 06 days old, tested positive with Covid and we just wanted a medical evaluation to know if everything was ok with his breathing and lungs. And the receptionist said they didn't have support to attend to, and told me to wait for a nurse who w...
3.70 (146 reviews)
Hospital e Maternidade Santa Isabel image
Hospital e Maternidade Santa Isabel
General hospital
😠 Negligência, referência em maus tratos com gestantes, Dra. Mirtes e sua equipe são esquartejadores," profissionais. aleijou minha filha, deixou ela pós parto com as pernas penduradas, o q comprometeu o nervo ciático dela. Sorte q uma moça da limpeza, socorreu ela antes q rompesse por completo.
3.60 (225 reviews)
Hospital Unimed Sergipe image
Hospital Unimed Sergipe
😠 Sempre vou no hospital Unimed, porém dessa ultima vez tive uma péssima experiência no setor da pediatria. Durante a trocar de turno a turma que chegou no horário entre 05 horas e 6 horas, sem respeito nenhum com paciente falando alto, uma bagunça e ainda para piorar o quadro antes de eu sair tiver q...
3.50 (164 reviews)
Hospital do Coração de Sergipe - Rede Primavera Saúde image
Hospital do Coração de Sergipe - Rede Primavera Saúde
Heart hospital
😠 I believe that the people responsible for answering the phone should fulfill their responsibilities as they often call for an average of 5 minutes before calls are answered by them. How can a heart hospital welcome its patients in this way ???
3.50 (120 reviews)
Hospital de Urgência de Sergipe Governador João Alves Filho image
Hospital de Urgência de Sergipe Governador João Alves Filho
👍👍 Um hospital ótimo, referência entre outros do nordeste, ótimos equipamentos, infelizmente é o único público de grande porte do estado, isso gera uma super lotação, e também causa uma demora sem fim no atendimento, mais tem almoço para acompanhantes, um estacionamento grande, fácil que chegar até o h...
3.40 (205 reviews)
Zona Sul Des. Fernando Franco Urgencia image
Zona Sul Des. Fernando Franco Urgencia
😠 Bad experience, once I went there with pneumonia and they only gave me dipyrone, I almost died from that pneumonia. 3 days ago I went there and explained the medicines I was allergic to, I said I was allergic to penicillin and the doctor gave me amoxicillin, I went to dispute it and he said I hadn't...
3.40 (72 reviews)
Hospital Primavera image
Hospital Primavera
😠 Hoje pela manhã fui acompanhar minha mãe para exames laboratoriais no laboratório da Rede Primavera, no Jardins e fiquei bastante incomodado com o descaso, falta de humanização, falta de sensibilidade, falta de profissionalismo e falta de atenção principalmente com os idosos que saem de casa em jeju...
3.20 (495 reviews)
CLINRADI - Radioterapia e Imagem image
CLINRADI - Radioterapia e Imagem
😠 Clinic has terrible service I asked to schedule an MRI exam they asked me to send the data via WhatsApp this was on 29/6/20 they told me that Unimed took 5 days to authorize yesterday on 6/7/20 as it had not been done No response, I contacted Unimed customer service via WhatsApp and was informed tha...
3.40 (38 reviews)
Clínica São Daniel image
Clínica São Daniel
😠 The only thing that saves the place is the polite attendant. Otherwise, it's no good. The dentist who attended to me was completely harsh, without patience, it seemed like she was there solely for the money. It got to the point where I had to hold the suction hose throughout the entire procedure. An...
2.80 (74 reviews)
Urgência do IPESAÚDE image
Urgência do IPESAÚDE
😠 Unfortunately, it is neglect. I arrived at 10pm, there was NOBODY in front of me, but I was only seen (even though it was EMERGENCY) at 11pm, because the doctor was in the office laughing and joking with the nurses. And they only helped me because a nurse saw the delay and took the paper to the doct...
2.40 (45 reviews)
Climedi image
😠 TERRIBLE! TOTAL DISREGARD TO SCHEDULE AND PERFORM PT CT ON AN ONCOLOGY PATIENT. Unimed authorized my mother's PET CT with maximum priority and urgency for monitoring her oncological treatment. But Climedi scheduled and canceled the exam twice, the last time being today (16/10/2021), on the day of th...
2.30 (46 reviews)
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