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Núcleo Dra Norma Leite image
Núcleo Dra Norma Leite
👍👍 Cozy place, good free parking, attentive staff, wide range of stores on the ground floor including a food court.
4.70 (230 reviews)
Centro Médico Jardins image
Centro Médico Jardins
Medical Center
👍👍 Medical Center well located and next to Hospital Primavera, excellent infrastructure, selection of doctors and specialists from the most diverse areas and extremely competent, stores, opticians in different segments, parking and access for the disabled. I recommend!!!!!
4.40 (60 reviews)
Centro Médico Luiz Cunha image
Centro Médico Luiz Cunha
Specialized clinic
😐 The structure of the building is undergoing renovation but they are relegating the comfort of the entrance hall to the background: the extremely uncomfortable benches!
4.10 (63 reviews)
PRO IMAGEM - Exames e Consultas image
PRO IMAGEM - Exames e Consultas
Medical Center
👍👍 I was seen by Dr André Aboim. Very polite and relaxed doctor. The receptionists also treated me well!!!
3.90 (94 reviews)
Centro Médico Dr. José Augusto Barreto image
Centro Médico Dr. José Augusto Barreto
Medical Center
🫤 Huge corridors, with no chairs to sit on and small rooms, force many people to wait standing up. I also looked and didn't see water fountains. In other words, in general, I didn't see much concern for customer comfort.
4.10 (36 reviews)
CEMAR Siqueira Campos - Centro de Especialidades Médicas de Aracaju image
CEMAR Siqueira Campos - Centro de Especialidades Médicas de Aracaju
Medical Center
😠 Why don't you answer the phone?? So many people who work in this place, instead of performing their work with excellence, stay on their cell phones and talk about the lives of others. Since you don't have an attendant, GIVE ME the job to answer people who call for information. rpz joke!!! ZERO serv...
3.60 (143 reviews)
Clínica Salud Integrar image
Clínica Salud Integrar
Medical Center
😠 As if the abusive value for renewing the CNH was not enough, the only clinic option for the clinical examination, we still have to take the appointment and the printed questionnaire to the clinic. Dude, honestly, it's disgusting. We pay for the exam and have to take the questionnaire, the clinic tr...
3.50 (259 reviews)
Laboratório Unimed Sergipe image
Laboratório Unimed Sergipe
Medical Center
👍👍 Every time I needed it, I received excellent service.
3.60 (31 reviews)
Saúde Center Shopping Jardins image
Saúde Center Shopping Jardins
Medical clinic
😠 Fui para uma consulta ginecológica, agendada para o dia de hoje, com horário apartir das 16h, por de chegada. Cheguei 10 minutos antes, sendo a 2° a ser chamada. Perguntei no momento do pagamento, se a profissional já tinha chegado e se já estava atendendo. A recepcionista respondeu SIM a ambas per...
3.40 (61 reviews)
Hapclínica Aracaju image
Hapclínica Aracaju
Medical Center
😠 It is similar in many ways to SUS, but Hapvida doctors are worse.
3.20 (173 reviews)
Clínica Bem Viver. Laboratório - Consultas - Ultrassom - Endoscopia - Clinico Geral. image
Clínica Bem Viver. Laboratório - Consultas - Ultrassom - Endoscopia - Clinico Geral.
Specialized clinic
😠 My experience at this clinic was terrible. Firstly, the clinic looks like a fair with so many people. They invested so much in the building and didn't make an effort to put in an electronic password panel!!? The attendants have to shout out the 3 types of passwords as well as the names later. The pe...
3.10 (96 reviews)
San Miguel Clinic image
San Miguel Clinic
Medical clinic
🫤 The care of the doctors is excellent, but the service at the reception leaves something to be desired, let's turn on this air conditioning, terrible service, they do not issue an invoice when paying for some service, lack of organization, no control of arrival order, lack of communication with the...
3.10 (56 reviews)
Clínica Homo image
Clínica Homo
Medical Center
😠 I made an appointment for 10:30 am and arrived at the clinic at 9:59 am. I stayed until 11:30 am waiting to be seen. Two patients passed in front of me, who even arrived after me. I went to ask the attendant and she wanted to justify herself but the problem remained unresolved and a new patient pas...
3.00 (198 reviews)
Clínica UniSaúde image
Clínica UniSaúde
Medical Center
😠 We waited 01:30 for Dr Anastacia for a return consultation. Even with a tumor result, the consultation lasted less than 10 minutes and was not at all enlightening. Terrible consultation. Very weak doctor, unsympathetic, impatient and with poor communication. P.S: Even if the room is rented, you are...
3.00 (82 reviews)
Clínica do Motorista image
Clínica do Motorista
Medical Center
😠 In the year 2022, with numerous payment methods available on the market, Clínica do Motorista, in Aracaju, only accepts cash. And the client only finds out at the time of the exam. The nearest ATM is + or - 1km away on foot and is almost always out of banknotes. A technological delay of decades, und...
2.70 (31 reviews)
UNIMED image
Medical Center
2.60 (65 reviews)
Diagnose image
Specialized clinic
😠 I regret the poor service via telephone of this company. I tried to call several times to make an appointment and after many attempts, when answering the attendant says "a moment" and hangs up. Wow! I was trying for more than 1 hour and got nothing. I tried other phones, looked for a number for com...
2.00 (66 reviews)
Centro Médico Nossa Sra do Carmo image
Centro Médico Nossa Sra do Carmo
Medical Center
😠 O atendimento deixa a desejar, com certeza não indico! O telefone toca e quando atende fica mudo, o atendimento das recepcionistas são deprimentes, pois não temos a atenção e elas estão a todo tempo emburradas e sobrecarregadas. As marcações são feitas e reagendadas várias vezes até sermos informado...
2.00 (188 reviews)
Clínica Santa Anna image
Clínica Santa Anna
Medical clinic
😠 I had a CT scan scheduled for my mother who has Alzheimer's, I went to the clinic to schedule it and received very poor treatment, I complained to the manager who treated me very badly too, I got stressed and asked if this service was only provided by SUS staff. , all these years I have never receiv...
1.80 (98 reviews)
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