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Clínica CALE - Consultas | Exames | Laboratório | Odontologia image
Clínica CALE - Consultas | Exames | Laboratório | Odontologia
Medical clinic
👍👍 Great location, excellent prices, great professionals, cozy place here you are well looked after from entry to exit, dedicated staff and high quality service.
4.80 (408 reviews)
Clínica CALE - Consultas | Exames | Laboratório | Odontologia image
Clínica CALE - Consultas | Exames | Laboratório | Odontologia
Medical clinic
👍👍 Great service, I would like to thank Rafaely for being very diligent with me and her service is great, may it always be like this. 😍😍
4.70 (217 reviews)
Comvacinas image
Medical clinic
👍👍 My family has been going to COMVACINAS since its inception and we have always had excellent service. An efficient team, providing security, providing guidance and answering any questions. We are completely satisfied!!!
4.70 (136 reviews)
Clínica Saúde Plena - Especialidades Médicas, Fonoaudiologia, Neuropsicologia, Nutrição, Psicologia e Psicopedagogia image
Clínica Saúde Plena - Especialidades Médicas, Fonoaudiologia, Neuropsicologia, Nutrição, Psicologia e Psicopedagogia
Medical clinic
👍👍 He only recognizes how poorly he is treated throughout his life after he finds an environment like the Saúde Plena clinic. They elevate medical care to a level above expectations. From the WhatsApp service to the consultation, the experience was perfect. The very attentive and helpful employees at r...
4.90 (94 reviews)
Dr. Marlon Batista image
Dr. Marlon Batista
Medical clinic
4.80 (47 reviews)
Clínica Alianças em Saúde image
Clínica Alianças em Saúde
Medical clinic
👍👍 Congratulations on such a competent nurse. Another clinic to benefit the people of Sergipe.
5.00 (32 reviews)
Clínica Médica Mais Saúde image
Clínica Médica Mais Saúde
Medical clinic
4.50 (45 reviews)
Clínica Saúde em Vida image
Clínica Saúde em Vida
Medical clinic
😠 The clinic receives a high demand from patients and does not have the structure to receive patients, when I say structure I mean the physical part, professionalism and hygiene. Imagine a patient who arrives for physiotherapy due to a fracture in the lower limbs and has to stand, because the clinic d...
4.20 (58 reviews)
Clinic Heart image
Clinic Heart
😠 Bad service, they don't answer the phone, and the whast are also terrible, they don't know, communicate politely, very unpleasant, they reschedule appointments several times and when the day of the appointment arrives, your name is not on the list for consultation.
3.80 (151 reviews)
Clínica Pró Vida image
Clínica Pró Vida
Medical clinic
😠 Atendimento muito demorado, um absurdo passar 1hs esperando ser atendida pelas recepcionistas para somente colocar nome e pagar a consulta, e depois aguardar horas e horas o atendimento da Medica Dra Daniela. Devido a isso minha filha não fará mais o acompanhamento com Dra. Daniela. Revejam isso,...
3.90 (87 reviews)
HapClínica Hermes Fontes image
HapClínica Hermes Fontes
Medical clinic
👍 I really like hapvida and this clinic, so I think nothing about the clinic or the Plan is great, but there is a pediatrician who is very rude, doesn't talk to the mother or the patient, she practically ignored us and kept typing the entire time, when I tried to clear up a doubt. she practically call...
4.00 (64 reviews)
San Rafael Clinic image
San Rafael Clinic
Medical clinic
👍👍 Experiência ótima, a clínica estava cheia mas, não demorou o atendimento, fui muito bem atendida tanto na recepção quanto pela triagem e médica, todos super atenciosos. Gratidão 🤍🌹
3.80 (79 reviews)
Ultra Clínica image
Ultra Clínica
Medical clinic
👍👍 Exceptional service, from the reception to the professional Dr João Felisberto, very receptive and attentive. I recommend them, as they are a REFERENCE in SERGIPE for competence!
4.20 (31 reviews)
Centro Diagnóstico Aracaju image
Centro Diagnóstico Aracaju
Medical clinic
😐 O prédio é grande, tem uma boa estrutura, bem ventilado e com sinalizações todas ok. Os recepcionistas tem um bom atendimento, aceitam vários tipos de pagamento (sendo que convênio, como o meu Medsempre, só aceita dinheiro), mas peca muito na demora no atendimento médico. Não me deixaram claro o mot...
3.80 (54 reviews)
Gastroclínica - Colonoscopia, Endoscopia e Ultrasonografia Aracaju, Sergipe image
Gastroclínica - Colonoscopia, Endoscopia e Ultrasonografia Aracaju, Sergipe
Medical clinic
😠 A tremendous lack of consideration. The clinic is under renovation. Is not working. Does it cost to put this on the internet? I'm not going back. It has already become clear to me that she is not good and that she does not care about her patients/clients.
3.80 (45 reviews)
ClinSaúde image
Medical clinic
👍👍 Clinic with good service, affordable prices, excellent and diverse professionals, well located, for those coming from the interior, it is close to the center. Dr Ana Paula is always attentive, an exemplary gynecologist.
3.50 (45 reviews)
Saúde Center Shopping Jardins image
Saúde Center Shopping Jardins
Medical clinic
😠 Fui para uma consulta ginecológica, agendada para o dia de hoje, com horário apartir das 16h, por de chegada. Cheguei 10 minutos antes, sendo a 2° a ser chamada. Perguntei no momento do pagamento, se a profissional já tinha chegado e se já estava atendendo. A recepcionista respondeu SIM a ambas per...
3.40 (61 reviews)
Clieb image
Medical clinic
👍👍 I was scared because of some of the assessments, but look...they scheduled it for 7am, I was already there at 6:20, they welcomed me well and quickly, at 7am I was called to do my endoscopy. I have nothing to complain about, the staff supported me until I recovered from the anesthesia, a nurse was c...
3.50 (39 reviews)
Nossa Clínica image
Nossa Clínica
Medical clinic
😠 Terrible service, they gave me wrong information saying that I didn't need to schedule the exam and that it was on a first-come, first-served basis, when I got there they gave me other information, this lack of empathy with the customer is horrible, we are paying, not for free. I do not recommend..
3.30 (64 reviews)
Sonoimagem image
Medical clinic
😠 Doctor Goutran treated me like a clown. I made an appointment to find out the sex of my baby. The only thing the attendants ask is which shift you want to go to, in the morning or afternoon. I said that in the morning, I left an appointment and they informed me that it would be at the Luiz Cunha med...
3.20 (48 reviews)
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