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Discover the best places in Aracaju, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. This list contains 102 places from Wellness category.

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VIDAM HOTEL ARACAJU By Transamerica collection image
VIDAM HOTEL ARACAJU By Transamerica collection
Relaxed quarters, some offering ocean views, in a sleek hotel featuring bars, a pool & a restaurant.
4.90 (1K reviews)
Donna Depyl | Estética - Podologia - Depilação - Bronzeamento | Jardins image
Donna Depyl | Estética - Podologia - Depilação - Bronzeamento | Jardins
Waxing hair removal service
👍👍 A cozy atmosphere, great service. The services offered at bronze are wonderful 🥰, I received a delicious exfoliation. My skin has never felt so soft and young-looking. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. I've never seen nail polish as perfect as that of Donna Depyl's manicures, an impeccable cut. Tati Mota's professiona...
5.00 (419 reviews)
Clínica Sellecta image
Clínica Sellecta
Skin care clinic
👍 Folks, I discovered the Sellecta Clinic through a recommendation and carried out the skin cleansing procedures and the spectra laser. The experience was very positive and what sets the clinic apart is the service, without a doubt. All the girls are kind and caring. From the beginning, the service wa...
5.00 (247 reviews)
Cartola barber club image
Cartola barber club
Barber shop
👍👍 Excellent hairdressers, friendly and attentive to their clients; the physical space is well organized with TV, surround sound, toilet and air conditioning. Personalized service, scheduled or waiting to leave! Well situated! Grade 10!!!
5.00 (215 reviews)
Salão Plic Plic image
Salão Plic Plic
Beauty salon
👍👍 At first glance, I thought it was more of those places that decorate the place to have an excuse to charge a lot, but I was wrong. The place is actually above the prices I used to pay, but it's just a little more expensive and offers a lot more than the places I used to go to. The service is impecca...
4.80 (398 reviews)
Karol Ettinger Concept Hair & Nails image
Karol Ettinger Concept Hair & Nails
Beauty salon
👍👍 Just wonderful! Excellent service, very beautiful and organized environment. I loved my new hair!
4.90 (256 reviews)
Bismarck - Unisex Hairdressing image
Bismarck - Unisex Hairdressing
Beauty salon
👍👍 Best hairdresser in Ponto Novo and surrounding areas.
4.80 (256 reviews)
Maison Garcia | Salão de Beleza - Barbearia - Depilação | Aracaju image
Maison Garcia | Salão de Beleza - Barbearia - Depilação | Aracaju
Beauty salon
👍👍 Wonderful treatment with the new Loreal line, perfectly done by professional Felipe. Show! And the pudding treat was great!
4.70 (308 reviews)
Sergipe Convention Center image
Sergipe Convention Center
Convention center
4.60 (386 reviews)
Academia H2O fitness image
Academia H2O fitness
😐 O Ambiente é nota 10, o que estraga é o valor da acadêmia levando em consideração o tamanho e a quantidade de equipamentos. Valor exorbitante. Talvez a direção so perceba isso quando tiver um concorrente.
4.60 (380 reviews)
Haiti Noivas e Beauté image
Haiti Noivas e Beauté
Beauty salon
👍👍 Good afternoon ! Haiti is to be congratulated, the team provides exceptional service. I loved the consultant Jô, she is an excellent professional, caring and attentive. I am sincerely grateful to be able to count on such a competent professional who I already consider part of my family. The professi...
4.80 (177 reviews)
Ponto de Equilíbrio - Produtos para Saúde image
Ponto de Equilíbrio - Produtos para Saúde
Health spa
👍 A small store with its own peculiar objective, that is, working with products and practicing integrative health practices, very welcoming service, however I found the prices a little steep, but I believe this is because those sold by the store are difficult to access, because I don't live in the cap...
4.70 (202 reviews)
Lumina Hair Studio image
Lumina Hair Studio
Beauty salon
😠 My experience at this salon was totally traumatic, I explained my entire situation on the press and they didn't even respond to me, I had never had my hair cut by anyone, I explained this to the hairdresser, I said I was afraid someone would do something bad to my hair , so I showed her the cut I wa...
4.70 (194 reviews)
Aju Beauty Concept image
Aju Beauty Concept
Beauty salon
😠 It was a terrible experience... I toned my hair with a professional who didn't even know how to apply it, I applied nutrition that left my hair worse than it was, completely dry. The cut, with the salon's top professional, was terrible. I asked him to cut my hair like a girl on my Instagram profile...
4.60 (269 reviews)
Selfit Gym image
Selfit Gym
Fitness center
😠 Few devices for the number of students, there are even some basic devices missing from the structure. Very stressful to train not only at peak times. There are frequent maintenance problems with devices that even take a long time to be repaired (although there are few of them). I had a problem with...
4.50 (441 reviews)
Mariana Costa - Curly Hair Stylist image
Mariana Costa - Curly Hair Stylist
Beauty salon
👍👍 Wonderful service. Calm professionals. Organized and clean salon. I recommend it to everyone. Satisfied!!! Hoping my hair grows soon. Adhering to gray hair 💁 there are products to protect curls.
4.90 (120 reviews)
Barbearia do Marcondes (dentro do Gbarbosa) image
Barbearia do Marcondes (dentro do Gbarbosa)
Barber shop
👍👍 A great place, with great service, wonderful coffee, joy, it's worth it I recommend...
5.00 (96 reviews)
Silvana Penalva Studio de Beleza image
Silvana Penalva Studio de Beleza
Beauty salon
👍👍 Being at Studio de Silvana means enjoying "our moment" of beauty and well-being... enjoying good music... indulging in a delicious cappuccino and enjoying the excellent services there. Pleasant, clean and cozy atmosphere. The best in the region. I highly recommend!!! Silvana is delicacy personified...
5.00 (96 reviews)
Dra. Lenise Franco Dermatologista em Aracaju image
Dra. Lenise Franco Dermatologista em Aracaju
👍👍 I love my dermatologist. A caring person, he knows how to treat his patients very well.
4.90 (104 reviews)
Studio Suellen Rocha image
Studio Suellen Rocha
Beauty school
👍👍 Excellent professionals, I find the best, pleasant and polite professionals, my girlfriend does eyebrows/nails/waxing, they have an excellent massage service!! Great
4.90 (99 reviews)
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