Worst rated places in Balneário Camboriú

Steer clear of these locations to ensure a positive experience in Balneário Camboriú. Our list highlights the least favorable places to help you make informed choices and enjoy your time in the city. Ratings are based from 7 places in the city.

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Hospital do Coração image
Hospital do Coração
Heart hospital
😠 A shame ! I've been waiting for an appointment for almost 3 hours. I saw a lady arrive almost dying and being ignored. 40min to call me for triage, plus 2:07min waiting, feeling chest pain, runny nose, headache. I came to get help and I swear I want to get out of here, I'M LEAVING WORSE THAN I ARRI...
2.30 (423 reviews)
Happymed Health Center image
Happymed Health Center
Medical clinic
😠 In fact no stars! I wouldn't waste my time if it wasn't important to report my dissatisfaction here! From scheduling the appointment to seeing the doctor it was horrible... worst experience of my life, "Dr Igor Valeriano tired" doesn't have an ounce of respect for the patient, I'm not the first nor...
2.40 (600 reviews)
Viação Praiana Ltda. image
Viação Praiana Ltda.
Bus ticket agency
2.40 (64 reviews)
Empresa Penha BALNEÁRIO CAMBORIÚ image
Bus ticket agency
2.60 (38 reviews)
Black Entertainment image
Black Entertainment
Children's amusement center
👍👍 Lugar repleto de máquinas e pelúcias. Diversão para a família toda. Existem todos tipos de máquinas para pegar pelúcias, além de uma infinidade de ursos, inclusive gigantes. Existem também muitos outros brinquedos e tipos de jogos eletrônicos
2.80 (28 reviews)
Central Health Center image
Central Health Center
Medical clinic
😠 Those who claim to be professionals working inside can stay and help without a mask, but today I arrived to vaccinate my son and I didn't have a mask, the attendant simply said she wouldn't help me because I wasn't wearing a mask, and she didn't pay any attention to me for any other information. So...
3.00 (131 reviews)
São Lucas Clinic image
São Lucas Clinic
👍👍 Excelente atendimento profissional. Uma sugestão quanto a sala de espera: ou coloca a TV com conteúdos educativos ou desliga. Todo mundo carrega celular, não precisa ser obrigado a ouvir a globo.
3.00 (119 reviews)
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