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Experience the best that Belem has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 1.3K places in the city.

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Cornea Clinic - Oftalmologia de Excelência image
Cornea Clinic - Oftalmologia de Excelência
Eye care center
👍👍 A pleasant environment and competent professionals. I really liked it, I took my father there. Satisfied
5.00 (635 reviews)
Espaço de massagem Lucì Silvä image
Espaço de massagem Lucì Silvä
Massage therapist
👍👍 I went today and my neck was literally motionless, and Lucy not only welcomed me very well, wow, I have no words to say how grateful I am, my movement is 100% readjusted, God bless you and your work, thank you very much once again 🙏
5.00 (271 reviews)
Marcos da Massagem. image
Marcos da Massagem.
Massage therapist
👍👍 Excelent reception! a great place, cozy and relaxing. Exemplary professional!! ❣️
5.00 (240 reviews)
Brazil Gold image
Brazil Gold
Gold dealer
👍👍 I loved the service. I purchased my graduation ring at Ouro in Brasil, and the price was very affordable for an 18k piece of jewelry. I highly recommend it for anyone who is graduating and wants very reasonable prices. Oh! And for those who still have some time... They offer a purchase, which the cu...
5.00 (195 reviews)
Askido JJ image
Askido JJ
Fitness center
👍👍 Great location, environment fully prepared for our children and with the best professionals.
5.00 (177 reviews)
Clidente Clínica Odontológica em Belém - Unidade São Brás image
Clidente Clínica Odontológica em Belém - Unidade São Brás
👍👍 Excelent reception. We were very well looked after at reception and by Dr Anny who attended to us. My daughter loved it and so did I. I highly recommend it.
5.00 (165 reviews)
Zana Oliveira Parque Verde image
Zana Oliveira Parque Verde
Hair removal service
👍👍 Excellent service, I obtained the desired result, a welcoming, humanized place, thus avoiding the traditional scheme of many telemarketers who follow a rigid script when promoting communication based on empathy. I highly recommend
5.00 (151 reviews)
Odontoclinic Belém image
Odontoclinic Belém
😐 The experience has been good. The professionals, environment, service. There are areas for improvement, but overall, it has been good. After more than a year of treatment, I want to add that I had some problems and I advise anyone planning to sign a contract with the clinic to pay close attention to...
5.00 (147 reviews)
Clínica Odontológica de Belém image
Clínica Odontológica de Belém
Dental clinic
👍👍 I've been looking for a trustworthy place for so long and I finally found it! It's no wonder they have excellent reviews because everything they offered me there is of excellent quality. In the photo you will see a person who cried horribly because of the fear of the dentist, happy with their care....
5.00 (141 reviews)
Dentista Dra Bianca Silva | Bélem| Facetas de Resina e Tratamento de Canal em Belém image
Dentista Dra Bianca Silva | Bélem| Facetas de Resina e Tratamento de Canal em Belém
👍👍 Cozy space, the Dr. is fantastic at her job and does everything with mastery, after carrying out the procedure I had all the support from the team, grateful for the care and services.❤️🥰
5.00 (114 reviews)
Studio Integrado Mormaii Fitness image
Studio Integrado Mormaii Fitness
Fitness center
👍👍 Horários com poucos alunos (no máximo 6)' aparelhos novos, professores atenciosos. Um local bom para fazer treino funcional. Eles adaptam as suas atividades de acordo com seu objetivo (definição muscular, preparo físico ou ainda simplesmente bem-estar). Uma boa alternativa às academias.
5.00 (105 reviews)
Belém Brazil Temple image
Belém Brazil Temple
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
👍👍 A wonderful place to be visited with family and friends, at the moment it has not yet opened due to being at the end of its constitution, but soon we will have an open house moment for everyone to be able to visit both members of the church of Jesus Christ of Saints Last days as Friends.
5.00 (99 reviews)
Clínica Acros - Clínica Médica e Odontológica, Ultrassom, Biópsia de mama, Urologia image
Clínica Acros - Clínica Médica e Odontológica, Ultrassom, Biópsia de mama, Urologia
Specialized clinic
👍👍 Levei minha mãe e estou muito satisfeito! Que atendimento incrível! O Dr Ozéias conseguiu resolver o que nenhum outro tinha resolvido! É um médico super ATUALIZADO e seguro de sua conduta! Nota mil!
5.00 (96 reviews)
Soul Dental Studio Odontologia image
Soul Dental Studio Odontologia
Dental clinic
👍👍 You know those places where you are attended to with such care and by TOP ISSUES professionals that you feel super at ease when you are there? It's Soul. The entire team is very attentive, the dentists are professionals with excellent training and technique, I am still undergoing treatment (almost a...
5.00 (93 reviews)
Academia Park Fitness image
Academia Park Fitness
Fitness center
👍👍 My 7-year-old son learned to love this sport at the gym. Great atmosphere and a sensei who, right away, we see likes what he does.
5.00 (91 reviews)
Ulisses Cesar Massoterapeuta | Massagem Relaxante | Drenagem Linfática | Quiropraxia | Massagem Terapêutica image
Ulisses Cesar Massoterapeuta | Massagem Relaxante | Drenagem Linfática | Quiropraxia | Massagem Terapêutica
Massage therapist
😠 Não é massagista, voltei pra casa com os mesmos pontos de tensão e nem um pouco relaxada. Ambiente esquisito, ele só passava creme hidratante e alisava nossas costas. Péssima experiência e gostaria do nosso dinheiro de volta.
5.00 (91 reviews)
Studio Igor Ayres image
Studio Igor Ayres
👍👍 Very good structure and incredible professionals. Best gym in the region.
5.00 (91 reviews)
Oralfy - Dentista em Belém image
Oralfy - Dentista em Belém
👍👍 Very satisfied with the service from the beginning, professionals trained to provide the best service possible. They quickly had the solution to what we were looking for. I am very happy when I see such pleasant service as I saw at Oralfy, as unfortunately, respectful and quality service is increasi...
5.00 (88 reviews)
Dr. Thiago Maia image
Dr. Thiago Maia
Dental implants periodontist
👍👍 When the healthcare professional masters what they do, is available to guide and accompany the patient during treatment and seeks the most appropriate solutions for each situation, the experience, results and satisfaction can only be highly positive! I recommend Dr. Thiago Maia!
5.00 (86 reviews)
Dra Mylka Suellen - Invisalign, Clínica geral e Ortodontia image
Dra Mylka Suellen - Invisalign, Clínica geral e Ortodontia
👍👍 Wonderful! Mylka is amazing
5.00 (81 reviews)
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